Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


2. I'm Your Nanny

Amber's Point Of View

I parked my car in the drive way and shut my door. I made my way through this flower path leading to the front door,I looked down at what I was wearing dark wash jeans with a collared white blouse topped with a grey shoulder studded sweater 'Suitable' I whispered and rang the door bell. I could hear screams and laughter from the inside with foot steps approaching the door.

"Ahh you must be amber come in"  A women dressed in a suit let me in she must be Johanna 

"Hello" I smiled 

"Hi Hun, my name is Johanna but call me Jay, The Clark's have told me such wonderful things about you!" "Lottie, Phoebe, Daisy, Fizzy and Louis" she continued

Wow five kids to look after this is going to be a hand full 

"Come this way" Jay lead me into the kitchen. The counters where old fashion in a yet modern look "here on the fridge is my work number and my cellular one call me on either one if you have trouble,but you seem you can handle things and if by chance ya need help my son Louis is here to help!" Jay clapped her hands together and looked at me I slowly nodded my head 

"Yes mum" two little girls with blonde hair and blue eyes who looked about the age of 7 or 8 said in unison 

"Girls this is your new nanny,Amber" 

 I waved casual like and they smiled walking away to the couch. I watched as they did and from the corner of my eye I saw a tall handsome boy with bowlish hair carrying a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes

"This is Lottie my daughter and Louis my son" jay pointed as she spoke

 I smiled then turned to jay

"I thought there was five?" I asked

"There is. Louis where's fizzy?" 

"In her room she didn't want to come down neither did Lottie but as you see I managed" Louis spoke with the softest tone causing me to smile

"Felicite come down here or else" we waited there for about three minutes. Jay took a look at her watch and sighed. "Louis go get your sister! Amber I'm sorry she'll be down here but I have to run good luck!" Jay patted my back lifted up her purse and walked out the door. I stood their awkwardly with I believe Lottie by my side

"My name is amber" I took out my Hand and properly introduced my self

"Hi amber I'm Lottie over there are phoebe and daisy. Louis is upstairs with felicite but we call her fizzy. Come" Lottie took me by my arm and lead me to the living room. She let go and sat by the girl with blue eyes and slightly short blonde hair...I really need to learn who is who
"Hi daisy" I held my hand out

"Am daisy" this sweet little voice spoke.I turned to my left and saw who spoke my cheeks  turn red with embarrassment

"Sorry um hi phoebe?" I questioned 

"Yup I'm phoebe and that is daisy" 

"You two look identical!" I said amazed but soon after getting little laughter out of their mouth. I stood there confused of what was so funny

"There're twins" Lottie said with a smirk 

"Psh I knew that" I raised my eyebrow and pushed Lottie's shoulder a bit

"No you didn't" daisy corrected me once again

"This is Fizzy!!!" I turned around to see Louis with another blue-eyed dirty blonde-ish brunette mixture of hair girl. I turned to daisy,phoebe and Lottie then back to Louis and fizzy

"Wow all of you have beautiful eyes" 

"Why thank you" Louis set fizzy on the couch Turing to me

"Um well I'm the nanny my name is amber"

"I'm Hungry" Phoebe said 


"I can cook something"  I suggested 

"Cook? Ha! No Who wants pizza!?!" Louis shouted

 "Me!"  They all yelled. Louis walked to the kitchen and dialed, I looked at him as he did and he flashed a smile at me I'm not going to lie he is really cute. 

"Amber!" "Amber!" I snapped out of it and turned to see who was calling me

"Um yes?" I asked

"Fizzy wanted to know how old you are" Lottie said

"Well fizzy I'm eighteen, How old are you girls?"

"I'm ten" fizzy said first

"I'm twelve" said Lottie

"I'm eight" said daisy

"I'm eight too!" Phoebe said right after "And I'm nine teen" Louis said coming to sit "When is the pizza coming?" asked Fizzy

"In twenty five minutes James is coming" He said

"James is an expert at making Pizza's" Said Lottie

"Who's James?" I asked

"The pizza man" Daisy answered my question "Yeah Basically but he always delivers for us and he has become like a family friend" Louis explained more

"Oh cool" 

"What now?" Fizzy said

"Um tell me more about you girls"

"I like the song who let the dogs out" Fizzy replied

"That song has a nice beat" I replied

"Um I like coca cola vanilla flavor" Lottie said

"I've never tried it"

"Really! you are going to one of these days!" Lottie said whipped up

"I like Pizza Hut" Louis said

"We love Louis  The twins said

"We all do!" all the girls ran to Louis and hugged him "I love you girls as well!"

"Aw that's cute" I said grinning 'DING DONG' 

"I'll get it!" Louis ran to the door. I followed him to see who was James and so did the girls 

"Hey James!" Louis said as he opened the door, A man was standing there with dark hair quiff-ed up in the front wearing the Pizza Hut hat  

"Hi Louis here is the Pizza and soda" Louis grabbed the pizza and i grabbed the pop

"Hi Girls" James waved"Are you Louis girlfriend?" James asked

"No, I'm the nanny" I said flat out

"Oh,well you'll be seeing a lot of me" He winked, I backed away and Louis paid him shutting the door. Everyone walked to the kitchen and I placed the drink down

"He was just playing" Louis said

"I hope" I replied. Louis placed two slices of pizza on four plates "Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy come over here"  he called,the got up from the kitchen table, all of them grabbed a slice with me pouring soda in to cups. they sat back down

"Amber How many slices?"


"Oh c'mon you know you want some"

"Nanny not guest"

"Who cares when you will cook you are feeding us, so when we order take out you will eat too! Pretend this is your second house and we are all friends!" Louis said joyfully lifting a slice of pizza to my face

"Oh fine" I smiled

"Yay!" He put two thumbs up and smiled big.  he handed me a plate of pizza and napkin "Thank You" I laughed remembering his face

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