Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


8. Trouble..?



 I pulled away from kissing Louis and just looked at his eyes 'what just happen' I thought 

"I Um I'm going now" I pointed behind me 

"Wait amber so um everything is behind us?" Louis placed his hands on my shoulder 

He explained to me the reason why he was kissing that girl but how do I know he still doesn't have feelings for her? I don't like not talking to Louis he is like a best friend to me, I decided not to say anything at all but Louis just continued looking at me for an answer

"Yes... No?" He asked 

"I dunno" I kicked a rock 

"I'm guessing that a no" Louis sighed "can you come over tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is Saturday I don't work" 

"Please amber"

"I guess bye now" I walked away to the parking lot area and got in my car.I backed out and drove home. 

** I locked my car and closed the garage door,walking into the house.I placed my keys on the little table near the entrance. I was kind of dark in my house but there was one light on, coming from the kitchen. I thought if maybe I left it on and walked slowly 

"Ember is that you?" I heard a familiar voice 

Nobody says Amber like that only one person "Da-Daddy?" I ran to the kitchen and into my fathers arms 

"Hi darling!" My dad said and I wiped a few tears away 

"Your home,I haven't seen you in forever!" I practically yelled 

"I know honey your all grown up now have I been gone that long?" my dad had tears in his eyes but they didn't fall

"A few years I think"


"Wow" My Dad wiped the tears of his cheeks 


"how's Nana?" I asked changing the subject

"Oh um well your grandma... you know I went to Cali to take care of her because she was sick" My dad became serious and his eyes were teary. I just stared at my father waiting for his response "and well honey this is hard for me to say....Um Amber she has past away"

"Grandma is dead?" I asked felling my heart break

"Sadly yes,but she has last words" I buried my self in my dads shoulder and cried "what" I mumbled 

-An hour later-

I sat on the couch wanting to fall asleep from all the crying I've done. I'm devastated my nana is gone I love her and before she was sick I would Skype with her and I'd be funny because she didn't know how it worked. In the other hand I'm glad my dad is home, I won't be lonely all the time now,cause mum is usually working  at the hospital.

"How long does mum work?" My dad sat by my side handing me a cup of milk and cookies 

"All day she comes home late" I said biting my cookie

"Wait so you have been lonely all this time?" My dads voice became fatherly 

"Not necessarily" 

"Then who takes care of you and where have you been!" 

"The Clarkson's taking care of Jerome and Jesi... But they moved so they got me a job with the Tomlinson's . . . With the money I get paid I buy food and mum leaves me money as well"

"What about on your spare time?" 

"Alone. . ." I continued eating and faced the tele. My dad was quiet for a while then spoke 

"I'm here now and I will take care of you,like old times" he said standing rubbing my back then walking away. 

'Yeah old times' I whispered

(New day it's morning) 

I woke up and my pillow was wet from tears. . . I sat up slipped my slippers on and walked to my bathroom. I took a look in the mirror, smiling at my superman shirt and black sweats.my smile faded when i looked at my face my eyes were puffy I had a stuffy nose, pimple on my chin and it felt like my throat was clogged up.

"Ugggghh!" I yelled and my voice was all raspy, I turned on the faucet and poured water on my face, I reached for the towel and dried my face

"Ember is everything alright?" I heard my dad yell 

"Just wonderful, just peachy" I said going down the stairs. I walked to the kitchen felt the warm heat of the stove 

"Hey darling you're up" 

"Yeah you made breakfast" I said walking up to the little table we have in the kitchen with the telly at the corner 

"Nothing big just eggs and bacon the fridge is empty" 

"It's part of breakfast" I said looking around "And look orange juice it's now breakfast!" I said cheerful 

"Amber the orange juice is fuzzy" my dad said approaching me taking a look in the carton 

"Yikes" I laughed sniffling mucus


"You alright you sound sick" my dad placed his cold hand on my forehead "you're really warm" 

"No I'm cold!" I said and my dad walked to the cabinets he searched through them like he was determined to find something. While he continued searching I waked over to his plate and stole a piece of bacon from his plate 'yummy' I thought 

"Ah-ha!" My dad yelled and walked over to me I stared at him weirdly as he held a stick 

"What is that" I asked swallowing the last piece of bacon 

"A thermometer what else would it be?" He asked looking confused 

"Were is it suppose to go?" I messed around wit my him 

"You're bum hole!" My dad said and I gave him a weirded out expression 

"Hahaha I'm kidding for your mouth silly goose" 

"Ha ha very funny" my dad put the thermometer in me mouth and walked to the stove removing the pot of hot water for his coffee.  I made my eyes cross eyed to see the thermometer 

he came back took the thermometer out  flinging it a bit "you have a fever" he said placing the thermometer on the counter 

"No I feel fine!" I lied 

"You're staying in bed,while I go to the grocery buy some decent food then some medicine, but before I leave you hungry?"


