Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


9. Two can play it that game.

Amber's point of view 

Jay hasn't called me to see if I will sit for her and its Wednesday, and for some reason I really want to go to see the girls and Louis. I feel better now since my father gave me medicine about a week ago, thank gosh! 

"Knock knock may I come in?" I heard out side my bedroom door.

"Yes" I rolled my spiny chair to my door and opened it "hi dad" I said 

"Hello honey, I'm just letting you know I'm going out"

"How long?" I asked returning to my desk 

"Like about till 8 or 9" 

"Yeee that's long it's barely one" 

"I know it's just that I'll be making lots of stops at different areas"

"Okie paps"

"Love you and call me if you want dinner from a restaurant" 

my father kissed my forehead and walked out my room closing the door, I sighed and looked around for something to do. 

"I'm soo booorredd!!" I yelled standing and walking to my closet 'ill just organize' I thought. I slapped the rack of shirts then moved to the little area of dresses, I looked through every dress carefully and stopped on the dress that Louis bought me

"Tomlinson" I smiled, and reached for my phone in my back pocket 1:26. I thought of the conversation louis and i had a couple days ago. 


"Beep beep" I check my phone and saw a message from Lottie 

'Hey amber I have a dance performance, @5:00 will you be able to attend?-Lottie!' 

'Ahhh! That's in 10minutes! But I'll be there!-You' 

I sent the message and changed in to my black jeans and mint colored jumper with a white polo underneath and my hair in a high pony tail topped with a bow tie hair clip. I walked down to my living area

"Hey mum your home!" I said happily 

"Yea babe,Barbra is filling in for me I don't feel that well" my mom took the pot off the stove 

"You don't! Well if you did I was going to invite you to a dance performance" 

"Thanks amber but i'll rest have fun sweetie" my mum kissed me cheek and walked over to the couch

"Daddy I'm taking the car!!" I yelled taking an apple and grabbing the keys. I had arrived at the PAC and looked for them, I spotted two little girls and a lady with brown hair 

"Hi jay!" I said happily approaching the pair

"Hey honey" jay said 

"aammbeer!" I was attacked by little children (daisy and phoebe) "hi everyone" I wiggled my legs 

"Where is Lottie fizzy and Louis?" I asked,the girls letting go of my legs 

"Lottie is back stage getting ready and fizzy spotted her friend and since there was an older one your guises age Louis went as well,you know boys" 

Mrs.Tommo said and I half smiled looking around for Louis and Fizzy.

"Oh, ye I know boys" I took a seat the curtains opening and the lights dimming 

"Mum it's starting!" Daisy cheered,I watched as two dancers came out and started to do spins,they were followed by four girls coming from each side 

"Hi amber" I heard a whisper and turned to see Louis and fizzy taking a seat 

"Where were you!?" I whispered back to Louis 


"Yeah socializing" I crossed my arms and continued to pay attention 

"Haha why do you say it like that?" He asked in a normal voice 

"I'm busy watching the performance"

"No you aren't"

"Yes I am!"




"Shut up"


"You shut up"


"Why do you argue with me!?"

"Shhhhh!!" A person behind us shushed us. Lottie came out doing spins and sprints.

"Woo!!" Fizzy yelled 


"Congrats Lottie!" I patted her back, congratulating her on her groups win

"Thanks amber!" She smiled and showed the trophy to the twins walking back to her friends 

"Bye everyone!" I waved and walked to Danielle who was with her students 

"dani!" I smiled and signaled her to come towards me "excuse me" she said to her class then walking towards me

"Hi amber!" She cheered 

"Congrats!! Your squad got 1st place" I smiled almost jumping

"Yeah I know I'm so glad!" Dani smiled holding my shoulders semi shaking me 

"Amber!" I slightly turned my head an saw a boy with bowl-ish hair and striped red shirt and Khakis. 


