Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


27. This I'snt Good Bye

Amber's point of view-


I put my pillow over my head my face flat on the ground..

"Beep beep!"

The stupid horn honked for the 10th time now, I got up going to my window seeing a moving truck in front oh my house. Do my parents know It's even out there? I opened my door going down the stairs.

'Wow' I said stepping on the last step the living room was empty nothing but our chimney was left. The front door wide open, and the sun light coming through the windows, ugh it's so bright and I barely got any sleep.

"Oh good ember, you're up I need your last boxes" my dad said going up the stairs, pushing through me

"Wait, dad" I pulled him back


"We're moving in with grandma right?"

"Mormor as they say in Sweden"

"Mormor whatever but we're moving in with her?"

"Yes why?"

"Well our house is empty like the first day we moved in... Na na has enough room for all our stuff?"

"The moving trucks are driving to Sweden at grandmas house, when we arrive we will see what we can keep and what we can't. Things we can't will be sold or put to storage for future purposes"

"But that's soo much work why can't we stay here In Doncaster?"

"It's too late to convince me, now boxes" my dad walked up the stairs. I followed behind him. Well I only have 5 boxes but I'm going to need them "which ones do I take first" my dad said opening my room door

"Wait I'll shower, get dressed then you can take them all"

"Alright, then I'll go see what is left" my dad walked out my room. Once he stepped out I locked my room door. I opened the box labeled 'ROOM STUFF' getting down on my knees to pick up my blanket and pillow I slept on, since my bed was taken yesterday.  Grabbing my towel and walking to my bathroom. I laid my towel on the toilet, twisting the knob for the shower. I began to undress. The warm hot water hitting my back and head made me feel so relaxed. I looked down and started laughing at my neon green toes.

_Minutes later_

I wrapped the towel around me taking a look in the mirror. Scaring my self a bit. Lottie's smokey cat eyes makeover was all messed up. The mascara leaving a trail from my eyes to my cheeks. Must have been the moisture and the water that made it run. I grabbed a mini rag and wiped my face.

I decided to wear a pastel pink collar blouse. Dark blue high waisted jeans with black toms. My hair was curly with a crown braid. I closed up all my boxes putting my phone in my pocket. I packet up my shampoos and towel.

"Dad I'm ready" I yelled going down the stairs. I saw him conversing with the man who drives the moving truck.

"Be right there sweetie" my dad continued his talk. I took out my cell.

From Louis: morning babe! Xx

To Louis: morning! What are you up too? Xx

From Danielle: so what's todays plan?

To Danielle: tell me the X factor schedule

"Okay ember!" My dad went up the stairs. Grabbing two boxes with my help. I walked to the other rooms and there was a bit of stuff left.

"Mum, need help" I asked seeing her sitting down looking trough drawers

"I'm just putting away my make up and Nail polish" my mum said. I've never really been close to my mother. She was always busy at work... So this is awkward. I sat down near her, just starring.


From Louis: well I have X factor finale :) I'm just going down to the studio place thing right now. To practice and get ready!

To Louis: okay babe! What time does it start?

From Louis: 6:00

To Louis: alright I'll text you later xx

From Louis: I'd rather see you!!! Xxx

I locked my phone looking up at my mom.

"What time are we leaving?" I asked

"8:00 sharp" so if it starts at 6 and we leave at 8 it gives me time. But I still have to help around. I sighed

"Mum,  have you ever loved some one so much you didn't want to say goodbye?" I said without thinking the question throughly

"Um well like a boyfriend?... Well before your father. There was a boy his name was James. He was so sweet and he'd buy me presets and  I thought I loved this boy I devoted all my time and attention to him, half way through the year he was moving to a different school. We broke up and I was devastated... But I knew I'd find other love and I did."

"But mum... What if you don't want the relationship to end"

"Well sweetie you know what they say, you love something let it go if it comes back then it's meant to be" my mum said walking away. If I love something let it go... rang throughout my head



 Danielle's Point Of View-


 I was told to come down to X Factor studio to rehearse,It was only two hours early. I texted Amber letting her know that I perform when its Rebecca's turn. she's the third person to perform and ahead of Rebecca is One Direction. so I hope that gives Amber time to come watch us.



