Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


5. Meet me at the mall



I walked out my house and got in my car, PEEP PEEP I reached for my phone 


*Minutes of driving later* 

Where?-Amber.I replied to Lottie parking in front of Yorkshire Mall 


Right in front-Lottie x

"Right in front of where!?" I said, shutting the car door and locking it. I looked both ways to see if no cars were coming and walked straight. I reached the side walk and looked for A boy and four girls.

"Summers!!" I turned around and saw who called, I saw nobody familiar only people in sight was an elderly women,a father and his two kids passing the street and people going in their cars. 

A finger touched my shoulder, I quickly turned around

"Hi Amber!" I smiled, Louis carrying phoebe,Lottie holding daisy hand and fizzy standing in front of me

"There you are!" Said I 

"Yeah,here we are" said fizzy 

"Um why did you want me to come here?" I asked 

"What else" said Louis 

"I don't know tell me why"

"To go shopping!!" Lottie cleared out 

"Oh well lets go" I said taking daisy and carrying her

"Where first?" Asked Louis


"Forever 21!" Lottie said opening the door to enter the mall


"Nah" Louis said before I could speak


"C'mon Louis, forever 21 has cute clothes" I said "maybe I can find you a shirt" I smirked

Louis looked at me with 'ohh you're gunna get it' face,we walked by some benches and a couple of stores, FOREVER 21 I read as we walked in the door. Loud pop music was blasting and teenage girls were around looking through the racks.


"Look amber isn't this fetch" Louis bit his lips while saying fetch and picking up a shirt reading 'FOREVER YOUNG' peach color jumper

"Shut up like totally!" I smacked his shoulder and smiled

"Can I wander around?" Lottie asked

"Sorry Lottie no" I said looking at fizzy as well

"I can take care of myself" Lottie replied 

"Lottie I don't want anything to happen to any of you girls" I said looking her straight in the eyes

"Fine can we go over there" she pointed over to the corner with a level and stairs with a bunch of racks, I shook my head and walked ahead,I placed daisy on the ground and took her hand

"Ohh look at this Lottie" fizzy said lifting up a blue blazer

"It's cute it could go with your uniform" she responded

"Babe!" I turned around and saw Louis with rosy cheeks,I turned to the girls and they were looking at me "I meant ah-amber" he continued

"Oh um yea" there was a moment of awkwardness

"I can carry Daisy for you"

"You wanna go with your big brother?" I asked daisy ducking down to her level, she shook her head and I walked over to Louis passing daisy to him. I walked back to the racks and looked through them, I saw a black floral skirt and a cute white top. After a while we moved around to the other side and I saw red chinos for men,I smiled and got the pair

"Lou!" I yelled walking around trying to spot him,a few people looked at me...probably wondering who I was calling, I walked past the wall I spotted a man with two young girls by the dressing rooms "Louis!" I yelled and he turned around,I reached him, phoebe and daisy were starring at me smiling

"Look!" I said excited

"Red jeans...me?" Louis asked questioning raising an eyebrow

"Please I'll bet they'll look nice" I grinned

"Fine but I have something for you to try on" he smiled placing daisy on the floor

"Oh gosh no no no" I said shaking my head as well

"Pleeeasse" he said ducking down with phoebe and both of them giving me the puppy eyes

"Since you are going to try these!" I gave in ducking down to their level "you little cutie" I squeezed phoebe's cheeks causing her to giggle. I got back up and saw fizzy standing with Lottie both of the wearing dresses

"Wow you girls look beautiful" I said 

"My sisters are starting to look like me...you know beautiful" Louis smirked 

"Please,they have always looked beautiful" I corrected

"Nuh-uh" he said

"Yu-ha" I replied 

"Guys!" Fizzy yelled 

"Sorry" I removed the strand of hair from my face

"Haha we are going to go change now" Lottie said walking back in the dressing rooms with fizzy

"Where's my dress?" Phoebe asked 

"Yeah!" Daisy said backing her up,I looked at Louis but he was too busy laughing

"Your big brother is going to take you to buy some!" I said, fizzy and Lottie came out with their clothes they were planning to buy "girls can you two take care of phoebe and daisy for a bit while Louis and I change?" I asked 

"Yea off course" they said 

"Yell if any goes wrong" I said. I turned to Louis and grabbed his wrist going in the dressing rooms,there was about six stalls

"Were are you going in" I asked 

"With you...lets share stalls!" Louis said 

"Yeah no buddy" I put my hands on his chest and pushed him in a stall "call me when you are done" I handed him the chinos and sat on the bench right outside the stall waiting

"Ready?" I asked standing up

"Yes" Louis said still behind the stalls

"Then get out!" 