"Yes?" I got out of Danielle's hold and turned to Louis


"Can we talk?" he asked looking over my shoulder at Dani


"Umm" I turned to Danielle and moved my eyes


"Please I just need to ask a very important question" Louis looked at Danielle then me


"Yes Louis you may speak with Amber" Danielle pushed me and Louis grabbed my wrist


"What is so important?" I asked as Louis took me back stage


"Okay a little birdie told me that you like me is it true!?"


"That birdie is a liar" I put quotation marks on birdie  


"Oh um okay, Um I was just curious cause um I don't want you to"


"Huh?" I asked


"Whats that? Oh they're calling me I gotta go bye!" Louis walked away. I thought about what I just said and Walked back to Danielle that was eagerly waiting for me


"So!" She pulled on my sleeve, But I had that shocked expression or Oh no I can't believe I did that face


"So wot?" I asked snapping outta it


"Is that the guy you have a crush on? Cause I can see why..." She smiled


"That was him"


"Why do you say was?"


"Because he asked me if I liked him and I denied it"


"Why on earth would you do that?" She asked


"I don't know! I don't want him to know that I do, But Ima get over him"


"Well if you can move on from your "Crush'" That quick" She looked over at me "If you don't mind me I'm going to get his number bye!" she began walking


"Danielle!" I grabbed her pulling her back to me her laughing like crazy


~Flash Back over~

I grabbed my red hoodie put it on then shake my hair a bit taking it out the hood. I skipped down the stairs grabbed the keys and was out my house, my father took the car so I guess I'm walking. I started walking down the street to the stop light and heard birds chirping,

"pushshhs" I tried whistling like the birds but failed miserably

********minutes later************ 

"Amber!" Louis yelled as he opens the door 

"Louis!!" I smiled walking in 

"What brings you here?" He asked 

"I wanted to see the family, where is everybody?" 

"Mum just took the girls to watch some films" 


"Yup, just me and you what do you want to do?" Louis wiggled his eyebrows 

"Hahhahaaha weirdo don't do that" I gripped his jacket 

"Don't touch me you're a filthy, prisoner!" Louis squished me pushing me towards the living room, we sat down and he let go of me smiling mischievous 

"For your information I am not filthy!" I dusted my shoulders pretending like Louis had germs 

"What ever fishy!" He reached for the remote on the coffee table exposing his underwear, I smirked and wanted to laugh out loud, a little squeak came outta me and Louis turned to me confused 

"Wot?" He asked 

"Nothing" I smiled focusing on the tele 

"Tell me!" Louis placed the remote on the other cushions and scooted his bum near me, squishing me to the side 

"You've got a huge bum" I laughed 

"Psh my bum is not huge!" Louis stood and tried looking behind him like a dog trying to catch its tail 

"Keep thinking that!" I looked at him and he walked to the kitchen. I grabbed the remote and stopped on a Music program and Ne-yo's because of you was playing 

"Ohh I like that song!" Louis yelled from the kitchen walking to me carrying Gatorade in his hands "catch!" He yelled tossing me a bottle 

"Thanks, hey Lou if you like it so much sing it for me" I smiled trying to open the cap of the bottle 

"Why don't you sing it" he whined 

"Cause I can't sing!" I argued,Louis sat by me and watched the screen, I could hear him whispering the lyrics moving his leg to the beat

"See you know the song!" I placed my hands on his chin, moving his jaw up and down 

"Let. go.of.me.summers.I.am.not.singing" Louis said every time I opens his mouth 

"You are so mean!" I let go of his chin and pulled my legs up on the couch, the song was just about ending and I placed my Gatorade on the table, taking out my phone and playing Tetris

I saw Louis look over at me when the song ended and I glanced at him looking back at my phone "Don't be like that ill sing some day!" Louis placed his hands on my cheeks his palms touching my chins and his fingers holding my chin 

"You always say that" I said all chunky 

"Hahaha your face is all squished" he laughed, and I smacked his hands off 

"Ow!" He rubbed his hands and I looked at him like 'c'mon!'. It became quite so i put my phone away and Louis started dancing while sitting 

"Hahaha stop you are an embarrassment" I laughed 

"I wanna see you do better" he poked me 

"I can't dance" I said poking him back 

"You can't sing you can't dance, well then what can you do?" He asked, I smiled and thought of things I can do 

"I don't know um I like pictures" I said in the most simplest form 

"That's boring!" Louis yelled 

"You're boring" I yelled back 

"I'm kidding, you want to know what I can do?" 

