Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


17. Morning

  Louis point of view

I open my eyes to see my self in an unfamiliar place, I stretched a bit and looked down to see amber slightly move. I remembered I stayed at her house because it was raining. I sort of just sat here looking down at an angel sleep, she really is beautiful. She moved on her back and opened her eyes

"Morning beautiful" I smiled

"Why is it so bright" amber groaned

"Well morning to you too!" I exclaimed

"Morning" she sat us blinking a lot trying to get an eyelash out or something "what time is it" she whinnied

"You are not a morning person babe"

"No I'm not!" Amber got up with the blanket around her, walking away up the stairs

"What about my morning kiss?!" I yelled

"You have morning breath" she yelled back

"Feisty!!" I yelled laughing, I got up had a bit on pins and needles on me legs, I tried walking slowly to the stair case and held the railing I shook my legs a bit and the numbness went away. After running up the stairs I looked both ways and decided to go right I picked the third door and opened it

"Aahh!!!" Amber yelled covering her self, I shut the door in shock and stood there not knowing what to do, I let go of the door knob because I was blocking amber from getting out, she walked out with a towel wrapped around her

"Amber I'm sorry, I didn't mean to walk in like that"

"It's fine, at least I wasn't naked" she smiled and opened her door "Ima shower there is another bathroom down the hall you can use anything in there" amber walked back in her room and i shook my head. I did as she said and I walked down the hall, the only door open was the bathroom I flipped the lights on and saw the mirror, I ran my fingers through my hair and turned on the faucet wetting my face. I turned off the water and decided I would shower, I opened the drawer and saw a tooth brush, tooth paste and mini hair products. Walking over to the shower Turing on the water I locked the bathroom and began undressing

Ambers point of view

I stepped out the shower, grabbing the nearest towel wrapping it around my self, going to my closet Dressing into a pair of grey sweats with a light green-greyish jersey. I walked back placed the towel on a rack, getting a dry one attempting to dry my damp hair. I heard like a talking noise and walked out following the noise, I stopped right out side the toilet Louis was at.

"Yeah, yeah, oh oh" I heard him sing I couldn't help but smile wide. The water turned off and I leaned on the wall like nothing throwing my towel off the balcony stairs, the door creaked and Louis came out with a towel wrapped around his waist reveling his toned abs chest. I felt my cheeks get warm and I didn't saw a word

"Hey! " Louis said my eyes moved from his chest to his pretty blue eyes

"Your hair looks sexy pushed back" I said without thinking and felt myself go red of embarrassment

"Hahaha" Louis chuckled, he placed his hand on my cheek and kissed me lightly "thanks babe it's getting pretty long" Louis said and I smiled standing up straight. I realized Louis was still in a towel and probably needed to get home

"You can borrow some of my dads clothes" I said

"Really? He won't mind?" He asked 

"Nah" I grabbed his hand that wasn't holding his towel And led him to my parents bed room. I let go his hand going to my dads drawer taking out a pair of Grey sweats and a white shirt

"I don't need underwear" Louis grabbed the clothes and walked away. I looked at him wanted to burst of in laughter of how random that was, I laughed to my self and walked down the stairs. I spotted my phone on the table and I had a message from my dad saying he was coming home in the morning.

"Okay I'm done!" I turned to see Louis walking down the stairs shagging his hair. I smiled, and quickly turned to the sound of Lou's phone ringing

"Who is it?" He asked reaching the final step

"Ur mum"

"Answer it!" I reached over the couch and ended up falling on the floor




"Is Louis up?"

"Uhh yeah, he um ill just hand it to you" Louis came over to me grabbing my hand lifting me up I handed him the phone and rubbed my head

"Ow" I mumbled sitting on the couch

"Yeah, uh-huh, okay,  no nothing mum!, Ill be home right now , ok? Bye love you" mainly all what Louis said on the phone

"Well I gotta go" Louis said walking over to the coat rack, he slipped on his shoes

"Aww okay" I pouted my lips

"I'll call you" Louis put on his leather coat, I shook my head "bye love" he kissed my lips and walked out the door, I waved good bye and he began Walking down the side walk.


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