Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


16. Memories



Ambers point of view

 It's been a year now, time flew by quick! And I've had a pain in my stomach for the last hour, I just want to sleep.

 "Amber dear!... You-hoo?" My train of thought was interrupted, I looked up and saw Jay trying to catch my attention

 "Oh, sorry yes"

 "The other day, Louis and I were talking and he told me that he loves to sing, he has even been practicing with his friends at the park and stuff"

 "Really?" I smiled

 "Yeah and looking at this commercial, I think Louis would love to join" my eyes moved from jay to the screen, she pressed play

 "Is it your turn in the spot light! Could you be the next x-factor winner! The Xfactor auditions are coming to a city near you! On the 27th of March! For more information visit ITv.com/Xfactor"

 the speaker man voice spoke and jay turned to me

 "Ohh! Like about a while ago Lou and I were listening to the radio and they said something about the auditions" I said excited

 "We should let him know" jay smiled

 " Yeah that'd be cool"

 "amber! Come over here" fizzy yelled from the table

 " excuse me" I spoke, getting up pulling my pants up, approaching the table where the girls were at "yes?" I questioned

 "Play go fish with us" Lottie said

 "Erm I don't know how to play"

 "Sit Down and I'll teach you" phoebe poked me

 "Don't poke me I'ma poke you back" I poked her

 "Ehhhh" she sticked her tongue out at me, I smiled and took a seat by daisy

 "You got any 3's"Daisy asked fizzy

 "Let me see" Fizzy shuffled her card, not to be mean or anything but this game was boring

 "Nope!" Fizzy replied

 "B7!! I won!!! The end!" I yelled putting my hands in the air and scooting my chair out

 "What??" Phoebe and daisy giggled

 "We aren't playing bingo" fizzy smiled putting her cards down

 "I'm sorry girls this is boring" I confessed

 "Finally someone says something I agree with amber" Lottie said standing up

 "Then what should we do?" Daisy asked, phoebe made a face and shrugged her shoulders

 "Makeovers?" Lottie suggested

 "No last time it took forever!" Fizzy complained

 "What if we give amber a make over?" Lottie smiled

 "Oh I don't know girls" I got up

 "Pweeeeaaasse" they all said in unison I looked at their puppy eyes and couldn't say no


 "Yay!!!!" All four of them grabbed my wrist and dragged me up stairs, waking to Lottie's and fizzy's bedroom, fizzy grabbed a spiny chair and placed it in the toilet I was violently pushed on the chair and Lottie took out two bags of make up

 "Lottie can I paint her face too?" Daisy asked

 "Actually daisy you and phoebe are going to pick out ambers um.... Clothes" Lottie said pointing out the toilet

 "Ohh yay!" Phoebe pulled daisy out the way towards the closet

 "What about me?" Fizzy asked,

 "Ohhh um, you can hand me the make up while you think of hair styles" Lottie said

 Lottie began taking out brushes, Lottie faces her back towards me so I couldn't see what she was putting on me face, she turned back around and smiled leaning to my face and patting something on me cheeks, I closed my eyes and squinted hard I felt something being applied to my eye lids and forehead

"No, do it crazy" I heard a mumble and was scared to see how I looked at this point I felt several hands working on my face.

"Are we done yet?" I asked opening one eye

"No close it" fizzy placed her finger on my eyes and shut it "Ow!" I mumbled

"Hand me the powder" Lottie Said, I felt brushes, scratchy and soft on my face "bleck!!" I spit out powder or what ever they put on my lips

"We're almost done" fizzy said grabbing my hair up

"Hurry up!" I said grumpy, my face feels all sticky and cakey

"Ok we're done but don't open you eyes yet" Lottie said and I could hear giggling "Kay now!" She yelled. I opened my eyes, and was shocked

"I look so hideous!!" I yelled, I had red lip stick on my lips and checks and really thick eye brows, black eye liner around my eyes making me look like a raccoon. Blush on my cheeks well that looked nice I think, I touched my chin that had this glittery, squishy thing, I couldn't stop looking in the mirror. An don't get me stared on my hair! Being in a bun, I suppose with lotion??

"There you are!" I heard but didn't turn around, Louis hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek

"bleck! Sorry babe ya got something on your cheek" I turned to face Louis "ah-yee" Louis backed up looking frightened

"I'm not a monster... Your sisters gave me a make over" the girls couldn't stop smiling

"Girls!" Louis said mad "this isn't a make over!"