  "Hey Dani" Tanner greeted me as I walked to the dressing areas


 " Hi Tanner" I put my bag away. taking off my sweater


 "dani!!" molly wrapped me in a hug. Anna behind her


 "hey guys, do we have to practice in the whole suit" Brandon came in and soon the whole dancing crew.


 "Yeah we do, Mikey orders" Tanner said


 "I'll be back guys" I said walking away


"leeyum!" Anna yelled and I heard a few whistles. haha I'm not going to deny it, Liam texted me saying he was in the main stage. I moved the curtains smiling when I saw Liam standing there awkwardly waiting


" Hi Liam" I wrapped my arms around him hugging him tight


"Hey babe" Liam kissed my forehead


"what's new?" I asked


"well the boys are practicing their vocals and I'm freaking out Danielle. I want to win X factor and prove I have this! I auditioned more than once and getting in this year.. you know I think me and the boys have what it takes to win this" Liam said


"Liam I have faith in you and you have my vote. I'm praying you guys win and it hasn't started so"


"You're right, I'm overacting. What's new with you"


"you remember Amber?"


"yeah why?"


"well... um... she's moving today"


"what!? Amber, our Amber!? Louis girl"


"she's the one"


"aw what we've got to tell Louis" Liam began walking off stage.


"No!" I yelled grabbing his arm and he gave me a weird look


"why not?'


"she wants to do it personally, you've got to respect that"


"I understand I'ma head back see you in a bit" Liam quickly kissed me and smiled


"okay and promise me you won't mention Amber to anyone"


"promise" Liam walked off stage blowing me a kiss, He's so cute. I laughed heading back to rehearse.


Louis Point Of View-


"ready In 3.. 2.. 1" A stage man gave us the signal. The instrumental to Take That's Never Forget started to play as we walked out singing going down the stairs, cheers of the audience as I looked at the Judges. Simon, Dani, Louis and Cheryl.


"But Remember this" We all sang, Rebecca taking the stand and singing next followed by Matt. Everyone picking up. loud cheers as we turned to see Take That themselves




" One more time the Xfactor Finalist" We all walked off stage, going straight to the dressing room to change in to the next dress up change. I put on light brown pants with a brown shirt, grey scarf and black boots.


"ONE DIRECTION!" The spotlight was put to us as Liam started singing torn


" I'm all out of faith this is how I feel cold and I am shamed Lying Naked on the floor, you should  never change into something real, I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn, your a little late, I'm already torn" we all sang


"I'm Already torn" Zayn sang in a bit of a high note voice


" there's nothing left I used to cry inspiration has run dry that's what's going on nothings fine I'm torn


"torn I'm torn" Zayn sang as Niall echoed 'ohhh'


"nothings fine I'm Torn, I'm all out of faith, This is how I feel cood and I am shamed lying broken on the floor you should never change into something real I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn your a little late and I'm already torn"


 " I'm already torn"




 "oh torn" Harry finished. Louis Walsh was the first to talk congratulating, calling us 5 new pop stars. I mouthed 'Thank You' as Dani talked but the cheers from the audience were loud chanting 'ONE DIRECTION, ONE DIRECTION, ONE DIRECTION' I took a deep breath looking over at Cheryl who was talking. I mouth one more thank you. Looking at Simon, He's the reason we are here, he talked about how we can change the future. He finished up and the spokes man came up to me , I took a deep breath


"Alright boys, only formed a couple of months ago practically for the show and now you are best mates, how does it feel to be here on final night Louis?"


"It's you know, an absolute honor to be here and first to do that song. It was the first song we ever did together. It was just great. perfect for us"


"alright with some chepadation did that do the business in Doncaster, uh correlation. Michelle Keagan is there" We all looked at the screen a bunch of people screaming and my best friends


"he is such a good fella there is no one like Louis, they really need to win. Come on boy you can do it!" Will shouted


"so, so proud of him I watch his every week, come on Louis!!" Stanley said


" Harry this is for you, we heard you worked in a bakery" Michelle put the camera on two baker ladies with yummy looking cupcakes. she moved on two a group of girls from Doncaster cheering us on. I couldn't help but smile, they're so supportive home town


"And its not hard to say Doncaster loves One Direction, alright 6161103 that's the one to call if you want one direction to win the x factor lines are open, the other acts matt and Rebecca are on the screen now. for now we give you One Direction" we walked away and I took another deep breath, I'm just really nervous.


