Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


25. Chick Flicks

Amber's point of view-


I closed a box of my clothes. That's probably the second one I've done. My room is almost empty, spending all of Tuesday packing up my belongings. I left a few clothes out for today, tomorrow and Friday. I'm really going to miss Doncaster. But hey think on the brighter side, I'll be in Ireland and enroll in school before summers over. I sighed sitting on my bed. Maybe I should take a break. I unplugged my phone from charging dialing Danielle.

Prriiing Priiinng- the line seemed to ring forever

"Hello?" The English voice of dani spoke


"Hi amber, how's a going"

"Terrible. Where've you been?

"Oh amber, you won't believe me. I have soo much to tell you!"

"Like wise Dani, like wise"

"Meet up for lunch?" Dani asked

"Sounds great where at?"

"Panera bread?"

"The one we always go to?" I asked

"That's the one"

"Kay meet you there"


"Bye" I hanged up setting my phone down. I hopped off my bed taking off my sweat pants and tank top changing into light blue shorts and a floral crop top. Skin color heels and a polka dot jean long sleeve shirt to go over.


I parked right in front of panera bread. Leaving my sunglasses on. I walked in looking around to see if I saw Danielle. I saw this women with crazy curly hair... Dani has crazy curls. I walked slowly towards the table, smiling and siting down.

"Danielle!!!" I cheered

"Amber!!" Dani got up and hugged me "it's so good to see you!"

"Oh my god! Yes, it's so lonely not having someone to talk to"

"Guess what!"


"I've got a boyfriend" dani grinned

"Woah baby, how Much did I miss?"

"A lot!"

"Fill me in!"

"Okay so you know how I went to ballet school and opened my studio here in Doncaster for modern dance right?" Dani said, I shook my head "well I had gotten a call from syco TV Wait no the head of X factor.. Anyway they called and asked if I'd like to be a back ground dancer on the show"

"Did you say yes!?" I interrupted

"Of course I did! But couple weeks ago, you know one direction?" Dani asked

"Oh yeah"

"Well Harry the curly one spoke into the mic saying the girl with the curly hair dancing this boy likes you pointing to Liam... He ended asking me out and we're dating!!"

"Haha aw dani, you said he was cute when you first laid eyes on him from my tv"

"I know he's even hotter in person Just one prob he's 17 and I'm 22"

"Age doesn't matter dear!"

"Thanks am, but tell me about you and Louis"

"I miss him, I haven't seen him in a week. That brings me to my news I needed to tell you"

"What news"

"Danielle.. I'm moving with my mums mother, she lives in Ireland maybe Scotland I'm still iffy on that but I leave this Friday" I said looking over at Danielle for her expression. She didn't say anything, she just starred at me

"This is a joke right? I'm being pranked!" " camera come out now! Is this Louis plan? I didn't mean to hit him so hard" Danielle yelled standing up

"It's not a joke or a prank. I wish it was. Remember how my parents were being secretive. Well this is their secret"

"But amber, X factor ends this Friday. You know how busy I'll be and Louis. The Tomlinson's. our summer plans. Oh you can't leave!" Danielle said a tear escaping her eye

"Stop you're going to make me cry" I looked down at my hands " what do you want to order"

"I lost my appetite" dani said sitting back down

"I'm going to get an orange juice and then we can go to the mall or something" I stood, walking over to the front.

"Um hi I'll take an OJ" I said

"That will be 3.45" I handed the cashier a five. I stood waiting for my juice. Smiling when I finally received it

"Your Louis Tomlinson's bird aren't you?"

"Umm yes how do you know that!?"

"I saw a picture of you on the X factor official magazine. It was a page on Louis and it mentioned you as his girl" the women smiled

"Aww really?"

"Yes! Can you tell him I love him?!" The worker voice became high pitch and her eyes sparkled with joy

"Will do" I smiled walking back to Danielle "you ready?" I asked, dani turned towards me. Her eyes red, was she crying while I left? We got into my car, Danielle doesn't have one she walked here.

"Dani I'm as heart broken as you, but this is our second to last day together, I want to remember you as the joy full happy spirt I meet" I said putting my drink in the cup holder.

"I'm sorry it's just that I'm going to miss you a lot!" Dani wiped her eyes

"I'm going to miss you too" I began to tear up. Dani took a deep breath and looked at me

"I don't want to go to the mall is it fine if we go to my place and have a girl night you know with chick flicks and ice cream and what not" she smiled

"Sounds better than the mall" I turned on the car driving away from panera bread.


