Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


10. Can I call you mine?


  Louis marched up the stairs, not even wanting to talk to me. I decided To let myself out, closing the door and walking to my car.  





"Aye babe!" I heard and turned my head to see who yelled, James and Sammy sitting on the bricks after Louis kicked them out.  




"Don't call me babe, I'm not your babe!" I said firm, continuing to walk to my car, unlocking it opening my door.  



"Is my honey coming?" Sammy asked


"But you are mine" James said walking up to me shutting my door.


"What on earth would make you think that" I turned to face him, furious. 


"We kissed, you called, I touch" was all James said giving me a grin, kissing my lips. I pulled away and slapped his fat face.


"You little, dog!" He yelled and I opened my car door going in driving off, James kicked my car as I drove off. Calling James to make Louis jealous was a mistake, wot was I even thinking?... Oh yes I was jealous of Sammy being all over Louis and now he probably won't talk to me again! Way to go summers! I said aloud taking a turn on the light



Ambers point of view


"BEEP BEEP!!! BEEP BEEP!!" I was awoken by my alarm clock. Reaching to snooze it off with the blanket on my head. I felt dirty, not like 'ew I stink I need to shower sort of dirty' but dirty in my conscience. Also disgusted since James kissed me!   


"Argh!!" I yelled in to my pillow, taking the sheets off and sitting up. I grabbed my phone and checked my messages. Nothing new, I hopped out of bed and headed to the shower.






"Yeah ah-huh... Okay, yes sure I'll be there in 3" I hanged up on Mrs. Tomlinson.



"Daddy?" I yelled walking out of the kitchen, toward the living area



"Yes Hun?" He asked looking at me for a second then back to the cooking program.



"I have to sit the tommo girls, so I gotta go, is that fine?"



"Yes off course, even though I haven't meet them, but I think they're very nice people. And" My dad Continued babbling on.


"Bye!!" I yelled going in the car.  


***  I smiled pulling up to the drive seeing. The twins poke their head through the curtains to wave at me. Coming out my car and walking up to the door. 


"Hi Lottie!" I smiled, as she opened the door.


"Ambeeerrr!!" Phoebe and daisy hugged me with joy.


"Hi girlies!!" I smiled hugging them



"Amber love, is That you?" I heard from the kitchen


"Yes, jay!" I yelled back walking up to her


"Hi Love, just preparing some food for everybody before I leave" she said mixing around what looked like pasta.



"Would you like me to take over?" I asked 


"That'd be lovely! Just keep mixing the pasta and add the sauce and cheese once it's done! Kay?" 



"Alrighty!" I said and jay patted my back going to kiss her children goodbye, she exited out the door and I turned off the stove. Luckily the cheese was already grated so I don't have that much work.   


"Girls!!" I yelled and they all lined up





"Hiya amber!" Fizzy smiled, holding her plate to me. I plopped some pasta on the plate adding the sauce letting her grab the amount of cheese she'd like. I continued the process until I served everyone except for one an that is Louis.


"Where is Louis?" I asked



"Upstairs" fizzy replied


"Oh um can you go get him?" I asked.


















"I will!" Lottie interrupted running up the stairs.



"In a rush" I said making myself a plate sitting with the girls.


"How's life" I asked trying to keep a straight face.   


"Life is good amber" fizzy said   


"I like mums pasta" daisy said pushing a spoonful in her mouth. Lottie came back down taking her seat in the table, but with out Louis, I swallowed what was in my mouth and spoke  


"Wot happen?" I asked   


"He said he wasn't coming" Lottie said   


"And why not?"   


"I dunno he just said for certain reasons and told me to scram"   


"What could he possibly be doing!" I rolled my eye annoyed that he won't come down, I mean I could really use a talk with him.   


"We have art class" phoebe said  


"Really? Wot time?"   


"The fridge." Daisy said and I walked over to it, reading.   





"So Lottie and fizzy who is this friend"   


"Oh lacy!" They said in unison, smiling to one another  


"Okay, twins its 1:08 your art class starts at 1:20"   


"Let's goo!" Phoebe jumped off her seat and to the front door.   


"Yeah I'm done" everyone said   


"Well okay then you guys eat fast I'm not even done but oh well" I said walking to the door "anyone need anything?" I asked before we left. From not receiving any 'yes' I walked out everyone in the car. Leaving phoebe and daisy in art class then stopping at Lacey's house to leave Lottie and fizzy. Should I go back to the house or my house? I thought... I mean I'm going to pick them up when they're done but Louis is home in the other hand I could talk to him. I drove back to the house taking a deep breath before placing the key in and Turing the knob.. I walked in, the tele was on and a plate was on the coffee table Louis must have been eating but where is he now? I walked over to the kitchen and heard the bathroom faucet go on  


"The Loo!" I whispered hiding behind the counters. The door opened at the lights were flickered off, I peeked my head and saw Louis walking to the living area taking his seat. I turned quickly laying my back on the cabinet sighing. He looked nice today, he does everyday but today he looked different in my eyes. His hair was perfectly pushed to the side making the bowlish hair, he has a blue dressy sort of shirt with jeans. I placed my hand on the top counter I pushed myself up to see what he was doing, but that was a mistake.  


*silverware dropping noise*  


"Who's there!" Louis yelled   


"Shit" I cursed trying to crawl somewhere else, I heard footsteps approaching me so I hide behind the island.   


"What are you doing?" Louis hands touched my shoulder, him bending down to my level   


"Um... Err... I was um.." I went blank   


"You where wot?"Louis whispers sitting across from me his back against a cabinet.   "


Watching you" Louis actually smiled when I said that, And I'm not going to lie I miss that smile.   


"Louis-" I looked down "about Thursday" I continued looking at his eyes   


" I don't want to talk about it" Louis said about to get up  


"Wait!" I grabbed his leg pulling him down   


"listen Louis, I'm sorry I was jealous of Sammy and called James but calling James was a mistake he is such a pig and disgusting he doesn't know how to treat a girl and you do..." I paused looking Louis straight in the eyes   


"What I'm trying to say is Louis I really do like you a lot more than a crush"   


"Bu-but you told me you didn't like me so I thought I'd get over you so I called Sammy over but when you came over I knew I can't just forget about you, you're irresistible" Louis grabbed my hand playing with my palm.  


"Because I didn't want you to know, don't ask me why. I don't know why I just wanted to keep it a secret" it was quiet for a while and Louis spoke again  


"Amber, so you like me and I like you-"   


"Wait you like me back!?" I cut him off smiling like crazy   


"Haha yes" Louis smirked   


"Oh um that nice" I blushed, as Louis held my hand tighter   


"As I was saying! Amber will you be my girlfriend?" He asked giving me his sparkling blue eyes and a smile   


"Off course!!!" I gave Louis a big hug, smiling 'is this happening?' I questioned myself   


"Well now that you're mine, I can do this right?" Louis kissed my cheek, fast and looked at my face smiling I felt butterflies in my stomach when Louis kissed my cheek and that's just my cheek!  



"Um as long as I can do this" I gave Louis a quick peek on his lips   


"I'd like that" Louis put his forehead against mine both of us smiling.      





Authors note* There is suppose to be more to this chapter but I thought it'd be cute to end it here then update on another page. I don't think I'll be able to update since its spring Break, family makes plans :P so I might take a while, But thank you if you read it! Means a LOT! :D


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