Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


26. The Tomlinson's

Louis's point of view-

* Thursday*

I woke up, sitting on my bed. Sighing this could be the last time I sleep in the X factor house. I looked around seeing Harry, Liam, zayn and Niall still asleep. I sat up zipping up my one piece. Our room is a mess, like it's really dirty. I looked around for my toms. Seeing Liam was wearing my Super Man shirt. I found my Toms throwing several pillows at Liam's head walking out the room.

'Don't take my stuff' i whispered walking down to the kitchen. There wasn't really anyone left in the house, slowly one by one left the house each week. Last week Cher left. She was awesome although when she turns her swagger on it scares me.

"Hi Louis" I turned around to see Rebecca

"Hey Rebecca" I reached for cereal on the top shelf

"Your up early!" She said


"Yeah usually it was me and the older ones awake"

"I couldn't sleep"

"How come" I sat with Rebecca at the table with my cereal

"Just nervous you know?"

"You sound like zayn" Rebecca laughed probably talking about the 'you know' as zayn always says. "There's nothing to be nervous about just keep your head up" she said

"Yeah and Christmas is coming around" I said

"Ohh you boys have got to give me tips on the cool toys, oh how I miss me kids"

"If you give me tips on girl presents, I need to buy some for 6 girls"


"Plus Mum, and girlfriend"

"Aw Lou I didn't know you had a girlfriend, how long you've been dating"

"Um a year and three months?... Wait um no" I questioned

"How cute!"

"Morning" we turned around to see Matt rubbing his eyes

"Morning Matt" I said

"Good morning" Rebecca said

Minutes later-

"Morning everybody" Liam came into the scene. Everyone well Rebecca, Matt, Harry, and Niall said morning as zayn was still sleeping.

"You won't believe me when I say this but I had a dream that I was being pelted by something" Liam said shocked sitting down with us

"Wot?" Matt asked

"Pelted by wot" Harry asked grinning

"Liam are you alright" Rebecca asked

"I dunno it just hit me several times" Liam said and I couldn't help but laugh... Liam's talking about me hitting him with my pillow.

"Sounds like a terrible nightmare" I smirked putting my plate in the sink. I laid against the counter taking out my phone 

To Summers: Amba love. You busy?xx call me when you get the message.

"Hey Louis we're going down to the mini Mart, wanna come?" Niall asked

"Oh yeah sure" I said putting my phone in my pocket. I followed Harry and Rebecca as Liam and Niall walked back to our room, probably to get zayn.

"Liam, Niall and zayn needa hurry it's" I complained

"Put your hood on" Harry said. I did as he said putting my hood on

"Leggo!" Liam shouted going down the steps

"About time!" I yelled and Niall laughed

"Now, now boys" Rebecca said. We walked to the Corner waiting to cross the street. This corner store is where we come to get all our snacks, junk food, X factor magazines anything really.

"Morning bill" Liam greeted the owner

"Nice to see you boys and Rebecca, tomorrow's the big day" bill smiled

"I know, I'm just really excited" Rebecca an bill were having a conversation

Buzzz my phone was on silent

'Hello?'I walked outside for a moment luckily the door is open so a bit of heat from inside warms me up.

'Hi Louis!'

'Amba love I miss you'

'Aw I miss you to Louis'

'You busy?'

'Actually I just woke up and I need to help my parents with the house and stuff' amber sounded a bit distracted like hiding something

'Poo, well my mum has your ticket for the show tomorrow. Your coming right?'

'About that... Um yah what time does it start'

'Umm I'd have to check but around 3 i dunno 5ish'

'Oh okay, I'll get my ticket'

'Alright babe I have to go'

'Aw okay it was nice hearing your voice again'

'Can't wait to see you tomorrow and give you a big kiss, love you!'

'Love you too!' I hanged up. Going back in the store

"I can't wait to kiss you, love you" Harry and zayn joked

"Oh shut up"

"Hey Louis, what are those chips you bought last Time the mango ones?" Liam asked coming towards us

"mango chips?" I questioned walking to the candy isle. "They weren't chips it was like a candy dried up thing"

"Ohh help me find them they were good"

"Ah! There it is" I picked up the bag handing it to Liam

"Alrighty boys, everyone got a snack" Rebecca announced. I looked around and grabbed a bottle of Locozade and some sour patch kids, we walked up to bill as he ringed us up.