I decided to drive down to Crazy Flicks a corner store that has tons of movies, video games, Game consoles.. Candy to watch the movies  And you don't have to buy the movies you can rent them! I opened the store door walking towards the back the area labeled

~Chick Flicks~

"Ohh this one" Danielle lifted a movie called Beaches I turned it over noticing its from 1988

"Yeah we will take it, what about this one" I lifted a movie called when Harry meet Sally. We continued lifting movies to each other one called

Mystic Pizza

A particular film  catching my attention we had a pile of 7 movies going to the counter placing them down. I reached for a box of milk duds and some sour gummy worms, dani got a bag of red vines and a box of sugar babies all handing it to the cashier. We got back in my car, putting the bags in the back seat.

"Where do you live?" I asked not starting the car

"Conga drive"

"Why don't you drive" I took off my seat belt going to Danielle's side. I have no idea where conga drive is. Dani started the car driving off.

Minutes later-

Dani parked my car in this small garage place. I grabbed the bags following dani up two flights of stairs. Is this where she lives? After climbing the stairs we walked straight going to the last door as she placed in the key. I looked around and the walls had plants growing on them made me feel comfy like I was on vacation. The door open, Danielle flickered on the lights and I looked around.

"Make yourself at home" dani said taking off her coat

I walked over to her living room placing the movies and candy down at her coffee table. I looked straight ahead, this is a really nice place to live it's like a mini house with one room, one bathroom a kitchen and a living room.

"Your apartment is nice" I smiled

"Thanks, but it gets kind of lonely sometime" dani joined me in the living room

"Invite Liam over" I wiggled my eyebrows... Or at least attempted. Danielle started bursting in laughter nodding her head at me

"Oh boy" she said walking to the kitchen "I'm going to make some popcorn pick the 1st movie" dani said. I looked through the movies not knowing which to pick. Dani came back with some blankets and pillows placing them down leaving once again. I'd put the movie in my self but I don't know how her VCR works. Danielle came back with popcorn and two soda pops coca cola flavor.

"Well Angus thongs perfect snogging  or 10 things i hate about you"  I said handing the movies to dani

"Ummm a movie on snogs or a movie of match Making?" Dani said lifting each film

"Snogs! I could use a laugh" dani said placing down 10 things I hate about you and putting Angus Thongs in the VCR. The move is made here in London I laughed pulling the blanket over me opening the milk duds. Dani handed me a bottle of soda as she ate popcorn.

Hours later* Angus Thongs was over and we're now on moonstruck our third movie In a row. It was the scene where Loretta and Ronny argued at the kitchen table then ended up kissing.

"Have you told Louis" Danielle turned to me out the blue question

"No I don't know how to"

"Well you could write him a letter or tell  him face to face, do you plan on breaking with him?"

"What? No that's the last thing I want to do! I can't, I just can't" I said

"You're leaving Friday the X Factor final day, you know how busy he might be and nervous"

"What if I leave with out telling him anything"

"And the Tomlinson's?" Danielle asked, I groaned running my hands through my hair. I can't do this so much pressure... I love Louis too much too tell him goodbye and Lottie and fizzy, the twins jay! They've become my second family how do you say bye to that!? I turned away from dani looking at the screen the room is dark and you can't see much so I let my tears fall down my cheek. The movie was over and Danielle put in another, not seeing the name. The intro came on and the tittle 13 going 30 showed in letters. I've never seen this movie, ha I haven't seen half of these movies. Minutes into the movie I smiled at how her parents walked into her stuffing her bra.

"I'll help you figure out a plan, that's the smile I like to see" Danielle said rubbing my back

"Thanks dani" I smiled my attention going back on the film. I guess Danielle picked this film to give me a laugh, yet show me how the character is warm at heart she basically has the mind of a 13 year old.

Hours later-

My phoned buzz distracting me from the movie.

From daddy: Where are you Hun?

That's different I thought checking the time 1:25 am. Oh crap! I looked over at Danielle sleeping. I guess I lost track of time, I took off the blanket putting on my shoes finding some paper and a pen.

Hey Dani :)

When you read this It should be morning.... I went home it was late and my parents were worried. Well I'll be packing tomorrow so, call or text me!

Sincerely Amber xx

I sticked the note on her Telly, letting myself out her apartment down the stairs and into my car.


I finally got home, placing my keys to open the door.

"Where have you been missy" my mother asked

"We were worried"

"Everything is fine I was with Danielle" I said walking up the stairs avoiding any further questions. I opened my room door tumbling on my bed, I heard my phone buzz. Closing one eye of how tired I was.

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