Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


6. I thought you were Different



Today was Friday and I had nanny duty. Being a nanny for The Tomlinson's isn't that bad, I enjoy it. Most teens are out with their friends and stuff but I don't have close friends that I can call and hang out with.I drove into the drive way and turned off the car. I stepped out and approached the door ringing the bell. 

"Hi dear!" Jay opened the door "You're just in time, I'm running late, the fridge tells you everything" She said kissing phoebe, daisy, Lottie and fizzy's forehead "Bye!" She also kissed my forehead and closed the main door, I laughed because she never does that, well to me she doesn't 


"My mum must like ya"  Lottie giggled with the girls "Who wouldn't?" I joked walking to the kitchen, I expected to see Louis here, but he wasn't. 


<Hi amber, Lottie has dance today out of short notice. It's not at the PAC but at Maple wood drive 6150 the pink building it should say dance or so, Danielle will be there along with the class. Daisy and phoebe don't have class, so just Lottie. Have fun! xx Tommo (Jay not Louis)>


"Where's Louis?" Was the first thing I asked

"At the park with friends" Fizzy said "Or at least I think that's what he said" She continued

"Wot else would he say?...at the pound with some fire?" Lottie asked

"I dunno" Fizzy shrugged her shoulders, and they laughed a bit

"Um Okay, Everyone in the car" I pointed opening the front door. First one out the door was Lottie with her dance bag, next was Fizzy, third was Phoebe and last wast Daisy. It looked like a mother duck and her ducklings walking by like tallest to shortest. We all got in the car and I turned on the Radio 

RADIO MAN: Now we have Jason Mraz I'm yours. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Well You done done me and you bet I felt it, I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted. I fell right through the cracks and now I'm trying to get back ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ (I needed a song for the radio and I like this song so yeah)


It sounded like we were all humming to the song, I stopped at the red light and took a look on the note Maple wood drive. It wasn't that far from here, I just need to go straight, then turn at the third light. The light turned green and I took the Paths I said. ** We arrived at the Dance studio, academy. The building was pink labeled Danielle's Dance studio I turned around and saw that everyone was out of the car

"What do you think?" I asked Lottie

"It looks cool, can we go in?" she asked taking steps ahead, I reached for Phoebe's and Daisy's hands and walked in the studio. That one lady that told us to get gone at the PAC was at the front desk

"Name!" the lady barked


"Um" I turned to Lottie


"Tomlinson" Lottie replied


"Ah, Charlotte" She typed a few things down and took out a note pad and pen, she scribbled something down and handed it to Lottie


"Got your form?" The lady asked, I grabbed the paper from Lottie and gave it to the Lady at the desk "Mmm, oh yes, ah mmm, Through there" She continued and pointed to a wooden door. We all walked fast through the door and walked in to what looked like a dressing/ Waiting area


"Lottie!" Two girls, one brunette the other blonde said coming up to Lottie


"Bye!" Lottie waved to us and left with her friends through another door, this place sure does have many doors


"Wait! Lottie's guardian" I turned around and saw Danielle


"Hello" She smiled


"Hi um Danielle?" I questioned my words


"Yeah and sorry I never got your name"


"Oh um Amber"


"Amber, That's such a pretty name!"


"Really? Ha thanks"


"I was wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime you seem pretty cool"


"Me? Cool, That a first but yeah that sounds fun"


"Hahaha after class we could workout a plan" She smiled and walked back into the studio. I smiled and turned to fizzy,Daisy and Phoebe 


"Where to next?" I asked


"Zoo!" Daisy spat out


"Home" Phoebe said


"Park?" Fizzy questioned


"No,no sorry and ok" I pointed as I talked, I grabbed hands and walked to the parking lot, everyone got in and we were off.


** Park later**


Phoebe wanted to go to the swings so, we did. the park wasn't that deserted as most times but there was mainly teens in their 12-14 I believe. I was pushing Daisy and phoebe back and fourth on the swings while, fizzy played around with a tennis ball. Fizzy's tennis ball rolled a bit farther and she went to go get it, I watched as she did so she wouldn't get taken or something, she got it and walked back I took the opportunity to look around and saw a couple walking holding hands I saw a baby learning to walk and a father and his song playing ball 


"Oh my god" I said and stopped swinging Daisy and phoebe


"Huh?" Asked Daisy, My eyes started to tear up but at the same time I was mad


"Amber are you okay?" Fizzy asked


"I'm sorry girls but can we leave" I said without eye contact, The girls slipped off the swings and followed me to the car. I drove back to the studio and went in the dress area.We sat and I faced to the left so the girls wouldn't see me cry, the only thing you could hear is my sniffle, everything else was dead silent 'be back girls" I heard come from the other side of the door


"Hey you're back!" I looked up and saw Danielle smiling but it quickly faded


"What's wrong?" She asked coming closer


"Nothing I'm fine" I cleared my eyes, Danielle looked to the girls then back at me


"Girls can you go to that door in there?" Danielle said pointing to a door labeled 3 Hang out


"C'mon" Fizzy said taking Daisy and phoebe by the hands


"Amber I know we just meet but that 'I'm fine' doesn't work with me" Danielle said


"You don't care" I said kind of harshly


"If I didn't care I wouldn't be asking"


"I went to the park and saw a boy I like kissing some other girl" I shuddered 


"Did he know you like him?"




"How did you know it was him?"


"I know the back of his head" I laughed knowing how weird I must sound


"There's that smile!, But why don't you tell him"


"He is Lottie's brother" I looked down


*Hour later*

We were back at the house and I was tired, when I cry it makes my eyes tired and sleepy, I also think I might have scared the girls or so they were so quiet after we left the studio.

"When Louis gets here I'm going home" I said


"Amber are you okay?" Asked Lottie


"I'm fine" "Why were you crying?" Asked Fizzy


"I got this text message and stuff long story" I lied "Please don't tell your mum or Louis I cried...please can we keep it between us?" I said, Everyone nodded and I sighed from relief


"DING DONG" I walked to answer the door


"Hey summers" Louis smiled at the door


"Bye" I said and pushed through him walking quickly into my car, I quickly put my key in the car and pulled out


"Amber!" Louis yelled running to my car he stood in front of the road, and I couldn't pass


"Move" I yelled and pulled down my window


"Whats wrong?" He yelled back not moving an inch


"I don't talk to guys who have girlfriends yet flirt with others" I said and Louis moved aside, I wiped a tear that escaped my eye and continued driving home.

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