Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


14. secrets



Amber's point of view  


Jay called and asked if I could sit the girls while she went to the doctor, I haven't seen them in a while and I feel every time I see them they get older.


"Amber babe" Louis opened the door kissing my cheek as I walked in 



"What was that?" Daisy asked walking to the door 



"Umm what was what?" I tried to mess with her, make her think she saw nothing Louis closed the door and stood at my side



"You just kissed" phoebe said 



"Kissed? Whaaat!!" Louis said   



"Yeah I saw you" daisy spoke 



"No, no you got it all wrong that's how friends say hello"



I smiled and they continued to look at me strange 'oh well' I said walking over to the living room expecting to see Lottie and fizzy 



"Um where is Lottie and fizzy" I asked going back to the front door 



"Up stairs" Louis Said 



"may I go?" He shook his head and I ran up stairs holding on to the railing 



"Lottie, fizzy you home?" I yelled going down the corridor to their door, knocking



"Oh hello amber" fizzy opened the door and I walked in it smelled like nail polish and I looked over at Lottie who was blowing on her nails 



"Girl makeovers, nice!" I smiled then thought of the time when I gave them make overs, Lottie got up and walked to me she was almost as tall as me, but no quite 


    "Wow you girls are getting big" 


    "Really think so?" Fizzy asked smiling looking down at her self 


    "Actually amber it's my birthday on Saturday and today is Thursday"


    "Am I invited?" I grinned nudging her side 


    "Actually you aren't" Lottie said giving me a straight face 


    "Oh okay" I walked away pretending to be Hurt 


    "I'm kidding!!" Lottie ran to me "off course you're invite what Kind of question was that!!" She laughed going down the stairs with me. 



"Any clubs today?" I asked reaching the last step 



"I don't think so I had practice yesterday" Lottie went towards the kitchen 



"You left me!" Fizzy stood at the stairs balcony 



"Sorry fiz" I walked to the living room where Louis, daisy and phoebe are setting up karaoke



"Amber you're playing right" phoebe asked smiling 



"I can't sing" I shrugged my shoulders putting my hands in the air taking a seat on the couch 



"Come on!" She pulled my hand 



"Yeah come on amber" Louis whinnied 



"Hey I don't see you singing!"  



"I will!! See !" He emphasized the 'see'


I watched as he looked through CDs, Lou lifted up an album labeled Amy Winehouse karaoke edition placing it in the little box thing. 



"I need some back ground singers" Louis said lifting Up microphones 



"oh me!!!" Fizzy skipped down the stairs and towards Louis taking the microphone 



"Amber, just one more for you!" He smiled 



"Ugh fine!" I sort of yanked the microphone away from him, waiting for him to start 



"Which song?" Lottie asked munching on some Carmel popcorn 



"Valerie" the song started to play 




  Louis: well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water, and I think of all the things what you're doing and In my head I paint a picture. Cos since I've gone on home, well my body's been a mess and I've missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress..... Won't you come on over? Stop making a fool outta me! why don't you come over 


  Fizzy and I: Valerie, Valerie, Valerie, Valerie 




  We finished up the song and I placed my microphone down taking a seat on the couch 


  "You were good" phoebe said 



"All I said was Valerie" I smiled 



"You sang it nice"  phoebe walked away to the karaoke box 



"I want to sing a song" daisy ran to phoebe 



"Yeah the twins!!" I cheered 



"What song?" Louis asked 



"Selena Gomez?"



phoebe asked looking through the CDs, Lou placed it in the player and 'Tell me something I don't know' started playing, daisy and phoebe began singing an I couldn't stop smiling it was really cute. 



