Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


13. The date part 2


Louis point of view

We exited out the amusement park and towards the car, opening ambers door and walking to mine. I started the car and drove ahead.

"So where are we going?" Amber asked

"Can't say" I smiled

"You and your surprises" amber let out a laugh.

I got off the freeway and was at a street driving down the hill and reaching green flat land. I parked the car and got out to see where our picnic was set. Amber let her self out and I grabbed her hand. Running down a steep hill as I spotted our picnic on the highest hill by a tree for shade I guess.

"Wow Louis this is really beautiful" amber said her eyes shinning and her mouth opened

"Just like you" I smiled siting down on the blanket picking up a note


Sincerely  Blake


Amber sat across from me and she couldn't stop smiling. I looked in the basket and took out the plates of food there was grapes, water , fizzy drinks, pastries and little sandwiches


Amber's point of view


"Open Your mouth" Louis said digging through the basket


"Why?" I Gave him a weird look


"Just say awwh" Louis said taking out everything


"Awwwh" I opened my mouth a felt something go down my throat, and I began to cough


"Amber are you alright?" Louis said and I waved my hands turning purple, Louis came up to me and started doing the Heimlich maneuver. I spit out what I think was a grape and looked down trying to catch my breath.


"That back fired I'm so sorry, are you alright?" Lou put his hand on my shoulder


"what the hell" I smirked


" I'm sorry I wanted to do what romantic couples do in the movies" Louis blushed of embarrassment. I smiled and reached for a grape


"Lou open" I said seeing how I was going to aim


"You aren't trying to get pay back now are ya?" I smiled and threw the grape in his mouth "Not bad" Louis smiled. I grabbed a sandwich and he grabbed the other.




 Louis and I ate all the food, and we were just resting watching the sunset go down, The cutest thing was when Lou got up and lit candles around us.


 "Be honest, You did all this all by yourself?" I asked placing my hands back lying down crossing my legs


 "All of it? no I had help by my cousin Blake" Lou said sitting by me putting a hand over my shoulder, the tree being used as he wall to rest on.


 "Tell Blake, Thank you" I said looking at Louis legs (Not in a weird way )


"I will just later on" 


"Thank You Louis" I said looking up at his pretty blue eyes


"For what?" Telling Blake?" He asked


"Hhaha no, For wearing the chinos" 


"Ohhh no need to thank me babe"


"What time is it?" I asked noticing the sun set and it was a tad dark out here


"Em it's 7:30" 


"That's still early" I said getting up, dusting the grass off my dress


"Want to walk around?" Lou asked getting up as well. He had the basket in one hand and my hand in the other. We started going down the hill and by a pond


 "Lou, Can you sing a little note?" I asked not looking at him, he was quiet, but then I heard him humming to a beat. we stopped walking and we're in front of the pond Louis was still humming I guess looking for the best verse to start on.


 "oh oh oh, oh oh oh, be my baby oh oh oh, oh oh" He began "Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, be my baby and I'll look after you" Louis started to tap his foot "There now, steady love, so few come and don't go, will you won't you, be the one I always know... when I'm loosing my control the city spins around, you're the only one who knows,you slow it down" He stopped singing and looked at me "There I sang a little bit" He smiled


 "You're so cute when you sing" I smiled


 "Why?" he asked as we walked through a path


 "When you sing, it's like your accent goes away and you were smiling while you sang, Louis that was cute" I laughed knowing I sound really weird


 "Hahaha um Thanks" He smiled. we reached the car and hopped in, I grabbed the basket and put it in the back seats. At the red light Lou turned on the radio


 "Listen up every one, X-factor is almost over and the new season will start in 2010. Start practicing because we will be in your town sooner then you think.... This Is all for now, more information will be given in three maybe two months" Then man on the radio said and a song started playing.


 Minutes later* *


 We arrived at my home and I got out the car with Louis behind me carrying my penguin ninja and my bear we stopped on the door step and just looked at one another.


 "I don't know about you but I had an amazing day" Louis said blushing, handing me my stuffed animals


 "Me too, that was the most fun I've had in forever, Louis you made me forget any troubles and just have fun and relax you give me a rush, ahaha you know be crazy" I smiled


 "So I give you a rush?" Louis came closer to me, sliding his hand on my chin/ cheek so he could lift my head. Just him getting near me made me shiver, all I did was shake my head. Louis smiled and closed his eyes placing his soft lips on mine as if shaking my head was the answer he needed to kiss me. Louis placed his other hand on my cheek pushing my hair back.


 "*Clear throat noise*"


 Louis pulled away, his hands still on my cheeks, and we both looked at the front door that was open


 "um hi mum and dad" I said  Louis removed his hands and placed them in his pockets


"I though I heard something, come in Amber, bye Louis"  My dad said moving from the door way so I could come in


"Could I at least say good bye?" I asked


"Good bye?! what? Didn't you just say good bye?" My dad asked raising his eye brow


"Oh Dave let them" My mum got in the conversation


 "Two minutes" My dad said and my mum shut the door


 "Well my parents are home!" I smiled


"Your dad scares me"  Lou said looking all around to see if he was near


"Oh boy" I laughed


"Bye Louis" I kissed his lips quickly pulling apart and hugging him


"Bye amba" He smiled walking to his car, I turned away and was about to open the door to my house


"Wait amber you forgot something" Louis yelled and I walked to his car


"Yes?" I asked


"You forgot your lipstick" Louis said smiling cheekily and I was confused


"I didn't bring my lipstick I left it"


"No see it's on my lips, want it back?" Louis tried moving his eye brows around with his mouth smiling big


 "Oh my god go home!" I slapped him with the bear and he laughed loudly pulling up his window so I wouldn't hit him. Louis blew kisses and drove off


 "I can't believe him" I laughed, Going in my house

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