Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


4. Just makeovers

 Fizzy's Point of view
"Goal!" I heard on the tele reminding me of the game we played at the park. Amber and I actually beat Louis, she was kicking balls left and right faster than Louis could keep track. After the park we got some ice-cream, then picked up Lottie,Phoebe and daisy. 



 "I'll get it!" I yelled 

 "No!" Louis yelled back at me from the kitchen counter, he was on his phone
 "But it's amber" I made my voice all upset 



 I walked up to the door and got on my tippy toes looking through the peek hole, I smiled when I saw amber fixing her hair, it was in a messy bun but she was pulling the loose strands back.

 "Amber!" I said joyfully, opening the front door        


"Fizzy!" Amber came in the house and hugged me "where's daisy,phoebe and Lottie and your mum?" Amber looked around seeing no one near, the twins usually attack her at the door or my mum chats with her 

 "The twins are with the neighbor" Lottie said waking down the stairs
 "so it's just us?" Amber asked
 "Yup mum had to run some errands or something and the twins are playing with their friends" I said 
 "So just three girls! What should we do!?" Amber said clapping her hands
 "Makeovers" I suggested
 "Yeah! That sounds fun" 

 "We'll alright I was going to suggest food but makeover seems fun, can we use cucumbers?" Lottie asked 

 "Let me get the stuff" amber put her arms up and did a silly face while walking to the kitchen
 Amber's point of view

 "Well hello!"I said a I saw Louis just sitting on his phone....he didn't even bother to see who was at the door


 "Oh um hey amber" Louis said glancing at me then back at his phone. I pouted my lips and stared at Louis. He seemed so interested on his phone, as he was breathing(well duh how else would you stay alive) his hair moved slightly. I noticed today Louis was wearing glasses

"Amber!!" The girls called for me 

"Fine then bye!" I 'left' the kitchen or actually just hide behind a wall

"Wait amber" I heard a whisper but no movement. I covered my mouth hoping Louis doesn't walk this way.

 "BANG!" A thump noise came from the stair case. I slowly took quiet steps to the left where the noise came from and peaked my head. I see nothing but the girls on the couch

"Boo" I gasped, as a pair of arms hugged me from behind at the sound of 'boo' I turned around and saw Louis 

"Hello" he whispered digging/resting his head on my right shoulder tickling me at the sound of his voice breathing on my cold neck 
 "What do you want" I answered coldly, getting out of his hold and Turing to face him

 "Meow!" Louis did a cat paw
I smiled. "Well summers you have my attention now" 

"What was so interesting on your cell" I asked crossing me arms

"Sorry, I was checking an application that a friend wanted me to over view for him, I didn't mean to ignore you...but I did notice you couldn't stop staring at this" Louis said grinning while pointing to his body from head to toe.

I blushed a little "not even...." I looked at my shoes 

"Then what?" He asked while placing his index finger on my chin and lifting me head

"I...I....I was um starring.... At that pimple on your nose" I smiled walking to the living room 

"whaaat?" I heard, laughing at the shocked expression on his face

 "Sorry girls you called?" 

 "There is no pimple!" Louis followed me protesting  "What?" Asked fizzy

 "We wanted to know If you got the stuff" Lottie imitated my funny face arms movement thing
 "Ignore him" I said towards fizzy "and sorry I got side-tracked, I will check now!" I pointed to the direction I was going and left to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and took out cucumbers,  and avocado I shut the fridge and went to the cabinets I saw some brow sugar took that out with some coconut oil. I turned to the counter and saw mayo, collecting all the supplies and placing them on the island, I reached for some bowls and spoons

"Lottie,fizzy" I yelled. I placed the coconut oil with the brown sugar in a bowl and mixed

"Yes" Lottie said coming in with fizzy and Louis

"Ready" I smiled

"Ohh this looks yummy" fizzy said, I cut four avocados open and placed that in a bowl I mixed it around and it was chunky yet smooth

"Wear the apron" Louis smiled

"Why" I asked placing the spoon on the counter

"Case it would look cute" Louis smirked 

"Louis she is not wearing it" said Lottie

"I wanna see this apron" I asked walking up to Louis


I turned to fizzy who was calling my name. She unfolded an apron holding it in the air with the letters 'Kiss Me' written on it, I blushed at the thought of Louis wanting me to wear this

"Umm no" I bit my lip and went back to mixing, I saw Louis and Lottie whispering some things but I couldn't make out what they were saying

"Can we do makeovers now" my train of thought was lost as I turned to fizzy sitting on a stool

"Yeah! Um what first?" 

