Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


19. X Factor Audition


Louis point of view

'Beep! beep!' I lifted my hand and pressed the snooze button on my alarm clock noticing  its 4:00 am, I quickly got up, going to the rest room, putting water on my face. Filling up a cup of water and squeezing the paste on my brush, It's a good thing that I took a shower last night. I brushed my teeth. after I walked To my dresser, sleepily putting on some jeans and a blue dressy shirt

'Knock knock'

"Come in" I said buttoning my shirt

"Oh good your up I'm ready to go, and Danielle said she will be here in 3" my mum said walking in my room. I tighten my belt and sat on my bed putting on black shoes, my mum glanced at me then walked towards my closet and took out a grey cardigan and black tie, I stood up and she put the tie around my neck

"You nervous Lou?" My mum asked finishing up putting on the tie

"Ye" I looked at her

"Its hard but Don't worry you'll do great, love" she hugged me handing me the cardigan

"Thanks" I smiled, she walked away i put the cardigan on and texted amber

'On my way xxx'

"Louis! Danielle is here!!" My mum yelled, and I ran down stairs

"But mum I want to go!" Lottie complained

"Sorry Hun.. Your sisters are sleeping, but look on the brighter side, you can have more dance time with dani!" My mum said patting her back, Lottie sighed and walked up to me

"Tell her something!" Lottie whinnied, looking like she was about to cry

"Mum can she come" I asked

"Louis we have to go by the time Lottie gets ready!" My mum raised her voice, i sighed and looked at Lottie

"Sorry" I hugged her giving sincere eyes, I let go and said hello to dani walking in the car

*** minutes later *** 4:32

"Quick Louis!" My mum said parking outside ambers home, I ran out the door and rung the bell, luckily it quickly opened by this women dressed in scrubs 

"Is amber home?" I asked

"Ah, yes... She is upstairs, sleeping I believe" she moved aside and signaled me to come in

"May I go get her?" I asked

"Yeah sure!" Her mum said and I ran up the stairs, knocking on her door

"amber! You up?" I said continuing to knock, I opened the door and she was still in bed "seriously amber" I mumbled going to her bed shaking her

"Ugh!!" She groaned

"Amber!" I removed the blanket

"Stop I'm naked" she yelled

"Amber I can clearly see you are wearing clothes" I got annoyed and went to her loo taking a small Dixie cup and filling it with a bit of water. I walked back to amber and stood on her bed

"Oh amber! If you don't wake up I will wet you!"

"Ahkjkisdhslbv" Amber mumbled, I shrugged my shoulders and dropped the little bit of water on her face. Amber gasped and let out a shriek

"What the fudge!!!" She yelled Getting up quick throwing the blanket off she ran towards me an I ran to her toilet

"Louis!!" She yelled trying to hit me

"Go away!" I yelled trying to protect my self I stood on her toilet and she tried pulling on my jeans, I jumped off and wrapped my arms around her squeezing her in a hug, her hands loosing the power to hit me

"it's 4:47, I'm leaving to the audition... You coming?" I asked, amber lighten up a bit and looked over her shoulder

"Yes" she tried reaching for her tooth brush, I let her go and kissed her cheek

"I'm sorry for dropping water on you... meet you in the car" I said waking away slowly

Ambers point of view

Louis walked out my room and I quickly brushed my teeth, I had gotten dressed last night into light blue jeans and a white tee, I looked in my closet and took out my navy blue cardigan, slipping on my white shoes and grabbing my cross bag, spraying my black woods perfume, Running down the stairs

"Bye mum!!" I yelled closing the front door quickly getting into their car "Hi jay" I shut the door and she stepped on the gas

"Hi amber!" She cheered. I put on my seat belt and smiled slightly notching it was still dark out side, I sighed quietly closing my eyes listening to the radio

"Hey there Delilah, hey there Delilah" I opened my eyes and looked upfront, jay continued to drive and Louis was singing