"Wot?" I asked 

"I can..." Louis started poking me 

"What the fudge!" I yelled trying to block him but didn't succeed so I began poking him 

"POKE WAR!" Louis yelled poking me non-stop giving me giggles 

'DING DONG!' The door rang and Louis stopped poking me to answer it 

Louis point of view

"POKE WAR" I yelled attacking amber with pokes she tried poking me back but I would poke her first

"Hahhahha" amber laughed now and then

"DING DONG!" I stopped poking amber and looked at her red face, I got off the couch and she looked as I walked to answer it. I took a deep breath from laughing a minute ago and reached for the knob 

"Louuuuiieee!!!" Sammy squealed and squeezed me jumping on me with her bear hug entering my home

"Sammy!" I said sort of bummed out and shutting the door with my foot since she still didn't let go.

"Uh Sammy you can let go now!" I said trying to shake her off, but she didn't loosen her grip, I peeked my head to see amber who had her arms crossed and was just staring at us 

"Help me!" I mouthed to her, she rolled her eyes and stood 

"He said let go!" Amber yelled walking to us, Sammy let go and turned  to amber looking at her from head to toe and laughing. Amber looked at herself  then back at Sammy looking kind of intimidated. 

*Sammy is wearing a floral dress cut low on the chest with her hair crimped and wearing make up*

*Amber is wearing blue jeans with a red hoodie, messy hair and converses , no make up just mascara and gloss*

"Cmon Louis lets go sit!" Sammy pulled me to the living room, I reached for amber's hand and intertwined our fingers so she won't be left behind. Sammy pushed me aggressively on the couch and amber let go of my hand. 

"Sammy how did you find where I live?" I asked 

"Marty told me" 

"Flat out told you?" 

"It took work but I managed" she winked at me,making me a bit uncomfortable


That Sammy chick just continued touching Louis hair and his face making circles on his chest and having there own little conversations. I just sat on the rocking couch staring at them with my arms crossed kinda peeved off.But why do I even care I don't like him anymore, It was just a faze.Now and then Sammy would look at me and give me a dirty look but I just ignored it. Sammy leaned a bit closer to Louis neck and was about to give him a love bite.

"Louis!!" I yelled going up to him rapidly taking his arm and leading him out on the patio, sliding the door shut so Sammy wouldn't come. Louis had his hair all messed up his shirt unbutton up to his chest and a blushed face. I stared at him giving him a half smile on how he looked, I pulled my arm away and looked at the door seeing Sammy's reflection, she had her arms crossed and her foot was taping.

"So um Who is she?" I asked looking back at Louis 

"Sammy?" He asked giving me a smirk 

"No! Santa clause of course Sammy who is he!" I raised my voice 

"My ex from year eight" Louis moved his hair out his eye

"Open this stupid door!!!" Sammy banged on the glass 

"No!" I yelled 

"Amber open the door please" Louis said 

"Why so she can touch you?" I said with out thinking, Louis smiled became like he wanted to burst with laughter 

"Is that why you took me out here?" He asked looking at me, but i didn't reply "Hahaha are  you jealous?


"Why would I be Jealous?"


"she looks fit huh" Louis said and I rolled my eyes


"You said she meant nothing" I mumbled opening the door, Sammy pushed me out of the way and grabbed Louis arm. I ignored them and walked back in the house playing with the banana rack when suddenly I got and Idea. I took my phone out and dialed the pizza number on the fridge "Two can play it that game' I thought 




"Domino's Pizza how may we help you?"


"Um I'll take a cheese pizza"


"Is that all?"


"Um can you have James deliver the pizza?"  


"He is on break"


"Please I'll pay extra"


"James it is, what is the address?"