"How do you think we did" Liam asked walking off stage


"i think we did good" Niall answered. we got ready for the next clothing change something a bit more spiffy. i was handed a blue collar dressy shirt with burgundy pants. I put a white one underneath so the dressy shirt could be unbutton.with some simple grey shoes. Zayn and Harry sat down so the hair stylist could fix up their hair. I walked over to Liam and Niall, worry and hope in their eyes. I slightly smiled checking my phone.


from mum: Good luck xx

from Lottie: I voted like a million times
from Summers: hoping for the best! #voteonedirection :)


I smiled putting y phone away.


"are you boys ready to win this" Simon came into our dressing room confident knowing we have this


"never been so ready for something in my life" Liam replied pepped up


"yeah" harry agreed joining us. zayn still looking in the mirror adjusting his hair after the hairstylist did it, not anything new we all know he's a bit vain.


"lets get going then" Simon cheered walking back stage


 " So Lets welcome back the finalist and their judges Dani and Matt, Cheryl Cole and Rebecca and finally Simon Cowell and One Direction" The door opened as we walked out towards the middle, Rebecca on our left and Matt on our right "Okay here it goes. The public has voted and I'm about to revel two acts that have receved the most votes and which act has finished third leaving home with the fewist votes. Good luck to everyone, In no particular order first act through towards the next stage of the final is... Matt" the audience cheered and I let out a breath, I waited for the man to talk again anncouncing who else what it through.


"One Direction and Rebecca" My heart skipped a beat thinking he called our name "both of you have made it in the top two and one of you has received the least amount of votes and is out of the competition" I turned to harry as he put his hand on his face, I put my hand on his stomach resuring everything is okay " The second act still I the final is...... Rebecca" I looked down at the floor, holding in.. I really thought we could win X factor and become big.  I went over to hug Rebecca slightly hugging her, since it was a group hug I couldn't really reach Rebecca


" come on boys we need you over here, lets look at the wonderful time you've had on the x factor"  A video started playing with all our auditions and performances up to singing with Robbie Williams  "Considered by your faces your absolutely gutted, how was this experience what's your highlight" he put the mic up to me


"It's been absolutely ineradicable for me the highlight is when we first sang together at the judges house that was unbelievable and you know we've done our absolute best, we've worked hard" I shrugged it off


"zayn what's going to happen to one direction now?"


"Uh we're defiantly stay together uh this isn't the last of one direction" zayn said


"and Simon there hasn't been a band that worked this hard since JLS"


" I'm absolutely gutted for them, uh but uh look for everyone who's bothered to pick up the phone these last few weeks I really appreciate it, this is just the beginning for these boys " Simon finished handing the mic back and the crowd cheered


"Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for One Direction" The man signaled to walk off, the x factor theme music played as we walked off stage. I saw harry crying and zayn wipe his eyes, I Looked in the mirror and my eyes were a bit red, but the tears didn't fall out.


 Amber's Point Of View-


 I sat in the audience anxiously waiting for the man to announce the next act that's had made it through.


"Rebecca" Was called and I was speechless, I looked at my phone 7:35. I got out my seat going up the stairs. I was seated by myself, no one I knew and I haven't seen the Tomlinson's. Danielle told me to wait by the entrance when I arrived so she'd give me some note letting me back stage. I walked towards the back but their wasn't anyone back there. I walked to the main Lobby seeing the boys seated looking devastated, well I wouldn't consider it the boys since it was just Liam, harry and Niall. Louis and Zayn were gone.


