When "Hello" Isn't Enough

my friend wanted me to post her story, too, so...
original: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/363240


3. Oppa's Right


~Siwoo's POV~

"Ugh... It's Monday... Again," I sighed to myself. Monday, another word for torture. Nobody likes me and I have no one to talk to except my brother, Ray. But he's a year below me, so we never see eachother at school.

"Yah! Siwoo, hurry up!" Ray yelled and banged on the bathroom door. "We're going to be late again!"

I straightened out my tie and we went to school.   


Ray and I said our goodbyes and headed to our classes. When I walked into my classroom, I noticed that I wasn't the first one in there. There was a girl I've never seen before sitting in my seat.  

"Umm, excuse me, but this is my seat," I said, immediately biting my tongue after. I never spoke up to anyone before. She probably won't listen anyway. She'd probably just insult me like everyone else.  

"I'm sorry," she said quietly and moved a few seats down. She didn't even look up at me. She left a few papers on my desk, so I held them out for her to grab. As I did that, she flinched like someone was about to hit her. I was confused for a second, but then ignored it.  

~Haneul's POV~  

'This is it. My first day of school,' I thought to and smiled. It's all I've been thinking about the entire weekend. I was happy even though Oppa beat me a lot.  

I had to leave early since he refused to drive me. I had to walk through the cold snow, but it was all worth it once I got to the magical building I thought I'd never see.  

'What I do to you is nothing compared to what they'll do,' Oppa's voice rang in my head. I'm not going to let that scare me.  

I walked through the gates and the few students who were already here stared at me. The boys smirked when they saw me. It was the same type of smirk Oppa gave when he did unmentionable things to me. The girls sent me glares that could cut through diamonds. Maybe Oppa was right. Maybe I shouldn't be here...  

I arrived at my classroom and sat in a desk in the back. For about ten minutes, I was alone.  

"Umm, exuse me, but this is my seat," someone stated.  

"I'm sorry," I said and quickly switched seats.  

In the corner of my eye, I saw a hand come towards my face. Naturally, I flinched. Then I realized that he was just handing me papers I left on his desk. I took them without looking up.  

"Yah! Siwoo!" someone called. "Where's our money?"

I tried to stay as invisible as I could. These guys seemed scary and I'm hurt enough as it is.  

"I-I don't have it, Kai. B-but I promise I'll have it tomorrow," the one I presumed was Siwoo said.  

"You think this is some kind of game?" an angry voice growled. "I should cut your throat right here."   "Baekhyun, not here," Kai said calmly. "After school behind the bleachers. Alone."  

I heard them leave to room and Siwoo sat down. "Fuck my life..." he mumbled to himself.  

'I wanna get out of here. Oppa's right.'

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