"Tell James the Tomlinson's and he know Thank you!" I hanged up just in time because Louis and Sammy entered. The good thing was that they weren't making out cause if they were I'd probably be disgusted. Sammy hit my shoulder when she walked past me and I was about to pull her hair when I controlled myself and decided to have a seat in the kitchen...By me self as normal.Louis took a seat on the couch and Sammy rested her head on Louis lap. 'That should be me' I thought no what are you saying, I took my phone out and played games to get my mind off of them. HALF AN HOUR LATER


"Ding dong"


"I'll get it!" I ran to the door


"It's not like I was" Sammy rolled her eyes at me and I just opened the door


"James!" I cheered letting him in taking the pizza


"Hey babe hows a going" James took of his cap and fixed his hair 


"James what are you doing here?" Louis got up


"I invited him, cause I want him here" I butted in taking James hand and leading him to the kitchen


"Finally realized I'm amazing huh?" James hugged me from behind and I smiled uncomfortably 


"Yeah that must have been it"  I got out of his hold and took out plates. Louis and Sammy decided to join us


"Oh I want pizza!" Louis yelled yanking his hand away from Sammy, her sneering 


"Then Get a plate" James said chewing with his mouth open and I made a face, which I think Louis saw since he laughed silently taking his slice.


"Babe pass me another slice" James said slapping my bum


"Don't call her babe and don't do that again, got it!" Louis raised his voice going up to James


"Why do you even care Baby" Sammy said "Yeah" James agreed and I handed the slice to him 


"I'll be back" Louis said walking away


"Where are you going want me to come!" Sammy yelled skipping to him her heels scratching the tile but all you heard was a door slamming


"HAHAHAHA!!" I bursted out laughing knowing Louis just slammed the door in her face. Sammy came back looking mad but she just sat down with out saying a word


"Miracle" I said out loud by mistake, Looking over at Sammy expecting her to say something rude...I guess she didn't hear me. James continued eating like a pig, finishing and wiping his mouth. Coming up to me and squeezing me tightly "You requested me specially,so what do you want to do" he whispered his slimy lips touching my cheek and I could smell the tomato sauce


"Sit" I got away from him bumping in to Louis


"Sorry" I said as he held me by my hips


"It's fine" Louis said and his hair was back to normal although it looked cute messy and his shirt was butted up with his jeans high waisted


"You're back!" Sammy said going up to Louis petting him


"Yeah um. amber you didn't eat"  Louis said looking at me Innocently


"I um, lost my appetite" I wiped my cheek


"I'll eat it!" James quickly devoured the slice  


"Pizza makes you fat don't eat that" Sammy took the slice from Louis hand and threw it away, I looked over at Louis and he seemed Mad


"Come on" She grabbed his arm leading him to the tele area


"Yeah come on" James dragged me to the living room,Sammy flipped through channels and stopped on a movie, which was the kissing scene


"THAT IS SO ROMANTIC" she shouted grabbing Louis giving him a peck on the lips that killed me inside, I guess I still like him or I could be jealous. Louis broke away awkwardly smiling.


"James kiss your girlfriend" Sammy said


"Wait! you guys are dating!!" Louis asked his whole expression changing  


"No he is not" I said before James


"But she is hot" James said grabbing me, placing his slobbery lips on mine. I pulled away gobsmacked.


 "Time for everyone to go home!" Louis yelled getting up grabbing Sammy and James by the hand and Pushing them out the door. He slammed the door and faced me


"What the hell!" he yelled, and I didn't know how to respond the only thing that was on my mind was that I wanted to puke.


"Do you even know James!" Louis asked


"No" I replied


"Listen Amber if you were trying to make me Jealous, guess what it worked!" Louis yelled sighing griping his hair and going  up the stairs. I have never seen him like this and I feel like such an Idiot.


Authors Note- Look time no update! I did the chapter I'm kinda iffy on this, Don't know where I'm headed on the next chapter but I'll find something! :) For some reason I picture I wish by one direction playing in the back ground.

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