"Surprise me" fizzy closed her eyes and I put my hands in the brown sugar mix I rubbed it in her face


"haha it tickles" she said scrunching her nose 

I smiled and grabbed the mayo, squeezing some in my palm it applied it to fizzy's hair

"Wot is on my head?" She asked

"I once read that mayo helps hair?" I said questioning my words 

"If you say so" I rubbed some more brown sugar on fizzy

"Me next!!!" Lottie joined us "and me!" Louis said 

"Come here Lottie" I patted the stool by me "Louis you once said I could put makeup on you yet it never happen" I placed avocado on Lottie's face and covered her eyes with cucumbers 

"Amber put a cucumber in me mouth" Lottie asked for

"Amber can we talk" Louis said 

"Want mayo?" I asked Lottie 

"Erm shuure" I squeezed some more mayo on me hands and rubbed it in Lottie's hair 

"Be back don't touch your faces" I said grabbing paper and whipping my hands. I looked at Louis and followed him to the hall

"Yes?" I asked

"Amber,my mums got make-up up stairs,I keep my promise I said anything and that's what you choose" Louis said 

"Wow really?"


"Well I can't just leave Lottie and fizzy in the kitchen"

"Yes you can!" Louis grabbed my wrist and lead me up the stairs 

"Louie!" I whinnied

"Ammbeeer" Louis mimicked me 

"Watch if your sisters are mad at me for leaving them!" I warned 

"Loosen up" he said popping the 'p'. We entered jays room, there was a queen bed, large tele and beautiful furniture with beige walls, I've never been in here. Louis let go of my wrist and we were alone in the bathroom,he opened drawers and took out make-up 

"Your mum has a pretty room"

"Thanks" Louis said taking out some wipes "come here and do whatever you want to me" this cheeky look came across Louis face;who knows what he meant. I slowly approached him and reached for the red lipstick 

"Pucker up" I said applying the lipstick, I then grabbed blue eye shadow and mascara. After all that I grabbed the brush and blush 

"hahaha that tickles" Louis said crinkling his noise, I was inches away from him and the only thing on my mind was to kiss him, 'snap out if it!' I said to myself 

"Wot?" Louis asked opening his sparkling blue eyes

"Ehmm nothing!" I turned around and looked through the makeup

"Your so nervous and jumpy" Louis laughed "yeah around you" I said under my breath Turing around with some glitter 

"Close your eyes" I demanded, he said as told and I sprinkled some glitter on his face

*minutes later* 

"TADA!" I placed a mirror to Lou's face 

"Amber! I look like a clown!" Louis said shocked 

"Hahah! What did you expect I don't wear much makeup" I shrugged my shoulders smiling

"The things I do" Louis shook his head, I took my phone out of my back pocket and put my head against Louis neck

"Say cheese!" I yelled laughing, we took about three pictures and I couldn't stop laughing at the first one Louis face was dead serious and with the makeup his looked miserable 

"Ima get you back" Louis put me over his shoulder

"Put me doowwn!" I giggled 

"If you insist!" Louis placed me on his moms bench "thank you" I looked at him

"Why are you looking at me, jealous of how amazing I look!?" Louis pushed me 

"In your dreams!" 

"Stop lying here you can have some" Louis rubbed some off his cheek and put it on mine

"What the heck!" I yelled 

"Want some more!? What about on your lips!" Louis said like nothing. He rubbed his finger on his lips and took off some lipstick he then placed his finger on my lips giving me a rush. Louis leaned in a little closer and removed his finger, I Leaned in as well closing my eyes.... We are so close every time he exhaled I felt the air

"Amber!" I backed away at the sound of my name....nothing happen our lips didn't even touch I looked at fizzy and Lottie standing at the door way

"Hi girls I'm sorry how long were you waiting" I was red like a tomato,I walked up to them and asked

"A while" Lottie answered 

"We were just coming to say we are going to shower and get this mayo out" fizzy replied

"Alright!" I shook my head nervously, they walked away and I took a deep breath 

"Amber" the soft tone of Louis voice spoke

"Yes" I didn't turn around I looked down the hall and the girls were in their rooms 

"Anybody home!!" I heard a familiar voice from down stairs yell 

"Louie it's your mum!" I said facing him

"I'll go clean up her bathroom and my face!" He ran off

"I'll stall!" I yelled back, I took another deep breath and walked down the stairs as calm and causal as can be

"There you are amber!" Jay said as I walked into the kitchen

"Amber!!" Little hands wrapped around my legs

"Hi phoebe and daisy" I smiled 

"Yes mrs.Tomlinson I was talking to Lottie" I said 

"Babe call me jay mrs.tomo sounds to formal and where's fizzy and Louis" 

"Fizzy in the shower and Louis is washing his face"

"Oh okay" 

"Yeah um I'll see you tomorrow" I hugged the twins and waved goodbye to jay 

"Bye Hun" I heard as I shut the door, I unlocked my car and got in I rested my head on the steering wheel 

'what were you thinking' I questioned myself 

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