Last call

When Becca is set up in a blind date she gets stood up, but the guy across the bar could just be her type...

Warning!!!!! Not for younger readers!!!!!!!!!


4. At the club.

He brought me to a club that he said was his favourite.
He also said that his name was Zayn, I know that name from somewhere but I'm just too drunk to remember.
On the floor he's amazing, the beat really just takes him, he must be into music.
Then a One Direction song came on and I knew this was a real test, did my being a fan bother him?
"i love this song!" I screamed.
"So do I" he said laughing
"Are you laughing at me?" I slurred
"Not at all" he replied but he still wore a secretive smile that was so sexy all I wanted to do was kiss him, so that's what I did, I lunged forward and we started kissing passionately. His hands roaming all over my body. Eventually he pulled away, better save some for later he teased, winking slowly and seductively.
As the song changed he turned me and then stared grinding, letting me know how much he couldn't wait for it to be later either.
I turned to him, "naughty, naughty, what's that bulge in your trousers? It feels kind of... Hard." On this last word I grabbed a hold of it and I think he nearly came right there and then.
"Not yet," I said teasingly, leaning forward so he could get a full view of my breasts.
"Right, lets go" he said gruffly, grabbing my wrist urgently and nearly running out of the club.
We fell in the hotel room door, kissing like tomorrow would never come. He pulled my dress off and then stood back to take a look.
"Wow, you're beautiful" he said.
I ignored him, ripping off his shirt and then working my way down his stomach with little kisses I unbuttoned his trousers and slowly removed his boxers. His dick throbbed as I touched it.
"Come on" I whispered, stepping slowly towards the bedroom.
He ran forward and practically tackled me onto the bed "shhhhhh..." I calmed making my way towards his dick and taking it in my mouth, then I started sucking, lightly at first, but then more, Zayn was getting more and more excited, ramming his cock in and out of my mouth and then he stared to come, hard and fast. "Now," he rasped "your turn" he lifted me up, then oressed meagainst the wall, "are you ready?" He whispered, nibbling on my ear. "Yes," I screamed, "yes!"
He entered me and then started pounding, in and out, in and out. When It was all over, he smiled at me, "shower?"
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