Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


12. The date part 1

 ***Authors note I will be switching to different point of views of Louis and amber.... Sorry I wanted both of their perspectives on the date :)***

-Louis point of view-

I took a look in the mirror and sprayed cologne on. Running down the stairs holding on to the staircase as I ran down.

"Mum I'm going, ill be back in a while" I yelled about to open the door

"Be safe!" My mum yelled intensely looking at the program

"Where are you going" Lottie Said as I stepped out the door

"Non of your concern" I turned my back walking to the car getting in

"oh it is my business and ill find out!!" Lottie yelled slamming the door. Shore (Sure) you will I said pulling out the drive way and down the street. I can believe I'm saying this but I'm nervous what if I sweat a lot or barf or- I babbled on taking a turn towards ambers house. I drive straight and take another turn slowing down an stopping in front of her home.

-Ambers point of view-

I took a shower, straighten my hair. Applied mascara and blush with a bit of gloss on. I didn't want to put too much make up on given the fact I might look weird since I never wear it.  Now my clothes... Louis didn't tell me where this date is so currently I am in my undergarments, I don't know if I should wear a dress or some jeans or I just don't know.

"Amber! Get down here someone Is waiting! !" My father yelled. Crap Louis is here already I ran to my closet and took out the dress Louis bought me, putting it on with light pink flats.

"coming !!" I yelled back talking a look in the mirror.

-Louis Tomlinson point of view-

I walked out my car taking a deep breath as I knocked on the door, waiting for it to open.

"Yes?" The door opened a tall man with dark hair and blue eyes, wearing jeans and a baseball tee stood expecting for my answer.

"Uh I'm here for amber, we are going on a date" I said nervously keeping eye contact

"Amber! Get down here someone is waiting!!" Amber's dad yelled Turing to me after "so a date eh?" He asked

"Yes sir" I Said looking at him then Turing my attention to the stairs were amber was walking down her smile shining bright and her eyes sparkling as she came closer

"Hi Louis!" Amber said giving me a kiss on the check and grabbing my arm. "Dad this is Louis my boyfriend"  she continued

"Ah Louis, may we have a word before you to leave?" He asked

"Daaad!" Amber whinnied. I looked at amber and smiled, she let go of my arm and I followed her father to the kitchen leaving amber by the door.

"Listen, Louis I'm going to get straight to the point, I see the way my daughter looks at you and I can tell she really likes you, now take good care of her because I don't like to see her upset" he said strictly giving me a serious/frightening look

"I would never think of it sir"

"That's what I like to hear!" He patted my back, both of us walking to amber

"Can we leave now?" She asked

"Wait aren't you going to say good bye to your father?" Her dad joked opening his arms

"Bye dad" amber opened her arms giving  him a bear hug kissing his cheek

"Bye amber and take care of her Louis!" Amber pulled me out the door, shutting the front door. I reached for the car door and opened it for amber, her stepping in and me skipping to the other side going in the car.

"Hahahahaahaha" amber laughed as I started the car

"Wot?" I asked facing her and smiling her laugh is just, adorable

"My father's a dork, haha you are a geek" she giggled

"Whatever, summers" I smiled driving to the light.

"Sorry about my dad, he hasn't seen me had a boyfriend" amber confessed

"So I'm your first" I asked feeling special

"First boyfriend... Yes but I've been on dates but when I do They are always dinner dates which are boring and all we do is talk and i find we have nothing in common with my date so we leave"

"I hope you don't get bored of me" I said under my breathe, Turing on the light

"I wont, Louis you're  different" amber placed her arm on my thigh looking at me, I glanced over at her smiling  then back to the road. It's a long drive.