"Look it's a ballon!" Harry ran out the store chasing a ballon? I peeked my head to see but there was nothing

"No Harry don't leave I'll miss you!" Zayn teased

"Seriously shut the fuck up" I punched zayn.

"Okay, okay I'll shut up" zayn smirked

"You too curly!" I pulled Harry's hair as we walked out the shop

"Bye bill!" Liam yelled with Rebecca.

"Ow okay jeez" Harry said and Niall just laughed at everything, does he find us amusing?

Amber's point of view-

Wow... I sighed you can officially say my room is empty. I watched from the window as my dresser, bed and any other furniture went in the moving truck. Just boxes that would be taken tomorrow. I walked down stairs and it was also empty we have no couches, decoration. My house looks sad.

"Hey daddy" I yelled.. Yes I still call my father daddy

"In my office!" He yelled back. I pushed through some boxes. Seeing him pack up his computer stuff "what's up love"

"Well you do know tomorrow, is X factor finale right?"

"No I didn't. But what about it"

"Louis on X factor and he wants me to watch him and be there"

"Sweetie we leave at like 6 or 7 I have to check when the trains depart"

"I know dad, but he got me a ticket and I'll have some time so I could at least show"

"I suppose"

"I'm taking the car, his mum has my ticket"

"Your mum took the car to buy a new luggage"

"I guess I'm going walking!" I groaned walking out his office

"Be safe!" He yelled. I put on my jacket. I look like a bum, I have black pants, a white graphic tee and messy curls. The Tomlinson's home isn't that far just a few blocks away. Another thing I'm going to miss is that distance between our houses. From pretty close to a couple miles away.


I brushed my fingers through my hair, waiting for the door to open.

"Oh amber it's so good to see you" jay brought me into a hug

"It's good to see you!" I smiled

"Did someone say amber?" I heard a voice yell.

"Phoebe, daisy!" This time I ran to them hugging them tightly "fizzy and Lottie!" I squished them in hugs and kisses

"Amber we missed you" Lottie laughed. I let go and stood straight looking around the house and at the girls... Trying my best to hold in my tears.

"So amber here's your ticket" jay took out a paper from her purse.

X factor finale 13/12/2010

Written on it.

"Your going to be able to make it right" fizzy asked. I looked over at her then the ticket.

"Everything all right dear" jay asked putting a hand on my shoulder. I couldn't take it much longer all the sympathy and love they've given me for a long time now

"No, I'm sorry it's not" I wiped my eyes

"You can't make it?" Lottie asked

"It's alright no need to cry" jay said hugging me

"No it's not the attending. Girls.. Jay I'm moving tomorrow"

"What? Moving!" Fizzy yelled

"Where to?!" Lottie asked

"Well I thought it was going to be Scotland, or Ireland. Which wasn't that bad it's not that far. But my father told me wrong and I'm actually going to Sweden." I wiped my cheeks

"Does louis know" jay asked

"No, I'm planning to tell him tomorrow before I leave"

"So today's the last day we will see you" the twins asked, their eyes getting watery

"Yes and no. I plan to go to the finale, for a bit and if I see you all its wonderful"

"This is stupid, why do you have to go" Lottie said storming up the stairs

"Charlotte!" Jay yelled "I'll go talk to her"

"Wait can I do it" I placed my Hand on her shoulder

"Alright but if she throws a tantrum, call me"

"Okay" I walked up the stairs. Stopping on the last step. Remembering when I looked both ways and how the kids scared me all because of Louis plan. I walked past Lou's room having this hope of expecting to see him but knowing he wasn't there...his room where I almost kissed him for the first time, the way he put the make up on me. I slightly smiled.

"Lottie can I come in" I knocked on her white door the foam letters LOTTIE written across

"No go away, I don't want to see you"

"Lottie please" I knocked hearing a click. I put my hand on the knob opening the door. I closed it once again seeing Lottie on her bed the covers over her face.

"Lottie. You know this isn't a on purpose thing?"