"I look silly"

"I doubt you do"

"Don't laugh" He said slowly opening the stall, the door was pushed back far enough and Louis was standing in front of me

"Louis you look handsome not silly" I said

"Really think so?"

"I know so" 

"Thanks" Louis smiled and walked back in the stall. He looked more than handsome he looked hot in those jeans they weren't too tight nor were they too baggy they were just right and fit. The stall opened again and he came out with the bag of clothes and the red chinos in his hand

"What did you want me to try on?" I asked

"Go in the stall" Louis demanded

"With what?" I asked, Louis didn't answer he just kindly pushed me and closed the door

"Jeez" I said under my breathe, I turned around to face to look at the stall door, Louis hands was pushing a pink/cream color dress, Laced design on the chest through back and collar, 'The dress is beautiful' I thought.

-THE LINK TO DRESS- http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?Br=F21&Category=DRESS&ProductID=2025100889&VariantID=

 I took of my jeans and and shirt, and slipped on the dress. I took a look in the mirror and I think I look decent, I fixed my hair and stepped out. Louis was on his phone but when I opened the door he looked up

"Wow... You look beau- um Pretty" Louis said getting up from him chair and placing his phone back in his back pocket 

"Um Thanks" I said going back in the stall so Louis would stop looking at me. I took off the dress and put back on my jeans and normal tee, I slipped on my shoes and opened the stall again walking out handing the dress to Louis 

"You're buying the dress right?" Louis asked walking ahead 

"No" I said walking out and seeing the girls 

"Why not?" 

"I Just-"


"Don't you dare say its doesn't look nice" Louis interrupted me making his voice firm and strict sounding like a father. I stood there and looked him in the eyes, I turned to the girls and I felt like crying though I didn't. The dress was beautiful, But I don't know I felt weird, I usually didn't wear dresses and when I did I felt a bit insecure. I decided not to say anything but just stand "You get the dress I'll get the trousers" Louis said but with his soft tone, I shook my head and he went to the line I grabbed Phoebe and Daisy and went outside of the store. There was a little bench so we sat there waiting


"Amber I want a dress" Daisy said tugging on my sleeve

"When Louis gets out you can go with him to a store and buy you and phoebe a dress" I said

"What about Lottie and fizzy" Asked Phoebe

"They can come with me to um erm.... A different store" About a minute later Lottie, Fizzy and Louis walked out carrying three bags "Phoebe and Daisy want a dress" I said

"Okay c'mon girls"

"Wait no Can I go with Lottie and Fizzy to a different store" I asked

"Oh alright, This bag has your clothes" I took the bag from Louis and walked with Fizzy and Lottie




Amber walked away with  Fizzy and Lottie and I had Phoebe and Daisy....Daisy and Phoebe are much easier to handle then Fizzy and Lottie. I looked at the stores as we walked by, I didn't know which one to go in. GAP was written on top of the door in white letters I looked in the window and saw little manikins of kids wearing nice dresses.

"In here?" I asked, Phoebe and Daisy shook their heads and I walked in hand in hand with them, I walked over to the girls section and saw Polka dot purple dress with a little white bow around the waist. There was also a blue floral dress and a purple strapless tie around the neck dress

"Girls which dress do you want?"

"I like the purple Polka dot one" Said Daisy

"I like the navy blue one with the sweater" Said phoebe

"Okay" I grabbed the dresses off the hangers and went to the check out. Luckily the lines weren't that long "NEXT IN LINE!" i heard and I went to the second cash register and placed the dresses, I didn't look at the employ instead I grabbed my wallet but dropped my keys I got my keys swiped my card and she placed the dresses in the bag. I handed the bags to daisy and phoebe "Thank you" I said walking out the door "Sir! Sir!" I heard and stopped walking. I turned around

"Louis" The worker said

"Sammy" I said in shock

"Oh my god it is you" she said

"and its you um I have to go..." I walked away

"wait your keys" she ran in front of me

"Thank you it was nice seeing you" I continued walking

"Come by the store some time I really want to talk" she said, I walked over to the food court and picked a table to sit on

"was I rude?" I asked the girls

"No but busy" Daisy said "Who is she?" She continued

"Um she is my ex....we dated back in year eight" I said Trialing off I didn't really want to talk about. Lottie, Fizzy and mum are the ones that know the silly story

Lottie can you girls come to the food court?x-Lou :D I texted Lottie 

We just got out of the store so we are on our way xx-Lottie 

"Are you guys hungry?" I asked Daisy and Phoebe

"Mac Donald's" Phoebe said

"Yeah!" Daisy said

"Okay I'll get that but I don't want to leave you girls alone so when amber gets here I'll go" I said

"Is that amber?" Asked Daisy, I looked behind my shoulder and saw Amber, Lottie N Fizzy approaching us. Fizzy spotted us and ran towards us