"Okay then up you go!" My dad pushed me all the way to the staircase "muah! I'll be back" he kissed my forehead and went out the door. I marched up the stairs and into my room, I sighed and took a look at the time 12:53, I walked to my book case took two photo albums and a chapter book. I jumped on my bed placing the sheets on me 

"I feel perfectly fine" I said out loud but coughing shortly after. I decided to look at the photo album first, I flipped through the pages and saw pictures of me with family and some at parties like chucky cheese when I was 7, I flipped through more pages and got to the section of my nana and I, there was pictures of me on her lap,at the park, her feeding me and just plain posing, I smiled remembering the good times we shared. I stared at this one picture of her holding me tight with me having chocolate all over my face and having Shirley temple's hair. I wiped the tears directly from my eyes so they wouldn't touch my cheeks.

'BEEP BEEP' I looked over at my little desk and saw my phone light up, I reached to pick it up and saw 

Conversation >>>>>
From Louis- Hey amber coming over? 

To Louis- Nope.


Why not?-Louis

I can't sorry-You

Well can I come over?-Louis 

I suppose-you


Creeper. . . Oaks lane  46809-you

Haha be there quick! x-Louis 


'Why in a hurry?' I thought. I don't really want to get up and open the door for Louis to come in... Yeah I'm that lazy 

To louis-The door is unlock-

I sent the text and laid back in my bed, I pushed the books away and grabbed the remote. I flipped through the channels and stopped on X factor. 

"Be back after the break" the man on the tele said like the spokes man. A Rimmel London commercial came up 

'KNOCK KNOCK'  I heard on my bedroom door 

"Louis?" I asked coughing 

"Yes can I come in?" He asked 

"Yes!" I yelled and my voice cracked a bit, Louis entered my room and I paused the tele, he was wearing those fake glasses he likes to wear, a  hoodie with a scarf and bright blue jeans. I started to laugh because he looked a bit silly and his facial expression when he walked in was funny but my laughter soon turned to coughing 

"Amber! You look nice!" Louis said standing near me 

"Thanks" I said with sarcasm,rolling over so he wouldn't see me

"I mean it" he sat by my legs,I sat up and looked at Louis 

"Whatever,wot do you want" 

"To hang out I was going to take you some where but it looks like you're sick" 

"Do I look that bad?" It sounded like I was holding my nose, like a bunch of bogies in my nose

"No just you look pale and your eyes are puffy" 

"Well considering the fact I was out in the pouring rain yesterday how wouldn't I be sick and my eyes are puffy because" I stopped and thought for a bit 

"Because?" Louis asked 

"Because I was crying..." I looked away at the paused screen on the tele not wanting to remember anything 

"Amber look I'm sorry I'm really sorry please don't cry cause of me" Louis scooted towards me him being next to my thigh,he put his hand on my thigh as he spoke 

"I-I wasn't crying because of you. . . My Nana past an I miss her. . . Louis I never got to tell her I love her or spend last moments with her, I completely wanted nothing to do with my nana when she became ill because she was always taking medication or sleeping" I hugged Louis and buried my head in his shoulder 

"I'm sorry for your loss I didn't know" Louis slightly massaged my back 

"It's not your fault" I looked up 

"But amber your nana knows you love her and she will always be here" Louis said placing his hand on my heart, I smiled and gave Louis another hug, but instead of a bear hug I placed my arms around his neck and squeezed. It was silent for a while and Louis turned to the telly 

"Why is it paused on a Rimmel London commercial?" He asked 

"Oh um I was watching X factor" 

"Ohh I love X factor!" Louis jumped and walked over to the other side of my bed N laid by my side. I smiled at how silly he acts 

"Well un pause it and stop looking at me!" He pushed my leg 

"Owww" I whined 

"That didn't even hurt you little baby" 

"Go away" I put the blanket over my head 

"Where is it" Louis climbed over me, Putting all his pressure on top of me

"Auggh you weight a ton!" I yelled taking the blanket off my head 

"Yeah right!" Louis grabbed the remote and un paused, he skipped to the actual show and the judges were walking up to their positions. A girl with dirty blonde hair was up first she had this really strong voice but the judges said no. A few more people passed and very few got a yes 

"Wow I wouldn't be able to go through that" Louis said as we went to another break 

"You sing?" I asked 

"Yeah" he said 

"I wanna hear" I tugged on his sleeve

"Well you won't now but sometime you will" he pushed me away

"That better be soon, hey Louis where were you planning to take me today?" I asked sniffling

"Ohh well since I don't think you will be able to go I was going to take you to the carnival!" He cheered 

"Really? I've never been to a carnival" 

"Really?! I've got to take you then!" 

