Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


21. News

Ambers point of view 

  "Heeey!" I looked up from my phone at Danielle taking a seat by me on a bench . 


    "Hi Danielle" I put my phone on my lap 


    "Am I late? I didn't mean to take long!" Danielle said 


    "Haha no, I got here 10 minutes ago" I said 


    "Okay good! So how's it been" 


    "It's been well thanks for asking" I turned my body to face her properly 


    "Come on let's go get a drink" dani said getting up. I looked around the park.... It's a nice day out but I could go for a drink 


    "I'm to young to drink" I cheekily smiled 


    "Ha ha, you get wot I mean" I walked by Danielle's side to the stop light "I'm thinking Julie's smoothies?" 


    "Oh ye! That place is good" I cheered luckily the park is right next to the shopping centers and food places. We crossed the street, I put my sunglasses on and fixed my hair, we still continued to walk


  *   We entered 'Julie's smoothies'. I sliding my glasses on my head as Danielle walked into line first


    "Hello how may we help you?" The man behind the cash register said 


    "I'll take a berry/banana smoothie" Danielle said lifting up her glasses, Turing to me 


    "Oh um ill take a piña colada" I said 


    "Ya okay!! That'd be 8.53 €" the man said peppy, I took out my wallet but dani was quicker and handed the boy a credit card "here ya go mama thank you berry much!" 


    We walked away and I couldn't help but laugh at the berry thing, we sat at the corner table with the view. Nice view actually you could see across the street the other stores as people walked by and a telephone booth at the side, the sun shinning. 


    "Here are your berry delicious smoothies!" A different lady brought the drinks, she left 


    "If you want a piña colada, tan a tan bam da dum" I sang 


    "Oh my gosh amber!" Danielle laughed as I shook my cup in her face "now I wanna piña colada" she semi sang, I smiled as we booth took a sip 


    "I haven't laughed in a while" I confessed 


    "What! That's crazy everyone should laugh everyday!" 


    "Well yeah but things are different now" I looked down


    "Cause of Louis?" Danielle said and I could hear her tone change 


    "That! And my parents they're being so, so secretive and I hate it, Louis I haven't seen him in a while or the girls... Well I saw Lottie at your studio" I felt like crying 


    "Aye, aye, aye... Don't cry" dani sat by me putting an arm over my shoulder, but her just saying that made the tears come out "tell me more about it, let it out baby" she got a napkin and wiped my cheek


    "I miss Louis, he has been so busy with X factor... But we still keep in touch he texts me every night and I've been watching him on ITv" I  smiled 


    "See there is that sun shine! And you give me your phone!" Danielle reached for my pocket. I didn't bother to see what she was doing, I just continued drinking and wiped my face completely 


    'Think positive amber, you're just being emotional' I thought 


    "Excuse you sass master!" I heard dani yell in my phone 


    "Who are you talking to" I reached for the phone but he shushed me, I rolled my eyes as she sat across from me 


    "You've been to busy to come and visit your girlfriend?" My eyes felt like they popped out there head as I reached for the phone 


    "Danielle give it to me!" I yelled 


    "Your practicing for final boot camp? my ass!" 




    "Don't hang up on me!" 


    "Dani!" I got out my seat going to her 


    "Fine bye! You better not be lying to me!!" She finally handed me my phone but the call ended I gave dani a death glare as I sat back down. I looked down at my phone wanting to her Louis voice, as I looked around at some people starring 


    "Wha-what did he say?" I asked 


    "Well I yelled at him, why he hasn't visited you as if he extremely busy and he told me he has been practicing for the final boot camp thing determine if they go home or the judges house" 


    "That's a big and takes practice dani!"  


    "Well yeah but, your his girlfriend. Make an effort no?" I stayed silent and slid down in my chair "now let me yell at your parents" I laughed at that one but soon stopped and gave her a serious face 


    "Haha stop you know you love me!" Dani said and I gave her a 'please' look. She gasped and got up with her drink walking out side, I followed with my eyes and stopped as I couldn't see her 


  'She will come back, they always come back' I laughed and heard knocking on the glass, I looked and saw dani sticking her tongue out at me. So I did the same. I crossed my hands and saw her appear in front I me siting, see they always come back. Ew I sound creepy... Haha 


    "Don't smirk at me missy!" Danielle pointed out 


    "Come on I'll buy you a churro"  I saw, Danielle's face lite up and she followed. I actually don't know where to get a churro... Maybe the food court? We walked over to the mall then began walking to the food court. I saw a pretzel place... Yeah not a churro place. 


