Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


23. Maybe Too Protective

Amber's point of view

I woke up the next morning Louis taking me out to lunch. Yesterday was amazing, I love Danielle for helping Louis on the bowling thing. I walked out my room wearing black shorts and a skull shirt, when my black wedges. I walked down to my dads office to my surprise he wasn't there but he left his laptop on a page.  Since my mum and him have been keeping secrets it wouldn't hurt to take a look right? I closed the door behind me. Sitting in his chair. Shocked to see what was on his laptop window. Three different windows open

1st window was this small pretty house labeled sold

2nd window was tickets

3rd window was this paper he was writing. A document.

I tried to read the information  on each page, but had to get out soon before my father saw me. Walking to the door slowing opening it checking to see if anyone was out in the hall, I ran out hiding in the loo. Why did my dad have a house and tickets to leave. Are we moving? Is this why they have been so secret with me? All these thoughts started to run through my mind.

*ringing phone*

I jumped startled by my phone. Holding the device up to my ear and the other hand on my chest

"Hello?" I asked unaware of who it was

"Babe, where are you"  the soft sweet tone of Louis voice spoke

"Oh right, sorry ill be there"

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah I think I'm fine"

"You think? I can come over and cancel the dinner if its necessary" 

"Not its fine I'm coming"

"Okay don't be long"

I hanged up. Walking out the loo, to the garage and into my car.

*minutes later*

Arriving at Louis's house. I'm excited he said there was a surprise and I haven't really seen the girls... So that's something.

"Ding dong" I Waited for the door to open. Opening see a boy or man I dunno he was in his teens. He has bowlish light brown hair, and was wearing a white shirt with a leather jacket and black pants with sneakers.

"Uhh.. Is Louis home?" I asked checking to see if this was the right house

"You must be amber and yup he's inside" the man moved letting me in. I continued walking and stopped Turing to the man

"Where at?"

"Out side, by the way my names Liam" he smiled a small cute smile appearing on his lips. We both walked out, observing that it was set up as a party

"Amber!" My name was called by fizzy and soon Lottie, phoebe and daisy following to greet me

"Hi girls" I smiled as they all hugged me. A pair of hands covering my eyes

"Louis I know it's you, is this going to become an often thing" I asked laughing

"No hello, Louis I love you, or baby I missed you?" Louis asked

"If I hadn't seen you yesterday! Then yes but since I saw you, no" I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him.

"Wooo! Louis get it on" a husky voice spoke. I broke away from our kiss, curious to see who spoke.

"Shut up Harry" a faster, smoother talking voice said, as I starred

"Who are they?" I asked whispering to Louis, my glance fixing back on him

"My friends, we're now in a band, called one direction" Louis whispered back touching my cheek with his soft palms "okay everyone this is my girlfriend amber" Louis said hugging me from behind

"Hello" I waved smiling

"I'm  Harry" a boy with really curly hair said bringing me into a hug

"Hi Harry" I pulled apart smiling

"I'm zayn" the boy with tone skin said smiling, but looking down after. Aww is he shy?

"Hi zayn" I smiled as well

"I'm Niall" this boy with shaggy brownish/blondish hair said

"Hi Niall" * I smile*

"And I'm Liam but we already meet" Liam said bringing me into a hug. This guy was really muscularly

"And together we're" Louis asked

"One Direction!!" They all cheered

"Nice to know! When I saw the episode and Louis didn't make it I was shocked but then you guys were put into a group! Which is wonderful!" I said

"Burgers are ready!!" Jay said, coming up to us

"Hi jay!" I smiled bringing her into a hug.

"Hi baby! We missed you" jay said parting from the hug

"I missed you too!"

"Didn't you say food!?" Niall asked going up to jay

"Haha oh yes, everyone the burgers are done so come to the grill" jay said walking towards the grill grabbing plates and napkins. We all lined up first the twins up front, Niall, Lottie, Louis, me,fizzy, Harry, Liam. Everyone slowly got there food and sat down anywhere outside.

"What happen on the phone?" Louis asked biting his burger

"Oh um I was, you scared me that's all" I said

"Scared you? How..."

"I snook into the bathroom and you called scaring me and yeah stop asking questions" I said frustrated but knowing he was only concerned.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean that, it's just my parents have been all secretive so when they left their room I snooped around running to the bathroom, you calling me and I getting scared" 

" oh, I can see you look a bit stressed out, I can give you a massage?" Louis smiled

"You're so sweet" I smiled putting my hand over his.