"That'd be fun" I laid my head on Louis shoulder 

"You're really nice and clingy to me when you're sick you know that" Louis talked and I looked up at him 

"sorry" I Lifted my head and scoot away "No!" Louis yelled and I looked at him "I mean, it's not a bad thing I can of actually enjoy it" Louis mumbled grabbing my head and gently letting me rest on his shoulder. I laughed and grabbed Louis head and took his glasses placing them on 

"How do I look?" I did duck lips really terribly and coughed on Louis 

"Ewwww!" Louis wiped his face, and stopped to look at me


"Hahahahahaha" I Laughed holding my stomach


"You little, You little" Louis though for a moment


"I'm a little what Tomlinson?" I gave him my serious face


"Cupcake" Louis said popping the 'P'


"No don't call me a cupcake!" I sniffled and Louis smiled, Giving me butterflies. I turned and reached for tissues. 

"What are you looking at!" I sneezed into a tissue 


"Oh um nothing" Louis looked away 

"I know I look pale,I know my eyes are puffy I know I have a red nose... I know i look miserable and ugly So what else couldn't you be looking at?" I asked 

"Hey! Stop!"Louis came and covered my mouth with his hand

"Mmmwhat" I mumbled licking his hand 

"eww you are such a sicko!" He yelled whipping my Saliva off his hand

"Hahahah *cough* *cough" 

"Like I was saying stop don't put your self down like that" Louis said looking me straight in my eyes 

"Thanks Lou" I grabbed the blanket and put it on me, I laid my head on his shoulder once again,I felt really comfy that I could fall asleep. I closed my eyes,then opened up again at the sound of the X factor theme song but then closed them once again. I felt warm pressure of my cheek and opened my eyes to see Louis smiling at me 

"What are you doing?" I cleared my throat,blinking a few times to gain clear vision 

"Nothing! Weren't you asleep" Louis became nervous and spoke fast

"I was but then I felt something on my cheek what was it?" 


"You wot?" I asked scooting closer to Louis pushing him to the edge 

"I, um I kis-ssed your ch-cheek." Louis said flinching as If I was going to smack him

"Why?" I asked coming closer, which I find funny cause it makes him stutter and be nervous

"It was an accident. . ."

"Haha how?" 

"You um smelled good so I ducked to smell you and I kissed your cheek" 

"Ew don't smell me you weirdo!" I hit Louis arms causing him to fall off my bed 

"Oh my god I'm soo sorry Louis!" I sniffled my nose 

"It's fine just help me up" Louis held his hand out for me to grab, I reached for his hand and tried my best to pull him up "aahhhh!!!!" I yelled falling of my own bed (by Louis pulling me off) falling on top of Louis 

"We'll this is awkward" I said trying to clear my soar throat 

"It really isn't" Louis said giving me a cheeky smile 

"I can't believe you!" I tried getting off of him 

"Ember darling can I come in!" My father knocked on my door, I looked down at Louis then at the door 

"Just a second" my voice was all jacked up 

"Hide!" I whispered getting off Louis and approaching the door 

"Your back!" I smiled 

"Yup and I've got bubble gum flavored medicine" My dad cheered 

"That's amazing!" I looked behind me making sure Louis was hidden


"I also got you an ice pack but I'ma wet it first" My Father said walking towards my restroom


"No don't go in there!" I yelled not knowing where Louis was hidden


"Why not?" He asked


"Um...I um... took a big poo and it smells....you will die if you walk in there" I made up an excuse


 "Um okay" My father turned around


"You hear that" He asked and I heard laughter, I coughed so he wouldn't hear


"No I don't hear a thing" I lied


"No I hear laughter, coming by the window" My Dad walked towards the curtains and was about to pull them away


"DING DING DING DING" My fathers phone rang and I sighed of relief


"Important call be back" He walked out in the hall closing my door. I ran to my window/Balcony thing I've got going on and peeked my head expecting to see Louis 


"Louis?' I called out But didn't get a response


"Tomlinson come out!" I whispered so my father wouldn't hear. I gasped as an arm touched my ankle, I looked down frighten thinking it was the boggy man


"Louis?" I questioned ducking to see under my bed


"Help me" Hands stretched out and I pulled Louis out with all my force. Louis dust himself off and smiled


"Don't smile you have got to go my dad sees you here, you'd probably die"


"Hahah why we didn't do anything" 


"Just shut up" I said pushing him towards my door


"Yeah ah huh" I heard my father say


"Shit" I cursed realizing he was out my door  


"The roof!" Louis Whispered and grabbed my wrist


"No you are going to get hurt" I said holding his hand


"I won't" He smiled sounding like a bad boy, "Okay Mmhh" My dad continued on his call. Louis looked at the door and then me,


"Bye" Louis let go of my hand kissing my cheek. I blushed and he began climbing out the window. I watched as he did and he jumped high off the ground landing,


"Call me and Nice Pj's by the way!" Louis waved joyfully walking away


" Bye, Thank You very much" I heard and my door opened, I turned to face my father


"Why are you looking out the window?" He asked


"Oh nothing" I smiled  


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