" Hi Boys" I said and they all turned towards me, Liam looked up and you could tell he cried a bit


" Hi amber" Harry half smiled, and Liam waved hello


"Hey Amber" Niall said


"so I have to make this quick" I said and they looked at me weirdly


"make what quick?" Harry asked and I got closer to them hugging harry


" I'm moving and I'm just here to say good bye" I let go, hugging Niall. I looked over at liam, Liam out of all the boys is the closet to me ever since the begging, I wrapped him in a hug trying to keep back my tears


"I'm going to miss you Amber" Liam said


"why are you crying?" I let go of Liam and looked a Louis


"Um Louis can I talk to you alone?" I wiped my eyes


"Yeah sure" Louis said walking over to a hall way. I walked over to zayn and hugged him "Bye Zayn, going to miss you" I let go


"wait, you can see me tomorrow?" zayn said smiling


"No zayn, she's" Niall said but stopped as Louis peeked his head


"Moving" Harry whispered and zayn hugged me once more. I walked to the hall looking at Louis eyes that were outlined red like he has been crying.


" Love what's wrong?" Louis grabbed my hand, I looked at his beautiful blue eyes, that I'm going to miss so much


" I love you, you know that. I love your family. I love the way you always cheer me up and the kisses you would sneak to me, your amazing hugs and your beautiful blue eyes Louis"


"I love you too" Louis smiled kissing my hand


"and you know what they say, if you love something let it go. if it comes back then it's meant to be" Tears escaped my eyes as I watched Louis Facial expression change


"why would I let something as beautiful as you who has brought joy to my life go?"


"Louis I'm moving"


"wha-what your joking right?" Louis tried to laugh it off and I shook my head. Louis stayed silent looking at the floor.


" I leave at 8:00 and its 7:47"


"what? today! When were you planning to tell me!?" Louis raised his voice


"Louis don't be mad, this is the last thing I need" I said putting my face in my hands. I was afraid of this, I want to remember Louis as the happy guy he is. I looked at Louis and he sighed wrapping me in a hug


"I'm sorry, it's just I'll miss you am"


"You think I won't miss you, it's going to be so boring in Sweden and I'm going to miss you"


"Hey look we can make this work, Like a long distance relationship" Louis said and I wanted to say no, long distance relation ships never work out but for him I'd try anything. I checked my time and it was 7:52


"Louis I have to get going or I'll miss my train"


"I'll drive you there"


"That's sweet boo bear but you have to stay to congratulate the winner" I began to walk


"You're more important than some winner" Louis grabbed my hand pulling me back


"how about you walk me to my car?" I smiled and Louis agreed before I leave I want to say good bye to Danielle But I don't think I have time. We reached my car and I smiled when I saw a curly haired girl standing by my car


"Danii!!" I yelled hugging her


"Little chick I'm going to miss you" Danielle said letting go keeping her tears in.


"This is it" Louis said biting his lip, I looked down then back a Danielle then Louis


"I'm really going to miss you too dreadfully" Louis hugged me and so did dani


"you better not meet any other boys" Louis warned smiling after and a tear escaped his eye


"I won't" I dug myself in his chest, he smelled so good and I'm going to miss his hugs, I looked up at him and he kissed my nose. making me cry and giggle at the same time


"you guys are so cute kiss already!" Danielle yelled


"Dani, you ruined the moment" we all laughed, all three of us crying tears. I couldn't tell if they were joyful or sorrow tears.


"The Moment isn't ruined" Louis smiled, grabbing me by my hips pulling me closer. we've been dating a while but his touch still gives me butterflies. His soft lips, touched mine both of us smiling between the kiss. As much as I'd love this to last I have to get going. I pulled away smiling.


"Bye" I waved going into my car. Danielle and Louis moved to the side, so I could back away. I smiled tears falling down. Dani waved as Louis blew me kisses. I drove away. My parents told me to drive straight to the train station




I reached over to get my phone, slightly glancing at it since I'm driving.


From Louis' is the only thing I saw. I opened it looking down


From Louis: Never forget me babe xx


I smiled, tears going down my cheeks.




was the last thing I heard followed by blurriness.




A/N: THE END yes this is the end to Louis :) Hope you all enjoyed the story. Thank you for reading and liking and favoring, you guys are amazing!





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