"We just wanted to have fun, but we got a bit carried away... We're sorry amber" Lottie started and fizzy said the sorry

"It's fine girls I'm not mad, it's just how am I going to take this off" I said, frustrated my stomach still hurting

"Okay!!!" We all turned to the door to see phoebe and daisy holding clothes

"Jeez you look ugly" daisy said harsh but at least she was telling the truth

"Daisy!" Fizzy yelled

"Just imagine, when I'm sick or have cried..." I said taking some paper

"Hey, hey, hey with make up or with out you're perfect to me" Louis grabbed me from the shoulders looking at me straight in the eyes, I smiled, pressing my lips on his

"Eewwwww!!" Lottie joked, I pulled apart and laughed

"Wait a minute that was like a second" Louis said

"What do you want and hour!" I laughed wetting the paper trying to get this lip stick off

"Maybe" Louis whispered taking Lottie's wipes and whipping the lip stick off

Hour later*

"Finally!" I took a seat on the bath edge "what time is it?" I asked

"Uhh 6:14" Louis said sliding his phone back in his pocket

"I better get home before it gets dark"

"Aw, going early?" He asked sitting by my side

"Yeah, my dad is out at work and my mum works full time, so there is no car, and if I walk at night it's dangerous"

"I'll walk you come on!" Louis grabbed my hand pulling me up. We walked down the stairs and to the kitchen

"Mama ima walk amber home" Louis said kissing her cheek and giving her a hug

"Okay be safe" jay said looking over at me "bye honey" she smiled and I smiled back. Louis and I walked out ye door both of us getting our coats.

"Oh looks like its going to rain" Lou shut the door and a breeze flew by, I lost balance and Louis cached me

"I've got you" he wrapped me to his side and we began walking.

Walking later** :)

I reached in my pocket taking out the keys opening my door, I flipped the light switch and took off my jacket

"Burr! It's cold out there!" Louis yelled rubbing his hands together

"I know want some tea, coco or coffee" I offered walking to the kitchen

"Tea please!" Louis said. I took out the box of tea and prepared it, putting a Pot of hot water  on the stove, poring it in the cups


"Let it cool down, I'll be right back I'm going to the loo get it Lou!" Amber laughed walking away, I smiled and walked to the glasses, I like my tea hot, I picked a glass taking a sip

"Mmmmm" I said to myself, I picked up the cup and walked to her living area, I don't think I've seen ambers house besides her room. Her chimney area had photo frames on top of her with her family when she was younger she looked so adorable. I noticed she is an only child and with both of her parents working she is lonely. A picture of her and an elderly women caught my attention I placed my tea down and looked at the picture.

"That's me and me nana" I almost dropped the picture of how scared I was

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you" amber moved to my side

"You and her look much alike and very happy" I said

"Yeah, I miss her" amber said and I remembered the time she cried on her bed and my shoulder of how sad she was

"She's in a better place now" I patted her back placing the picture back in place "have your cup of tea and it will be all beta!"

"Cup of tea before bed now" amber walked to the kitchen, I lifted my cup and sat on the couch, amber returned with blankets and I heard drops of water

"It's raining" amber announced the obvious

"Yup" she laid on my shoulder the warm blankets on us

"What should we watch?" Amber asked

"Go to the movie channel" I suggested 

"Oh lady and the tramp is on" amber cheered

"I need to get you a dog"

"Oh no, no, I had a gold fish and it died, I was devastated" amber said in the most serious tone and I couldn't help but laugh

"I mean it! His name was Robbie" amber smiled

"Robbie the fish?" I questioned

"Yeah, hey! I don't think you can go home now since its raining, ask your mum If you could stay over for just one night" amber said

"Let me call her"

--Phone convo---

"Oh Louis you're okay!"

"Of course"

"Where are you?"

"At ambers house we arrived not to long ago, but it's raining now"

"It's not raining its more like hailing"

"Really!? I haven't cheeked out the window, do you think it'd be okay if I stayed at ambers house, since the weather"

"Oh I don't know"

"Please!! Amber said it was fine"

"If it is fine by her parents then okay"

"Thank you mum, I love you"

"Love you too boo bear"


I put my phone on the table and saw amber was gone, she probably went to the loo or something

"Sorry I left" amber walked back "I went to grab some cookies and got a call from my dad"

"It's cool" I hugged her close to me, it was silent and we were actually watching the movie, but it was half way so it was over the credits showed on the screen and I turned to amber who looked tired

"Sleepy?" I asked

"Kinda" she stretched, I patted my lap, sort of letting her know she could lay her head down, amber caught on and laid her head on my lap stretching her legs, I placed the blanket on her legs and the other blanket was on my legs.

"Your mum and I were talking and saw a commercial of X factor" amber stared talking and I began to stroke her hair "She told me how you love to sing and sometimes sing with your friends and the X factor auditions have started and I was wondering If you'd sign?"

"Yeah I do like to sing, but I'm not good enough to sign up for X factor"

"Whaat?! You're crazy!" Amber lifted her self up half way looking over at me in shock

"Okay I'm crazy" I smiled

"I mean it Louis take it to consideration.. You never know what may happen" amber laid back down closing her eyes "you just never know, you've got talent and its just waiting to be recognize" she didn't talk anymore, I'm guessing she fell asleep. I thought about what she said and she has a point but I don't think I've got the X factor, like I'm good not amazing. I felt something vibrate and saw light coming out of ambers pocket I looked at her to see if she woke up and felt it... She didn't. I slipped my hand in her pocket and took out her phone

Text message- Honey I won't be able to make it home till tomorrow in the morning. Take care I love you xxx-daddy

I locked her phone and placed it on the table near me, closing my eyes lying my head on the border of the couch.


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