Last call

When Becca is set up in a blind date she gets stood up, but the guy across the bar could just be her type...

Warning!!!!! Not for younger readers!!!!!!!!!


1. The plan

"You'll love him!" Abby said to me, "he's smart, he's funny, he-"
"doesn't exist." I cut in. "Look Abby, its great that you have such a positive outlook on love, but all men are rats. I trusted one with my heart and soul, now look what's happened to me!"
Out of habit I rooted around my bag for a cigarette.
"Becca. You promised that you'd try quit"
"Yeah, well I promise a lot of things, doesn't mean that they're true."
"Please just promise me you'll give him a chance, he's really the nicest, most genuine guy that I've ever met!"
"Fine. If it gets you to shut up then I'll go on the date, happy?"
"Ecstatic" Abby squealed wrapping me in a bear hug.
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