Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


22. I missed you



Amber's point of view


I woke up, looking to the side of me and seeing Danielle still asleep. I stretched yawning hearing a sizzling noise from the kitchen, getting up to follow it. 

"Moring baby" My mum said


"Oh morning" I wiped my eyes still sleepy


"Your dad made some eggs, bacon and hash browns not too long ago want me to heat it up?" she asked


"Oh ya... okay"


"well actually I'll make some more bacon and eggs some for Danielle" I nodded my head and went back to see if she had awaken. Nothing still sitting by her side looking at my phone that had 1 new message.


From Louis 12:09 pm- Miss you love xxxx

me 9:57 am - miss you too xxx :(


I Felt like Danielle moved. I placed my phone on the table and tried poking Danni to wake up, I sighed and tried the ol' turn on the tele noise trick....heavy sleeper.


"Amber and Danielle!!!" my mum called


"Danielle is still asleep" I replied as my mum handed me a plate of food, I reached for the toast first



Danielle's Point of view


I opened my eyes to the smell of food. looking at the tele that was playing MTV'S top20 hits, walking to the kitchen.


"Finally you wake up!" amber said as she broke the conversation from her mum


"Danielle food?" Amber's mum offered


"Yes please" I finally spoke taking a seat that faced amber. I watched as her mum handed me a plate and poured orange juice into two cups. I digged right in given the fact I'm starving I guess pop corn doesn't quite fill me. Amber and her mum shared a few words as I felt my pocket ring.

Louis- Hey you still with Amber?

me- Yeah why?

Louis- I want to say hello and hug her kiss her..

Me- then come over to her house

Louis- no that's to formal

me- then what do you have in mind?

Louis- where are you girls heading today?

me- don't know yet, let me ask, eat and ill text you back

Louis-okay don't take long


"who you texting?" Amber said as her mum walked away


"Oh um my mum.. you know how they get" I lied, if this was going to be a surprise I couldn't tell the main girl


"Oh so what's today's plan?" she asked


"well where do you want to go?"


"the zoo!" amber yelled her eyes sparkling with joy


"Where is the second place you want to go?" I questioned


"I don't know... where do you want to go?" I thought for a moment


"The park?"




"The library ?"


"what! no way"


"The mall or the cinema?"


"or bowling?..." amber said and that's actually a nice place... where Louis could meet us at


"Yeah perfect" I smiled finishing up breakfast putting my plate in the dishes


"Great lets get ready! wait but just two people for bowling don't we need a group"


"Ill go home change and will come back to get you and I'll invite candy" I said going into the living room and getting my shoes.


"Oh okay I'll go shower than"


"Kay" I said walking out her front door and down to the park where I left my car since last night. Hopefully its sill there. I saw my car and ran up to it putting my key in the door 'My baby' I laughed petting my car seat. Before I started my car I texted Louis and candy.


Me- Louis we decided on bowling by the x factor studio, you know which one?

me- Hey candy :) How's you're Friday morning, Haha you busy?

Louis- Yeah I know and you didn't tell her right!!!

me to Louis - no


I Put my phone on the other seat, so I could begin to drive. I looked down and noticed I still had some soda stains 'oh amber' I smiled getting out of the small parking area.



Amber's point of view (back to amber :)


I shut the door after Danielle left. turning off the tele and going upstairs straight to the shower. Turning on the water waiting for it to heat up, undressing and going in.


* 20 minutes later~


I wrapped the towel around my self and walked to my closet looking for what to wear. So it's a girls night out, bowling... what about some jeans and a simple tee. I reached for my light blue jeans and grabbed a loose pink jumper long on the sleeves with white chucks. I heard the door ring and expected my parents to open it. but no... I went down and opened it myself letting in Danielle, I walked away leaving dani there with out greeting her. I walked to my fathers office and saw nobody, going back into the living room and seeing an orange sticky note on the tele


~Your mom and I went out to do stuff... we will be back at 8:00 or later love you x Daddy~


I looked at Danielle she was wearing black jeans and an orange tank with her leather jacket and wearing a pair of bandage boots with her curls loose and make up on.


