Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


15. happy Birthday


                                   AMBER'S POINT OF VIEW

 Today is the day of the party, I'm pretty nervous to go to their house.. Not knowing what Mrs. Tomlinson will say to me about last time.

"Dad, you busy?" I asked approaching  his office

"Not really, what's happening" he replied, putting down the mouse and looking at me

"Well you see their is this party at my friends house, the Tomlinson's and I was wondering if you wanted to come" I asked

"It seems like fun, but I'm an old folk, don't think I belong in a teenage party" he laughed

"Oh, yeah true"

"But I'll drive you there!!" He suggested standing "what time does it start?"

"Umm" I looked at his computer reading 4:15 "It already started, like 15 minutes ago"

"Then what are we waiting for"

"Nothing" I laughed, my dad walked out the door keys in his hand, I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed Lottie's  present, checking myself in the mirror. I'm wearing grey skinny jeans, with a dark/bright blue collared crop top, slipping my flats off and putting on blue pumps. My hair was its wavy, sort of curly straight self. I closed the house door making sure it was locked at walked towards the car.

"There, you are" my dad said driving off

"Yeah here I am" I asked confused thinking where else would I go

"Where do they live?"

"I should have drove, but um go all the ways to the street lights, make a turn at the little coffee shop place go straight and enter the homes"

my dad followed my directions reaching the homes

"Make a right, straight down and stop at the last house"

"Where here!" My dad said stopping the car

"Call me when the party Is over, don't kiss that boy too much"

he warned driving away, I smile and rang the door. I could hear talking and laughter from the outside and music playing it took a couple of minutes for the door to open, it finally did this women with blonde REALLY and I mean really curly hair opened the door.

"Do you know where Lottie is?" I asked, the women nodded her head no and I walked away to the living room I think I could hardly recognize/ the place with streamers and teenagers dancing around. I stood to see if I spotted Lottie or phoebe dancing but I see no one.

"Amber!" I heard and I looked all around "amber!!" I heard again

"Hey is your name amber?" Some kid asked

"Uh yes"

"That guy up there is calling you" he pointed up stairs towards the balcony, I followed his finger and saw Louis waving for me to come up I smiled and pushed through people running up stairs .

"There you are" I took a deep breath

"Yeah, I've been bored!" Louis confessed taking the present out me hand

"Where's Lottie?" I asked standing straight up

"She's off with her friends" Louis said

"Okay then, where do we leave her present?"

"In my room come on, Dani's there" Louis led me to his room opening the door and placing the present down

"Dani!!" I hugged her taking a seat on Louis's bed

"What now?" Louis asked closing the door, laying on his bed

"We go party?" I suggested

"It's full of youngster teens" Danielle said

"And me uncles" Lou added

"Um.... Inside it is..." I said confused

"Anyone up for a game?" Danielle asked stretching

"No, what I wanna do is hug my girlfriend" Louis said sitting up putting his hands around me from behind whining

"If you to start making out I will scream" dani warned pointing a finger at us

"You heard her babe"

Louis said pulling me back lying on the bed, I just laid there looking at the ceiling, I felt Louis get off the bed and I lifted my head to see him, but all he did was walk over to my legs get on his knees and  lean to me

"I'm not kidding!!" I heard Danielle yell but I was focused on Louis blue beautiful eyes starring down at me, he smiled at me and I smiled back, his soft lips were on mine and I continued to kiss him back

"Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!" I think it was Danielle screaming, like she said she would. But I ignored her and continued to kiss Louis. We both pulled away at the same time laughing, I looked over at dani smiling, she glanced over at me then the door I followed her eyes and saw Mrs. Tomlinson standing at the door her hands crossed.

"Ma-mum" Louis stood up standing straight

"May I have a word with you two" Mrs. Tomlinson spoke, though her tone didn't seem mad, I got up Louis behind me and we followed Mrs. Tomlinson down the stairs we continued walking to the kitchen I turned to Louis and tried to mouth his 'where are we going' but he couldn't understand, we went outside and to a little house/patio seating area she had going on. We all sat down at the chairs , Jay in front and Louis by my side

"Anybody care to explain" jay said

"What do you mean?" Louis asked

"Oh come on don't  play with me, you both know what I'm talking about! I've seen you kiss twice now... And that isn't just a friendly hello kiss" jay said laughing a bit towards the end of her statement

"Umm well you see" I began

"Amber here is my girlfriend"  Louis confessed reaching for my hand some what secretly holding hands under the table

"And Louis is my boyfriend" I confessed

"For how long now?" She asked

"Eh um like two weeks in a half?" Louis questioned and I thought back thinking we haven't been keeping track, well I haven't

"Why didn't you guys tell me? Why'd you keep it a secret from me?"

"We didn't mean to its just I didn't know how you'd react" Louis replied

"But honey, how would you think I'd react you know I'll always support you no matter what" jay asked getting a bit teary eyed

"I'm sorry" Louis said, looking his mum straight in the eyes

"Come here!" She said opening her arms, Louis let go of my hand and walked up to mrs.tommo wrapping his arms around her giving her a bear hug

I sat there smiling, they stopped hugging Louis going back to his seat.

"Well um, do the girls know?"

"No, but Lottie was suspicious" I said

"Haha oh, well I'm glad your My little boo bear's girlfriend, you get along good with the girls and I like you amber... You aren't like the others" jay confessed

"Muuuuum!!" Louis whinnied

"Wait, wait boo bear?" I laughed

"Yes boo bear, that's Louis" when jay told me that I wanted to burst out laughing but I didn't want to be rude, so I just smiled big, I looked over at Louis blushing of embarrassment

"Come one amber lets go party" Louis said taking my hand getting me up walking away I waved to jay and looked forward.

"Boo bear is a cute name" I said looking at Louis, walking back in the house the music got louder and I couldn't hear that well

"WHAT!!!" Lou yelled

"I said Boo bear is a cute name!!"

"You Think boobies are cute!?? what!??" He yelled back

"No ya sicko !!!"


"forget it!!" I yelled back frustrated shaking my head

"LET'S DANCE!!!" He yelled

"NO!! IMA GO GET DANI!!" I let go of Louis hand running up the stairs, I opened his room door and saw Danielle casually watching the telly

"Danielle you're still here!" I yelled

"Why are you yelling!!" She yelled back

"Sorry, the music...come dance with us" I pulled her hand getting her up dragging her out the door, we walked down the stairs back to Louis and began dancing like weirdoes... Well Louis and I were. dani is a professional

"Hahahaha you guys look like elephants stepping on rats!!" She yelled Louis pretended to gasp shocked yet hurt

"Oh yeah, you dance like a bear with one leg" I yelled proud of my self

"WHAT!!?" Louis yelled

"That made no sense!!" Danielle yelled

"Babe leave the come backs to me" Louis winked, I laughed and we continued to dance

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