"Amber you're quiet, everything alright?" Jay asked

"Yeah just sleepy" I said

"She's not a morning person mum" Louis said, jay shook her head and Louis turned his body around peeking over the seat "need company?" He asked, I blinked my eyes and gave him a tired look but I guess he took that as a yes. He unbuckled his seat belt and stepped on the seat

"Louis! I'm driving!" Jay said slapping his bum

"Hahaha" I laughed, Louis sat by me putting his seat belt back on, he reached for a black bag under the seat taking out a pillow and I pod and chocolate like he promised, I smiled and looked up at him, he handed me the pillow and was on his I pod, plugging in his ear phones. I set the pillow on the widow and shut my eyes

"Mum, I'm listening to the song and I think it's best if I say oh it's what you do me instead of hey there Delilah" Louis said, I opened my eyes knowing in not going to sleep, reaching in my bag for my phone.

"Anything works Lou" jay said and Louis shook his head

[Dani! I'm tired] I texted

"Wanna take a picture?" Louis asked and I looked up at him

"Okay" I cleared my throat, Louis took out his phone and went to his camera

"Smile!!" He yelled taking a surprised photo

"I wasn't ready!" I said pulling his phone away

"Hahaha okay, ok on the count of 2" he said taking his phone back, I scouted closer to him and smiled

"Silly face!?" I suggested and Louis did big eyes open mouth, and I couldn't help but laugh

"I love this one!" Louis said making it his new lock screen

"Send them to Me" I smiled, holding my phone in hand waiting to revive the messages

"Almost there!" Jay announced, I looked out the window and saw the sun was coming out

"Wunt chocolate?" Louis said with a full mouth

"Yes!" I laughed, he handed me a Hershey's chocolate bar. Opening it quickly

"Mum want chocolate" Louis asked

"Sure boo bear" she replied looking through the view mirror at his expression, Louis became a bit pink, taking out a snickers bar giving it to his mum.

hour later* 6:16

We pulled up in the X factor auditions area and it was of people. But not that crowded yet. We drove around until we found a decent parking spot. Louis was the first one followed by me and jay at the same time. She locked the car and we walked to a man sitting at a table giving out spot numbers I suppose

"Mum this way!" Louis said, walking to the guy. There was a line of five people in front of us, so we waited I tuned to see everyone else behind us and near the entrance  lines of people who have already received their number.

"Name" this firm deep voice spoke and I turned around

"Louis William Tomlinson" Louis said a bit nervous. The man looked through a pile of numbers, maybe in abc order, taking out a paper with the numbers 155204 on them handing it to Louis with a small packet of papers.

"Next!" The man next to him said. The man that was assisting us pointed right and jay, Louis and I followed. Louis handed his mum his number and the packet as we stopped in a line with people waiting to see if they have the X factor.

Louis point of view

I looked around and it started to crowd with more and more people instantly feeling more nervous than I was before. The sun came out nice and sunny

"Louis, say cheese!!" I stopped thinking and turned to amber, who held her phone in the air smiling. My mum handed me back the number and packet. Looking back at amber lifting the number near my chest/stomach and the packet in my hand, smiling.

"Are you done?" I asked leaning my head to the side

"Yes!" Amber said happily, I pushed my hair to the side shagging it up a bit , walking over to her. She showed me the picture and it looked nice, defiantly showing the crowd of people in the back.

"Louis!" I turned at the sound of my name and saw my mum signaling to move up front in the line, I sighed knowing this was going to take a while.

52 minutes later-

"Come this way" the X factor worker placed a hand on my back leading, amber my mum and I back stage to go up next. I peeked over to see how the contestant on stage was doing and it wasn't so good, I began to breathe heavily in and out

'Your up next buddy" the man said patting my back and the person came off stage crying, I hugged amber then my mum she gave me a kiss on the forehead

"Good luck" she whispered and I took a deep breath going up the small staircase holding the mic right in my head, Turing to see a huge audience and then focused on the judges Louis Walsh, Nicole scherzinger and Simon Cowell