"What was that" She asked


"A note from my parents leaving me alone again, to do who knows what and I'm sick of it I want to know what the hell they're up to" I crumbled the note and threw it mad


"There is a reason for everything and we will find out but forget that and lets enjoy the night yeah?" Dani comforted me


"Thanks Danielle, by the way you look beautiful" I said looking at her


"Thanks dear, so do you"


"Thanks but no... what should I do with my hair?" I asked running my hands through it, puffed up hair of mine. Danielle lead me upstairs to my loo, putting my hair into a side fish tail braid "Can You do my make up?" I asked


"You want to wear it? I mean I've never seen you do so"


"Its a change and yours looks nice... so please"


"Yeah okay" I pointed to a cabinet that had makeup. I looked as she searched and looked at me taking the eye liner and Appling it to my face, followed by black mascara. she took out this brown eye shadow and started applying that as well. adding blush and looking closely at the lip sticks, going with a light pink glittery one. Dani finished and looked at my face and picket up the eye liner giving me a cat eye look


"Done" she smiled looking pleased with what she has created, I smiled as we walked out down the stairs and into her car


Couple minutes later ~ In side bowling


Danielle waved to a couple as I followed behind her


"Candy! Kyle! You made it" she cheered hugging her friends I smiled awkwardly and looked around "Candy, Kyle this is amber" Danielle continued as I waved smiling


"hi candy, Kyle" they shaked my hand 


"We already got our bowling shoes" Candy said


"We'll go grab ours, be right back" Danielle said as we stood in line for the shoes


"sizes?" the worker asked


"6'1/2" Danielle said


"Oh um 5" I said as the bowling shoes were handed to us


"here with anybody?" The worker asked


"Yes candy at lane 3" she said


"Oh they have already paid for everything" The worker handed Danielle her card back


"Oh really okay" she put it back in her wallet as I took off my converses handing it to him and putting on the bowling shoes. I waited for Danielle to do so as well and we walked back "Thank you so much guys" dani said


"Yeah thank you" I sat down


"oh no problem" Candy said kyle smiling


"so it says candy up first" kyle announced pointing at the score board


"Oh sorry if you don't mind we placed your names in for you" candy said


"not at all" Danielle replied smiling taking a seat ... wow these people are really nice I thought as candy threw the bowling ball getting a strike


"wooo!!!!!! way to go baby!" kyle embraced candy into a hug kissing her, made me think of Louis. I sighed, Danielle going next only dropping three pins. Kyle was next and he also got a strike 'what are you a wizard?' I laughed to myself


"what's funny?" Danielle asked


"oh nothing" I smirked


"Say so" Danielle took out her phone probably texting as I was next. I reached for the sparkly purple ball throwing it with all my force, turning not wanting to see how bad I did


'strike' I heard the announce machine say


"What? wooo!" I cheered smiling, throwing my hands in the air as a celebration, I looked to my left at Danielle giving her a thumbs up, as my vision became black. feeling a pair of hands on my eyes


"Uhh who ever it is let go" I said tensing up, he or she breathed on my neck as I inhaled this persons aroma. the smell was familiar but I couldn't quite make it out, I heard chuckling and the pressure on my eyes lighten up soft fingertips


"LOUIS!!" I yelled Turing around to see if it was him, right before my eyes stood a handsome young man dressed in jeans and navy blue tee carrying a bouquet of lilies pink and white  


"Hi love" he smiled, I didn't think twice as I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing his soft lips that I missed. feeling Louis lips curl up into a smile as they moved in sync with mine


"I missed you, you big fool" I pulled apart smiling


"and I missed you more"


"We've got a lot to catch up on" I laughed "so who are the flowers for?" I asked  


"for my one and only" he smiled and handed me the flowers taking my hand "Thank you Danni" Louis said as we waked up to them


"what for?" I asked


"she helped me plan this" Louis said


"so candy and Kyle are fake actors?" I asked looking at them


"No this was also unexpected for us" Kyle said


"Oh thank you Danielle" I hugged her


"Yeah, yeah now lets continue with this bowling I'm loosing" Dani pouted, we all laughed


"Love I'm going to get some shoes" Louis said leaving as I sat down, could this night get any better I smiled as Danielle cheered she probably dropped more pins or got a strike I laughed.





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