-Amber's point of view-

It's been a couple of minutes and it's silent, well the radio is on and it's not awkward silent it's peaceful calm silent

"Are you hungry?" Louis asked as we stopped at the red light

"To be honest no" I said

"Hmmm okay so would it sound cool if we had fun then ate?" He asked driving on green

"Yeah that sounds cool"

* * 40 minutes later * *

"We are here!!!" Louis screamed parking the car. I watched as he got out and walked over to my door, smiling when I saw what he is wearing

"Thank you! You're such a gentle men" I said holding Louis hand as I hopped out

"Anything for the queen" he chuckled. I smiled. Looking up and seeing Louis has brought me to BIG AL'S AMUSEMENT PARK, walking over to the entrance to pay for our tickets

"An amusement park really? You could have told me" I said

"It was a surprise now shhh" Louis placed his finger on my lips, scooting over to the ticket man

"Two tickets" Louis said

"Okay dude that will be 30 dude" the tall boy with blonde hair a cap and a tank top spoke. Louis handed the money  removing his hand off my Lips

"Enjoy dude" he handed us the tickets  Walking a bit further so a women can take the tickets and rip the top part off letting us in the park.

"We're in!!" Louis cheered "where first" he smiled

"The baby rides" I smiled

"What!? What are you 7?" Louis asked

"I'm afraid of the big coasters" I shrugged my shoulders

"No fear Louis is here!" He grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers, running to the nearest ride. The line being short I let out a groan, not wanting to go on.

"Next two" we waked over and Louis hopped in the ride. Looking at me to go in

"Uh-uh" I looked back at him

"Please for me!" Louis said grinning

"If I die on this ride!" I warned rolling my eyes hopping on the spot next to Louis

"Get scared and squeeze my hand no biggy!" I entwined our fingers, feeling my stomach in knots as the ride started  going. I felt like my hands were sweating and my legs were shaking.

"Ahhh!!!!!!" I yelled as we went down super fast

"Wooooo!!!!" Louis yelled his hair going up, I closed my eyes and held Louis's hand tighter. I felt like we were going in loop te loops and taking dives of some sort.

"Amber!? Amber!?" Louis called my name

"Yes?" I yelled opening my eyes

"The ride is over we need to get off the ride" he smiled

"Thank god!!" I let go of his hand, jumping off but feeling all wiggly

"I gotcha" Louis held me from behind, walking out the ride "did you like it?" He asked

"Not that ride" I looked at our feet that had the same movement

"Yeah it's wasn't that extreme, but wanna know what I liked about it?" We continued to walk and Louis placed something in his coat.


"Holding your hand through out the entire ride" I looked up at Louis eyes smiling

"That's sweet Lou but my hand was sweaty" I confessed

"Mine too!"

"Why, you had fun on that coaster"

"Well I've never been that close to a beautiful girl and had to hold her hand, you make me nervous"

" *cough* cough* flirt cough* " I joked getting out of his hold and standing by his side

"Hahahah I'm serious amber"

"Hmm Kay" we continued walking and entered the area that was all about playing booths

"look at that penguin!!" I yelled pulling Louis over to the booth "he's dressed as a ninja!"

"Want the penguin?" Louis asked


"How do you play?" Louis asked the middle aged women

"2 dollars for 4 balls just knock down those bad guys" she said

"Seems easy you can do this Lou!" I cheered.

The women handed the four balls to Louis and threw his first one but sadly missed

"Wot that hit the damn board!!" Louis put his hands in the air protesting

"It needs to knock them down" the lady answered

"Second try is always the charm" I tried to remain peppy, Louis through the ball again but no luck

"I lied third Is always the charm" I smiled, Louis threw the ball and it knocked down one villain

"Woo!!!" I cheered

"Two more to go" the lady said, Louis threw the last ball and its knocked down another villain

"That counts right!?" Louis asked looking that we knocked down two outta three

" nope" she said coldly

"Whaat!!" I whinnied

"Whatever, this booth is rigged" Louis looked at the lady then me "c'mon" Louis grabbed my hand walking away

"Wait!!" I heard and turned around, Louis as well, we walked back to the booth with the lady. She walked over to her bad guy board

"It is rigged, well just the first one" she confessed

"What the hell!" Louis yelled

"I'm sorry" the lady reached for the penguin ninja handing it to Louis.