"Hello everyone!" Fizzy reached the table and smiled

"Fizzy take care of Daisy and Phoebe while I get them Micky D's" Fizzy shook her head and I walked to order some food




I saw Louis turn back to see us, then him talk to Fizzy then him to walk away

"Hi Girls did you have fun?" Amber asked Daisy and Phoebe as we reached the table we all took a seat 'BEEP BEEP' my phone gave off an alarm saying I have a message 

Lottie Conor says he likes you!!! :O-Alyssa


"Why are you laughing?" Fizzy asked

"Sorry I got this dumb message about a boy liking me"

"How is it dumb, Shouldn't you be happy?" Asked Amber

"I suppose but It said conor likes me and conor is the biggest 'All i care about is my looks kind of person at our school" I finished

"Oh" Fizzy and amber said in unison

"Speaking of liking people, Amber do you like Louis?" I asked

"What? Me?....No" Amber's voice became a bit pitching and her cheeks rosy

"Oh really?" Asked Fizzy

"I mean Louis is not bad looking....He is um hot" Amber said looking down at her lap

"Wait you don't think Louis is hot and you don't think he is unattractive not to good looking enough?" I asked

"No why would I?" Amber looked up and gave me a confused look

"Well" I said starting to talk

"Louis was dumped in year eight because-" I was interrupted

"For not being enough good looking" We all turned and saw Louis, he placed two Happy Meals on the table for Phoebe and Daisy

"How long were you there?" Amber asked

"Just enough to here Lottie say I was dumped why?" Louis said and A look of relief was given from amber's face

"Erm Just curious" She smiled

"I'm hungry" Fizzy said

"Lets go grab you some food, What'd you like for lunch?" Amber said walking with fizzy

"Wait for me!" I yelled running after them



Amber's Point of view


"Okay It's getting pretty late" I said as we got up from our tables and threw away trash "Not even amber" Louis argued

"One more store" Daisy said after

"Yeah come on" Lottie begged 

"Fine But I pick" I said looking around, We walked for mean while and I spotted a store Labeled Seasons and Holidays at the very corner almost in it's separate little area 'Perfect' I whispered

"Follow me" I said walking into Seasons and Holidays

"What is this?" I heard Fizzy said

"Hello" The woman at the counter greeted us

"Is this even part of the mall?" Asked Lottie

"Let me see" I said going to the counter

"Hello Mam I don't mean to bother but is this store considered part of the mall?" I asked

"It's fine sweety and Nope it's not when the mall was build they build around this store so we decided to opened a back door"The lady said

"Oh okay Thank you" I smiled and walked away "No it is not" I said to Lottie 

"No offence but this store is a bit elderly" Fizzy said, Lottie smacked her arm and pulled her to a shelf with knick Knacks " I look over at the holiday section and saw Valentine's Day decorations, Then Saint Patrick's stuff, Easter, Thanks Giving and Christmas

"What cha doing summers?" I got frighten and put down a glass figure

"Louis you can be creepy at times!" I placed my hand on my chest and felt my heart rate

"Hey look Saint Patrick's day decorations" Louis changed the subject and picked up a stuffed leprechaun

"You know what leprechauns do?"He asked

"I dono um make commercials and be on cereal boxes?" I joked

"What? That makes no sense But No!" Louis had this you're crazy expression on his face

"Then what do they do?" I asked

"They" Louis started and placed the leprechaun down

"They?" I asked leading on

"They pinch!" He yelled grabbing me into a big bear hug grip

"Nooo!" I yelled trying to escape

"Never!" Louis yelled "I don't want to pinch you but I'll tickle you!" he continued 

"Stop hahahaha, hahaha Louis!"I flipped around a tickled his stomach

"Hahahahaha stop amber!"

"Both of you hooligans stop" I felt like I was being pelted by pillows or apples, Louis let go of me and we faced and old lady with a purse

"This is a store! not a hug fest" She said trembling a bit

"We are so sorry mam" I apologized feeling my cheeks getting warm

"You better be" she walked away

"You know!" Louis said practically walking up to the old lady

"Louis!" I grabbed his arm pulling him back

"What?" He asked

"Are you really going to pick a fight with an elderly woman?" I asked

"She called me a hooligan and if she didn't like that we were just playing she should have walked some other place around this store!"

"She probably wanted some thing on this aisle"

"She hit us and left"

"Hahahaha I can't believe you" I pushed him  

"Don't push me go push her!" He pushed me back and I couldn't stop laughing

"I'm being serious" He gave me his strictest face 


Authors Note* Sorry for not updating in a while. I made this long as long as I could sorry if there is any spelling errors, I rushed a bit.


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