Last call

When Becca is set up in a blind date she gets stood up, but the guy across the bar could just be her type...

Warning!!!!! Not for younger readers!!!!!!!!!


5. The morning after the night before.

I woke up feeling extremely hung-over, but happy.
Until I looked across the bed. Lying next to me, looking like a sleeping angel was... Was... Zayn Malik from One Direction! As in THE Zayn Malik!!
Calm down I told myself, he's just a guy, this was just a regular one night stand, you've had plenty, this is no different. Just because its the incredibly gorgeous, brooding, sexy Zayn Malik! The fan girl inside of me was going crazy. I was ready to scream but I held it in.
Just then, Zayn started to wake up. "Morning beautiful" he said in a husky morning voice, drawing me in for a kiss. But not a 'ripping my clothes off' 'I must have you now' kiss, just a really perfect, fireworks whooshing, choir of angels singing, floating on cloud nine, made my heart skip a beat kiss.
Outside our bedroom door I could hear the sounds pots and pans clanging, making breakfast and the hushed tones of people who are just as hungover as me and Zayn were. "Zayn, how many- Oh my God, you have a girl I'm so sorry, how rude I'll just go now" Liam said all in one breath as he walked in, saw me straddling Zayn and kissing him passionately and walked out again. Zayn chuckled, a deep throaty laugh that made the hairs on my arms stand on edge. "Stop laughing" I scolded him, "poor Liam"
He smiled, "I'd at least put one of my shirts on if I were you because Louis will be here in 3, 2," before he even had time to say one louis burst in, calling over his shoulder "of course they won't mind Liam, I just want to meet the lovely girl." I screamed and rolled off the bed, grabbing Zayn's shirt from last night and wrapped it around myself. I barely had time to button it up before Louis pulled me off the ground and started asking me questions. "Louis, give her a chance to wake up properly, we'll be out in a minute" Zayn said, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "Fine, but as soon as you're ready, come straight out. I mean it!" Zayn and I looked at each other and laughed. "Um do you mind if I borrow a different shirt, I kind of tore this one last night." I asked Zayn sheepishly. "Sure" he replied lazily. "Here, this one will look good on you and here's a clean pair of boxers to wear underneath as well." When I was ready he gave me a mischievous smile, "are you ready to face them?" "Yeah," I answered "I think I am"
*****Zayn's p.o.v:*******
Wow she was beautiful, leading her out into the kitchen I hoped that the rest of the boys wouldn't embarrass me. But I had a feeling that it was a long shot. "Well good morning" Louis said cheerfully. "How can still be so happy when you're hungover," becca asked, an adorably confused look on her face. "Please," Harry laughed "Louis' happiness doesn't have an off button!"
"Morning Zayn, Zayn's new girlfriend" Niall said, trying, and failing to eat around a mouthful of cereal, which if what he had before his fry up, what that boy could put away would never cease to amaze me. "Swallow before you speak, there's a lady here." Liam said, who was purposely avoiding catching Becca's eye. "Please," she scoffed "you don't have to clean up for me, and I'm not Zayn's girlfriend. We just hooked up, that's all"
She might as well have punched me in the face. A hookup! Was that all I was to her? A hookup?

*********Liam's p.o.v***********
Ouch, that one hurt. Zayn obviously cared about this girl and she had called him 'just a hookup.' He'd be licking his wounds over that one for a while. I stood up, and motioned to Zayn, "um can you help me in the kitchen please?"
"Sure yeah" he said casually. "I'll be back in a minute babe" he added looking at Becca. Once in the kitchen I turned to Zayn. "Look, you obviously like this girl, I haven't seen that smile since you and Perrie broke up. So what you're going to do is say that you're taking her shopping and then be the perfect gentleman of a boyfriend that you can be. You'll win her over and boom happily ever after!"
"Liam," Zayn replied "you are the most adorable optimist I've ever met but I don't think she's interested."
"Of course she is!" I exclaimed, "she'd be crazy if she wasn't. Now go get her!"
Zayn walked away from me towards the dining room but stopped dead at the door, "holy sh-"
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