"Thank you" Louis looked at the women as if he was judging her, then faced me

"Here babe" Louis handed me the penguin ninja

"Oh my god yess!!!" I hugged him almost knocking him over kissing him hard

"I remember when I was young and in love" the women said looking at Louis and I in awe

"Thank you!" I told her walking off snuggling the penguin and Louis by my side smiling like crazy.


"Look guns amba" Louis said pointing to a Nerf water gun booth


"How much?" I asked the man at the booth


"No money it's tickets"


"That's what we forgot!!" I said turning to Louis         

 "I'll go get some" Louis walked back to the main entrance. I should have gone with him, but no I stayed here awkwardly with the booth guy.


"So is he your brother?" He asked


"What? No!" I gave him a weird look


"Oh so want to go out some time?" He asked


"What!? You just saw my boyfriend!" I looked at him like he was crazy or so


"So no?" the guy continued talking


"Oh my god just shut up" I laughed from being stressed out by this guy


"Jacob!" A lady around my age lifted the tent and came to our booth "Leave!" She shouted to the guy or I believe his name is Jacob and he ran away


"Sorry if he was bothering you, he is my younger brother"


"It's fine" I looked away to see if Louis was coming


"So um what are you waiting for" she asked


"Tickets" I said looking at her


"Okay I'm back!" Louis spoke breathing heavily from running. He stood straight and handed two tickets to the lady. We sat on the stool and I squinted one of my eye to make sure I have a better aim


"Ready cause you're going down" Louis smiled


"Me, please" I put my hand in his face


"Ready?" The lady asked and we shook our head, she flipped the switch and the guns started squirting water, My gun was shooting in the circle making the little spider go up.


"DING DING DING!" I let go of the trigger and saw that Louis spider reached the top before mine

'WOOO! I WON!" He jumped up putting  his fist in the air


"Rigged!" I shouted laughing


"I won fair and square summers!" Louis said facing the booth lady, They were deciding on what prize he wanted. I walked away not to far though and looked at other booth Louis and I can play at.


"Here you go" Louis whispered wrapping his arms around me holding a bear


"Aw thank you Lou but you could have gotten yourself your own prize you won fair and square"


"You are my girlfriend now, so take the damn bear and don't question" Louis smiled shoving the bear in my face


"Hahahaha wow" I took the bear walking hand in hand with Louis and my penguin "Get use to being spoiled" Louis smiled at me and we walked away from the booth and towards the coasters. I spotted bumper cars and my face lit up


"Louis!" I said joyfully


"Amber!" He mimicked me


"Louis" I said firm moving my eyes to look at him in a slight death glare


"Haha sorry! Yes!" Louis laughed


"I love bumper cars wanna go on the ride or?" I asked


"Bumper cars are sick!" Louis pulled my arm running to the line. we got in time because they were closing the rink with the just 15 people at the time.


"Four tickets please" The owner of the ride said, Louis handed him four and opened the gate for us, I ran to a blue car with the number 3 on it and Louis ran to a red car with the number 17. I started driving around the area (or rink?) speeding up so I was in front and could bump in to everyone.


"Ahh!" I let out a scream as I was hit from behind I turned and saw Louis smiling mischievous. I smiled and speed up turning and hitting him back. I also bumped into the girl and she bumped me back so I bumped her again and we just took turns bumping each other. My car started to slow down and so did everyone's, the fun was over and the cars stood still indicating it was time to get off. I was one of the first to get off and go, Going on my tippy toes to see if I could spot Louis. He was coming out of his car walking my way.


"Hey" I said as Louis walked up the stairs to me


"Is for horses" He joked


"What?" I asked 


"You know, you said hey and hay is for horses, yeah?"


"weirdo" I pushed his shoulder


"Watch it!" Someone yelled


"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry" I apologized to the lady that I pushed by pushing Louis


"Hahaha you hungry?" Louis asked walking further away from that area


"Um yeah I suppose I could go for some food" "


Is it okay if we leave the park?" Louis Asked


"Yup its fine" We walked to the main gate and were about to exit.


A/N) I will continue in another chapter, I don't want it extremely long :)

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