Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


18. Plans...

Amber's point of view

"Yeah, okay I'll meet you in a few"

I hanged up on Louis, he wants to meet me at the corner shop... That he has something important to tell me, yet it's like 8:21. I slipped on my white chucks and grabbed a jacket putting it over my black with a white flower tang top, slightly pulling up my light blue sweats that go under my knee.

"Dad!!" I yelled going Down the stairs

"I'll be back in a few"

"Be safe sweetie, you want me to drive you?" He asked

"It's cool, I'll walk" I grabbed the keys and shut the door. I'd take the car but its right around the corner at the coffee place. I tugged my jacket more on me, as a breeze flew by me. I reached the end of the street walking away from my house reaching the other block.

"Amber!!" I heard a yell and turned to see Louis run up to me. I stopped and looked at him stop to take a breath

"Heey!! What are you doing here"  I said

"I came to walk you, so nothing would happen to my love" Louis said smiling

"Lou! I could've walked my self"

"Yeeaah but its dark and I don't want anything to happen to you" I got on my toes to kiss his cheek

"And I wouldn't want anything to happen to you" I said beginning to walk, up ahead I could see the stop lights.  Louis picked me up, putting me over his shoulder

"Loooouuuiissss!!!" I yelled hitting his back to put me down 

"Noo! You're coming with me" he laughed, I stopped trying and just rested on his shoulder. We crossed the street and several people starred at us weirdly, I'm assuming they looked at Louis first from the front then me as they passed through the back. I could see the coffee shop just around the corner passing one more light. We entered the shop Louis placing me down

"Thank you" I pretended to dust invisible lint off my self, I walked away to a table in the corner, I slid down taking out my cell phone


8:36 Hey amber, what's up?-dani

8:41 Just out with Louis

8:42 awwww!!! How cute <3

8:42 you need a boyfriend :)

I laughed sliding my phone back in my pocket seeing Louis still ordering, he stood on the side and smiled over at me, I returned a smile and he was handed his coffee walking towards me

"Thank you!" I said using the coffee to warm myself up a bit it was pretty cold outside

"So guess what!"

"What!?" I asked feeling, a vibrate from a text

1NEWMESSAGE- I know :|- Dani

I smiled and looked up at Louis giving me furrowed brows of concern or curiosity

"What's so funny?" He asked

"I was texting Danielle and she is silly" I replied sipping my drink

"Oh, okay well as I was saying, I've been thinking long and hard and I've decided to sign up for the X factor!" Louis cheered

"No way!! Are you serious!?"


"Wait isn't it  tomorrow, are you prepared?" I asked

"Ehh, not exactly I've got my application sent and I've got a song in mind, out fit? I was hoping you'd help me"

"Off course, I'ma help you! Aahh! I'm excited!" I smiled "what time does it start" Louis swallowed his coffee

"8:00 am but you've gotta be there early and it's in Manchester"

"Ah, mmkay... Is that why you brought me to drink coffee to stay wide awake?" Louis chuckled and shook his head

"No, it didn't cross my mind" he smiled. I glanced at my phone reading 9:13

"Well if we're going to wake up early we are going to need rest" i said getting up

"Yeah I was thinking 4:30 am?" Louis said and I groaned

"Hell no" I laughed stepping out the shop

"I'm prepared cause I know how grouchy you are in the morning" Louis smiled, following behind me

"Haha very funny"

"I've got chocolate, a pillow, fruit and an I pod and plus I'ma  be there you have to be happy" Louis clicked the button for the light to turn and walk, I laughed and continued to walk

"What song were you planning to sing?" I asked

"Hey there Delilah by the plain white tees"

"I love that song!"

"Me too!" Louis teased, "Anything in mind on what I should wear?" He asked

"A dressy shirt, jeans?" I suggested

"I'll look when I get home" we stopped in front of my house "is your dad home?" He asked


"Bye!" He waved running down the street

"Louis!!" I yelled and he came back laughing

"I'm kidding, I would never leave you, hanging" he smiled

"You better come back or I would have run after you an poured this coffee on you!" I warned trying to keep a serious face

Louis pushed me against the front door "night love" he said hotly the smell of vanilla bean, Louis looked at me, smiling he kissed me, a feeling of tingles In my stomach, pulling apart faster than he usually does, so my father won't see.

"See you in a few" he said hugging me

"Kay" I walked in my house, placing my coffee on the table "dad I'm home!" I yelled but then regret it not knowing if he was asleep or awake. I heard mumbling in his office so I decided to walk and place my ear on the door ease dropping

"Yeah but we can't tell her, she'd be devastated"

"Shh! I think I heard amber" 


Is what I manage to hear and knocked on the door

"May I come in?" I asked wanting to see what was going on

"Hold up honey!" I heard my mum, isn't she suppose to be at work, I questioned

"Come in honey" my father said I opened the door roughly expecting to see anything unordinary

"How was your date?" My mum asked

"It was fine, so what did you guys do" I said changing the subject

"Oh um we were looking for canimals!" My father shouted animals and my mum shouted cabinets

"What are canimals?" I asked

"We meant, puppies" my parents exchanged looks and decided on puppies seriously... I hate secrets, I shook my head and walked away going up the stairs trying to get as much sleep as possible. Ugh what did they say!?


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