Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


7. Let it rain

Louis point of view

It's been two weeks since I've seen amber. My mum was off this week so amber didn't have to work, I've tried messaging her but she won't answer,I would go to her home but yet again I don't know where she lives. I haven't been able to function correctly because the only thing on my mind is what amber said to me...I don't have a girlfriend.I just need some way to talk to her, Lottie passed by the hall and I got a lightbulb

"Lottie!!" I yelled and she backtracked to my door way 

"Yes?" She asked 

"Come in" I said moving my hands for her to come to me

"I'm in" Lottie sat 

"Lottie I need your help"

"With?" She asked looking me in the eyes

"Lottie you've got to promise me you won't tell anybody" I pled

"I promise,now out wit it" 

"I um I um I like amber" I struggled to get it out 

"Haha you don't say?" Lottie giggled and I have a confused look 

"Wait what!?" 

"Louis I could tell you liked her from the day she walked in our house,just from the way you looked at her and you guys gave each other smiles,haha it was obvious...well to me it was" said Lottie 

"Well I do a lot and I need your help contacting her she won't answer my calls or messages and I don't know what I did"

"Fizzy told me not to tell but last Friday amber was crying when we she was at the park,she was swinging phoebe and daisy  and Fizzy said she stopped and started to cry,she said it was a text message or so but we don't believe her"

"Friday...at the park? I was at the park on Friday. Did you know we're she was at the certain area?" I asked

"I wasn't there fizzy told me this but Louis you ass did you do something to her!" Lottie raised her voice a bit

"No! Not at all!" 

"Tell me wot you did at the park every detail" 

"Um okay I went with Geoff and Marty to play football but Sammy showed up and flirted a bit before she left she kissed Geoff and Marty on the cheek and when she got to me we um... Eh... She kissed my lips" my voice became quiet as I spoke 

"That explains wow Louis! Seriously!" Lottie stood and walked out the door 

"Lottie wait!" I ran after her 

"Wot?" She popped her head out her bedroom door

"You're not helping"

"What do you want me to do you already screwed up"

"Text her to meet you at the park make something up any excuse,please that's all I'm asking for" I begged Lottie. 

Lottie sighed and walked back into my room,she took out her cell and typed a few words but I couldn't see she was typing extra fast.


Lottie raised her phone to my face and I read the message,I shook my head,saying that was good "PEEP PEEP" I quickly turned to Lottie and looked at her cell 

"She said it looks like it will rain" Lottie said 

"Convince her please!" I said enfaces on the please. Lottie rolled her eyes and replied to amber  'PEEP PEEP'

"She said fine meet her in 3" 

"Yes!! Thank you Lottie I love you!" I kissed her forehead 

"Haha shut up and she thinks I'm going" 

"But you aren't" 

"I know I'm just telling you" 

"Oh okay then" Lottie got up and walked away "I love you!!!!" I yelled, I sprinted to the mirror and glanced at my self. I'm wearing jeans with a simple tee, I looked out my window and thought about rain, so I decided to grab my red hoodie. 

"Mum I'll be back need to run an errand" I said opening the front door reaching for the keys 

"Errands eh? Where is Louis?" My mum joked 

"Mum I can run errands" I smiled 

"Haha alrighty now go on" my mum laughed 

I got in my car and drove to the park. 'Crap' I said parking my car and stepping out. Lottie didn't tell me where amber would be. I walked past a couple of trees and the playground, I got To the area of grass and benches. I saw a person on a bench with a messy curls/straight hair ,jeans and jumper, though it was only her back but I knew that was amber. I hid behind a tree so she wouldn't see me

'Wot do I say?' I talked to myself. I thought for a moment and peeked my head out to see if amber was still there. I took a deep breath and started walking her way 

"Oh my god no!" Amber said as she saw me 'do I have loud foot steps?' I thought 

"Amber wait" I grabbed her wrist 

"Louis I don't want to talk to you" she said harshly 

"Yeah but I do!" It started to sprinkle 

"Could care less"  she pulled away her hand 

"Amber I know wot you saw and its not wot you think just hear me out"

"Yeah not wot I think thats what everyone says and quite frankly I don't want to hear your excuses" amber raised her voice as it started to pour on us 

"The girls told me that you cried and that you were at the park on Friday" I yelled 

"I told them not to" amber groaned and walked away. I sighed and ran after her grabbing her arms and pulling her close to me so she would face me, I looked at her eyes and she was mad yet she looked hurt.

"Let me go" amber started to cry

"You said you Don't talk to guys  who have girlfriends yet flirt with others, amber I don't have a girlfriend, and I know that you saw me and a girl kissing at the park but what you don't know is she kissed me by force,she showed up and she even kissed my friends! Do you think I enjoyed her company when I was younger she said I wasn't that good looking so she broke up with me and now she wants to talk to me?" I said whipping the tears that escaped ambers eyes

"Then why didn't you stop her?" She asked her eyes clearing up a bit but her voice cracked a bit.we were soaking wet but that didn't matter 

"She grabbed me! And that kiss meant nothing!" 

"Ha Nothing, I've heard enough can you let go off me I'm cold" amber said still sounding mad 

I looked amber in the eyes and held her tighter to me she started to chatter her teeth from how cold she was. I leaned in and placed my some what warm lips on hers, it felt like I was just kissing like amber didn't kiss back but after a few seconds she did and it felt different besides the fact we are kissing in the pouring rain.

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