hate and love notes

This story is about a girl with a low-self esteem and hates herself until a very special boy from school comes around,change the way she thinks and helps her get what she wants.


1. Hatred and school

   "Wake up you useless blob of mistakes!" Screams my "mother". Luckily she only mentally abuses me. I get out of bed and look at the cuts and burns all over my arm and pick out another ugly rag that will cover them. I put on my ripped yoga pants and a puke green long sleeve shirt with blood stains from before and after school bullying.

    I walk 45 minutes around dangerous neighborhoods and dark alleyways to get to my so called "wonderful and full of education" school. As soon as I crawl under the fence I only get a few steps before the bullying starts. The gang that are supposed to be inside learning are out here mentally and physically abusing me. Everyday is the same. First I get punched in the stomach, then because my mother starves me the strongest one Luke picks me up and throws me at usually 2 or 3 trees and more but this morning was odd because I heard footsteps, then they sopped for a few minutes then started off again and the last thing I heard before I rolled away from the last tree was the school door swinging closed and somebody yelling.


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