"What's your name?" Louis asked

"My mane is Louis Tomlinson" I spoke soft trying not to show I was nervous

"Off you go" he said and I began singing

'Ohhh it's what you do to me, ohh it's what you do to me, what you do to me' I finished keeping eye contact through out my little performance finishing up and puffing up my cheeks blowing air out

"Okay Louis yes or no?" Simon asked

"Louis I'm saying yes" Louis said

"I'm saying yes" Nichole said

"Thank you so much" I said smiling running a hand through the back of my head

"You've got three yeses" Simon amounted and I put my hands together, being thankful I Made it

"Thank you so much!" I said wanting to jump with excitement I smiled and shook my head not believing what just happen waking off stage to, see worried faces of my mum, amber and the care person of X factor I suppose

"Well!!" Amber yelled

"I... I got in!" I yelled amber ruing into my arms placing her soft lips on mine, as I held her right so she wouldn't fall, she broke away smiling at me and I smiled back, I placed amber down and hugged my mother who unwrapped her arms from the man tears in her eyes. Oh my god this isn't happening I thought, over and over again, breaking the hug from my mum, I squeezed my hands Together with the mic, taking it all in

"How do you feel?" The man asked

"Shocked!" I smiled

"Wait wot happens now?" I asked, trying to stop smiling but I couldn't

"Boot camp" the man said questioning his words, I shook my head and turned to the ladies. I entwined my fingers with amber and put a hand over my mothers shoulder waking away

"Have a nice day" the man said

"You too!" My mother said back "what would you like?" My mum asked

"What do you mean?"

"Well standing in that line all day what do you want?" She asked again

"Ohh! Pizza and cookie dough ice-cream!" I yelled, getting squinting looks from amber and my mum laughing that I was too loud

"Amber would you like to add anything?" My mum asked

"Cookie dough ice-cream and pizza sounds wonderful, I'm starving I'd go for anything!" Amber said in the most calm tone and I couldn't help but laugh at her cute little accent she said will announcing she was starving

"Dominos?" My mum asked reaching the car

"Of course!" I pfft. We all hopped in the car and drove off.

'This has to be a dream' I whispered under my breath looking out the window

"Wot was that?" Amber asked licking her lips looking up at me

"Nothing" I smiled, reaching for her soft warm hand, playing with her finger tips, amber started to giggle and dug her head in my neck. I smiled and looked at the rear view mirror my mum mouthed me 'awee' and did kissy faces, I began to blush and looked out at the sunny blue sky.

Minutes later-

We arrived home after ordering a tub of ice- cream and two boxes of pizza
My mum closed the garage and amber opened the house door

"Louis William Tomlinson is home!!!" I yelled and amber cleaned her throat "oh and amber!" I yelled joking placing the pizza in the kitchen the girls running up to me, squealing my mum placed her purse on the table and went to grab plates, dani and amber shared a few words

"Well did you make it!!" Lottie yelled impatiently

"Do you have the X factor!?" Fizzy yelled as well

"Shut up! I made it!!" I announced and was hugged by my sisters

"Oh that's amazing Lou!" I looked over at Danielle who had said that and flashed her a charming smile

"Wow seriously!?" Lottie asked breaking away from the hug

"Yes! Now come all of you eat before it gets cold" my mum yelled laughing and everyone rushed to get In line with phoebe and daisy upfront. I smiled and dismissed my self to the loo, closing the door and looking in the mirror. I blinked a couple times smiling, the little smirk that didn't seem to leave my face

"Louis you alright?" I heard a knock on the door, opening it up half way

"Ye I'm fine, just in shock"

"Why!?" Amber asked stepping in, I closed the door and shrugged my shoulders

"What do you mean, shouldn't you be happy?" She asked

"No, yeah of course I'm happy, beyond it I can't stop smiling but how lucky am I to have gone through... Seeing all those sad teary faces that didn't make it! I thought I was going to be one of those"

"Oh it's just the beginning babe" amber got on her tippy toes kissing my cheeks walking out

"Yeah just the begging" I sighed running a hand through my hair, flushing the toilet pretending like I used it, waking back to the food and fun


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