"Mind If we join you?" Liam placed his plate hard on the table,Niall, Harry and zayn grabbing a seat with us as well

"So..." Harry trailed off

"We need to return tomorrow? Back to x-factor studio... Or?" Niall asked  and soon they all began talking about x-factor rehearsals and new performances. Liam was seated next to me with ketchup and Fries on his plate, I grabbed one of his fries and began to swirl it in the ketchup.

"Having fun there" I looked up to see Liam whispering in my ear.

"Im soo Sorry... I was bored" I whispered back

"It's fine haha I don't mind" he laughed. Picking up a fry an swirling it up in the ketchup

"Guys! Fries are meant for eating not playing!" Niall yelled removing the fries out mine and Liam's hand eating them. Both of us looking at each other and laughing hard.

Minutes later-

Everyone finished eating but was in there own little separate groups, like the girls were all together, Harry and Louis, then Zayn and Niall. Liam stayed with me and we've been getting along pretty well. He is really funny and sweet.

"Excuse me" I said, walking away from Liam and towards the girls table.

"Hey!" I said smiling

"Amber, play cards with us" phoebe said. I sat down and we began to play war.

"Lottie, phoebe, fizzy and Daisy we have to go with your aunt" jay came with her purse an looked ready to go

"Aw but I was just beating amber" fizzy whined

"Sorry, but your aunt is waiting" jay said grabbing the twins hands. I didn't know what to do... Did I just sit and watch or go home.

"Boo bear, we're leaving will be back later, take care love you" jay kissed Louis on the cheek giving him a side hug as, they all walked away. Now it was me and the boys. I didn't really know them, just Louis and Liam. I looked over at them having fun, just them guys. I took out my phone and tried to keep my self occupied.

Louis point of view-

"Boo bear, we're leaving will be back later, take care love you" my mum kissed me walking away with my sisters.

"Boo bear?"  Harry questioned this evil smile appearing on his face

"Shut up Harold" I teased back walking with the rest of the guys. Liam was on the floor doing push-ups? I questioned by the way he was positioned on the floor

"What are you all doing?" I asked

"Liam and zayn are trying to see who can do the most push-ups" Niall said

"I can beat it" Harry said getting on the floor.

"Hey guys I'm going with amber" Liam said and I turned to him oddly

"Why?" I asked

"Cause she's all alone"

"No I'll go" I  began walking before Liam could argue. I didn't notice amber was alone, I thought she was with my sisters, ugh stupid but they left.

"Hey babe" I said taking a seat by her

"Hi Louis" amber said looking up from her phone and back down

"Come hang out with us" I suggested standing up

"Um, oh I dunno I think I'll go home" amber said getting up

"No! Don't leave" I reached for her hand

"Louis, it's cool. I need some rest, and you need guy time" amber said kissing me cheek as I still held her hand

"I don't need guy time, we need louamber time" I smiled looking amber in the eyes

"Dork" she smiled. we walked over to the boys still doing pushups.


"99... 100" Liam said getting back on two legs removing his shirt and wiping the sweat off his forehead


"aye, aye cover up mate" I said covering Ambers eyes as she began to laugh hysterically


'Louis its fine" amber put her hand on mine, I turned to Liam to see if he placed his top back on... seeing he did, removing my hands off ambers eyes. "see" kissed my cheek. right as she said see harry took off his shirt followed by Niall, zayn and Liam again


"mates!" I yelled turning Amber a different direction going into my home. leading her to the couch setting close to her. the guys entered laughing as I gave them serious looks


"don't get your panties in a twist mate we we're just having a bit of banter" harry said smirking taking a seat.


"yeah she is all yours" Zayn winked


"don't wink" I said hugging Amber


"babe can we talk?" Amber said with a serious tone but had a face that she wanted to laugh. we stood up and went to the hall


"I love you, I hope you know that" She started


"and I love you" I said back


"I think it's cute how you're being protective and everything, but no one or anything would make we want to leave you for another"


"I would never think of doing so"


"good so relax a bit, love" amber smiled putting her arms around my neck as we just starred at each other, I pushed her a bit so her back was on the wall as I placed my lips on hers that tasted like cherry chap stick. I could help but smile during our kiss. I pulled apart


"I love you" I whispered in her ear



"I love you too boo bear" she smiled kissing my cheek




A/N) Sorry for not updating in a while, Just needed some time to think this story out and plan future chapters. So I hope you guys like this one, They're finally one direction! :D ahaha Louis being jealous. how cute, lol well bye


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