"I know" she mumbled, I reached for the blanket removing it off her face. Lottie sat up and faced me "sweetie the last thing I would want to do is leave. Trust me I got mad at my parents for not letting me know sooner. But I'm as heartbroken as you, having to leave behind your second family, friends boyfriend... It isn't easy and seeing you cry hurts and just you all being sad that I'm leaving it breaks my heart" I moved the hair from her face. Lottie eyes were red from crying

"But amber I'm going to miss you" the word so quiet and shaky came out her mouth more tears falling

"Hey, Hey you have my number you can call me and text" my vision was all blurry

"Please don't cry" Lottie put her hand on my arm

"Ohhh Lottie" I wrapped her In a hug

"Can we join?" I let go looking at the door open. The twins, fizzy and jay smiling

"Of course!" I yelled opening my arm

"Ahh!!" Lottie yelled. I was in the middle of this big hug fest, even though i can't breath right now. I'm going to miss their hugs "okay! I can't breathe!" I laughed and they all let go

"Amber we were thinking and what I'd you stay for dinner and eats mums pasta, you know the one we would always eat on Wednesdays" fizzy smiled

"Sounds great!" I messed with phoebes hair

"Okay I just need to cook the pasta and get the cheese ready and all" jay said heading for the door. We all shook our heads

"So what do you girls say, we take it back to the makeovers and the silliness" I smiled

"Aw yes!" Lottie yelled a big grin appearing "mum bought me some Mac products I've been meaning to try out"

"Can we play?" Daisy asked

"Of course!" I said

"I'll bring my nail Polish" fizzy ran out the room. Fizzy came back with a box of different neon colors

"Wait girls gather around me please" they looked at me weirdly but did as I said. I took out my phone "silly faces then seriousness" I smiled as I took several shots

"Okay phoebe let me paint your nails" fizzy said laying the various selection of colors 

"Amber can I paint your toes" daisy asked coming to my feet with a neon green. I know I'm going to regret this later but what the heck

"Sure doll"

"While you guys do that I'm going to look at make up tutorials to try on you all" Lottie got off the bed and towards her computer. I looked down at my dangling feet as daisy struggled to open the nail polish bottle

"Need help?" Fizzy said taking it out her hand opening it. I took off my boots and socks the cold paint touching my toe. Daisy continued painting my nails or should I say skin. I tried to keep my laughter in.

"Ok I'm done" daisy handed me the nail polish I closed it pulling daisy on the bed

"It's beautiful" I smiled

"Amber I wanna do this look on you" Lottie faced the computer screen towards me it was a simple cat eye smokey look with red lips.

"Go ahead" I got off the bed walking carefully my toes still wet

"Sit here" Lottie got up, telling me to sit in her previous spot. She walked away to her drawer taking out makeup kits.

"I've been practicing on fizzy so I'm better than I was" Lottie said applying eyeliner on me

"That's good" I closed my eyes.

Minutes later*

"Girls the pasta is ready" jay yelled and she sounded like she was from jersey for a moment

"Coming" Lottie yelled. I closed the nail polish. Daisy happy with the pink and purple pattern I gave her. Lottie stopped applying makeup on fizzy as we all raced down stairs.

We made a line as jay serves the pasta and the meat sauce. I got a bit of cheese and sat down. I'm going to miss sitting with them for dinner. I smiled taking a spoon full of pasta.

Hour later*

"You better visit us" Lottie said tears down her face laughing after knowing she can keep a serious face

"I will, I'll get a job have money for gas, food all that good stuff and come down I promise" I smiled hugging everyone one by one. The tears in the girls eyes made me want to cry a river. I looked up at jay hugging her

"Love I'm going to miss you soo much" jay wiped her tears

"Like wise Mrs. Tommo" I forced a smile, all the tears I can't be happy.

"Hope to see you tomorrow,babe" jay kissed my forehead

"Please promise me that's non of you will mention to Louis I'm moving. I don't want him thinking of this while he's got a big day ahead"

"Your secret Is safe with us" fizzy said. I hugged everyone one more time walking out the door.

Don't turn around, don't turn around I said to my self ignoring my own words I turned around waving goodbye.


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