    "Where's my churro?" Danielle said 


    "I don't know where they sell them?" I made a sad face 


    "Why the long face on you two babes?" I turned disgusted at two teenage boys. One was wearing a tank top with messy blonde  hair and cargo shorts. The other had dark hair spiked in the front with a beanie and skinny jeans with a black shirt that said 'dirt bag'


    "Who are you calling babe?" Danielle asked furrowing her brows 


    "Who else?" The blonde one replied 


    "How about us four go down to this club down three blocks, it be nice dancing with you" the black haired one winked at me, the blonde one walked up to dani and slapped her bum, licking his teeth 


    "Woah,woah,  woah hands off touchy!" I said smacking his hand 


    "You want to be touched too?" The dark haired one squeezed me into a hug 


    "Ew no" I tried escaping his grasp, I looked over at dani and the blonde one continued to touch her, I grew mad and backwards kicked the dark haired one 'where it hurts'. Blondie hugged Danielle in a hug and I took the opportunity to hit him too


    "Auuggh!! " he yelled as the dark haired one was on the floor 


    "You little rat!" Danielle slapped him across the man as I kicked the dark haired one 


    "His shirt describes him well! He is a little dirt bag!" I scoffed as me and dani walked swiftly trying to get away from those weirdos as much as possible. We walked outside the mall 'what a trip' 


    "I feel violated" dani said as we passed the street and I bursted laughing. I looked at her who was walking so formal and fancy, one more block till me house


    "What time is it?" I asked and dani took out her cell faster 


    "10 till 7" 


    "Hurry!!" I yelled running down to the last house 10 minutes till X factor starts, I searched in my pocket for the key as Danielle finally reached me  Rapidly shoving the key in the hole and Turing, I left the door open as I jumped over the couch to turn on the tele 


    "Calm down! They're is plenty of time left!" Dani said sighing loudly, shutting my door. I smiled and walked to the kitchen taking a popcorn bag out the cabinet and into the microwave  


  "Pop.. pop... pop" I said as the popcorn popped... Hahaha childish  


  "Bambi! Louis is on the tele!!" Dani yelled and I sprinted to the couch 


    "Dang I'm just playing!" She flinched as I was going to hit her for lying... Well I should, I walked over to dani and frizzed her hair up with my hands 


    "Stop! That took me an hour!" She warned putting my hands together   


  'Beep! Beep! Beep!'   


  I smiled evilly and ran to the kitchen   


  "Ah!!! hot, hot!!!" I yelled throwing the popcorn on the island, sucking my fingers     


"Haha shtupid!" I Heard Danielle yell. I ignored her and proceeded to place the popcorn in the bowl grabbing two soda Cans.... shaking one and shutting the fridge door with my foot    


"Thank you!" Danielle said opening the can as it began to fizzle and explode on her "amber!!!" She squealed and I sat there laughing "not funny!" She stood up going to the restroom I believe, ah it's just some fun and games I saw X factor starting theme song and explanation on what's happening after that the first one up was-Katie weasel- after her performance dani came back and sat by me eating pop corn 


    Fast forward>>>   


  "Dani you look like Rebecca"   


  "ferguson?" Danielle asked a rhetorical question   


  "No! Donald of course ferguson who else?" 


    "Geez just wondering and no way Rebecca has a beauty voice and is beautiful" 


    "Is that your best argument, you and Rebecca are both beautiful and can sing. Whether  You agree or not I just think you two look alike"   


  "Mm okay" a few more people went on stage and everyone was called out for an announcement   


  "Louis!" I yelled as I saw him in a burgundy beanie "did you see him!?" I asked excitedly 


    "Yeah did you see the one with the bieber hair he's cute" Danielle said and I smiled seeing if the camera got back on him, the girls, over's and groups were told who made it     


"Ah yes Cher made it through!" I cheered   


  "Oh I like Cher too!" Dani gave me a high five, the boys were announced to go on stage and I became nervous 


    "Louis! Look at him!" I felt weird like I was a fan of his, he comforted people who made it through and only a few were left "oh he is cute!" I laughed as the camera went back on him   


  "The final contestant that's has made it through is Tom Richards" I looked at the tele in shock "That's it guys I'm really, really sorry" Simon continued to talk and I felt my heart break   


  "Oh me god that's so sad, did you see that Niall boy aw what he said makes me wanna cry" dani said but I paid no attention there must have been a mistake I kept my eyes on the screen as the announcer said "as the rejected acts start going home the judges call 9 acts back to the stage" Louis was one of them as he bite his finger nails and went up the stairs with the rest of the boys 


    "We've decided to put you both through to the judges" Simon said and I literally grabbed Danielle as we both screamed. My phone started ringing and I quickly picked it up 


    'Hello?'    'Did you hear?' Jay said on the other line    'Oh my god yes!!!' I yelled through the phone    'I'm so glad!!'    'Me too!' I laughed into the line 'Any word from Louis?'    'Yeah actually He said he'd call me so I'm not sure'    'Let me hang up then what if he is calling now!' I said cheerfully    'Alright amber see you Tomorrow hopefully, bye love'    CALL OVER 


  You could here the excitement in jays voice and I paused the screen on Louis little smile at the semi end. I don't want to do nothing more than run into his arms right now... 


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