"Amber!" Lottie called my name from the kitchen, she looked curious like she was trying to find something out



"Yes?" I asked taking a seat on the stool 



"Who's Samiepoo?" She asked placing Louis's cell down 






"Well cos I'm playing his games on his phone and this person named Samiepoo keeps calling its getting on me last nerve" Lottie said 



"Calling him, eh" I crossed my arms, looking over at Louis in the living room dancing with fizzy 



" I don't know who it is" I said thinking and the only person on my mind was Sammy can't she just f-off 



"Ohh I thought it was you" she replied 




"Me? no... Speaking of me what does he have me under?" I asked taking his phone and checking his contacts, I scrolled down , still trying to find my self I was under A and that was weird I stopped at the S's and saw summers... So that's what he has me under, I'm not going to lie I'm a little mad he has me under summers and has Sammy as samiepoo. I rolled my eyes and gave Lottie back the phone



"So?" She asked   



"Summers" I said bummed 



"Don't worry he has me under sister" Lottie smiled and I couldn't help but laugh, she walked to the living room and I helped my self to a glass of water, a pair of hands covered my eyes and I couldn't see but judging by the cologne I knew it was Louis 



"Hey babe" Louis dug his head between my shoulder n neck 



"Who's this, samiepoo?" I asked getting out his hold, raising his phone to his face, he blinked a couple times, then decided to speak 



"I've been meaning to change that..." Louis said plain and simple as if it were nothing 



"You were meaning to change that!!" I asked raising my voice 



"No not like that, a while ago Sammy changed her contact information and did the whole samiepoo, I swear it means nothing" Louis asked getting closer to me 



"Mhmmm" I grabbed my glass of water and drank 



"I mean it amber" he soft tone voice, spoke wrapping his arms around me 



"I guess, I believe you" I said, kinda mad about it, but knowing its a stupid thing to get mad over



"You guess?" He asked shocked 



"Can you let go of me, the girls are in the living room" I squeezed out walking to the living room.



Louis point of view    



"Can you let go of me, the girls are in the living room" 



amber got out of my hold and walked away, ugh what the hell Sammy she just wants to ruin everything.... But it's my fault for not changing it before. She just upset though it will go away, I can't believe we've been dating for about a week max, and this is like our first argument. I sighed and looked out the window 



"Hey Lou everything alright" fizzy walked in the kitchen opening the fridge taking out a drink 



"Yeah, everything is just peachy" I lied 



"Are you sure I heard you sigh out loud" fizzy asked 



"Amber's mad at me" I Said childish 



"For just friends you guys sure act like a couple" fizzy giggles 



"Fiz! That's not helping"  



"Oh sorry um buy her flowers or I don't know" 



fizzy walked back to the living room, leaving me alone... Hey buying flowers isn't a bad idea.



"Amber can you come?" I asked going to the living room 



"Where?" She asked standing from the couch and following me 



"Somewhere" I grabbed her arm dragging her out front, I closed the door and we stood on the porch. I looked at amber an tried making a silly face to at least make her smile Because i could tell she wasn't happy 



"What do you want?" Amber bursted with a laugh, giving me a tired look 



" I wanna make you happy and joyful again" my voice was high and became low and soft 



"I'm just tired" she rubbed her eyes 



"You think you might be getting sick?" I asked wrapping my arms around her



"I dunno"  amber looked up at me and she looked sleepy,bummed out sort of mood 



"Amber, I like you... You know that" i looked down at her still in my hold, she didn't say anything but smile, I leaned down and kissed her lips



"Not Sammy" I assured, smiling 



" I know" she smiled  looking up at me 



"Well hello" amber, got away from me and were surprised by my mum clearing her throat 



"Uh... Um.... Hi mrs.tomlinson" amber stuttered 



"Mum! What are you doing here?" I asked 



"The question Is what was going on here?" My mum asked raising a brow 



"We were um..." 



"I was telling amber, on how to surprise Lottie on her birthday and she got cold so I tried making her warm" I cut off amber 



"Ahh.... I see " my mum walked up closer 



"Thank you amber, see you Saturday" my mum said firm waving goodbye to amber and facing me, she gave me a look, not a usual look but the look that meant I'm on to you. But what I'm curious about is what she saw....


Authors note*

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I didn't know what to write :P I got a comment saying put Sammy back in but i didn't know quite how to. I tried though and i didn't want Louis and Amber to break (Lamber) Lol no that is a bad couple name.... Anyways I hope you guys like this chapter I'll try to update faster, so if you didn't enjoy this one, I'll try and I love feed back and opinions! Okay bye Thank you for reading.

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