Amber gets hired to babysit, be the nanny, for a family called the Tomlinson's. She bonds really well with the girls Lottie 12, Felicite 10 and the twins 8 Phoebe and Daisy.


3. Anything

Ambers point of view

I walked to the front door and rang the bell waiting for someone to open it. It's been about a month since I've been the nanny for the Tomlinson family. The girls have really grown on me, Louis is hilarious. I finally tasted coca cola vanilla thanks to Lottie and I have never seen their father and don't see Jay that much.

"Come in" Johanna opened the door 

"How's a going?" I asked taking my steps in

"Pretty good darling. Today the girls clubs start...you have your permit right?" 

"Yes, um what do you mean by clubs"

"Lottie wanted to try something new so she signed up for cheer, the twins are taking art and fizzy was shy to try new things so Louis and some of his friends made a football team" 

"Oh that sounds lovely"

"Haha the times are on the fridge, see you later"  Johanna walked out the door. I looked around but saw nobody

"Lottie?! Fizzy?! Twins! Louis!!" My voice cracked a bit as I yelled. I got no response so I walked up the stairs, I reached the last step and looked right and left "Louis?" 

' BANG'a crash noise came from my right so they might be there. I took quiets steps like a mouse "Guys this isn't funny"  I yelled looking in the twins room

"Ahhhh!!!!" I yelled, my heart beating fast as someone grabbed me from behind, I started breathing heavily and slowly moved my head to see who grabbed me "Louis!?" I yelled breaking away from his grasp

"Surprise" he smiled

"Oh my god I hate you you scared the crap outta me!!" 


"It's not funny" I pushed through him walking down the stairs

"Hi amber" i jumped at the sound 

"Is it Halloween? Why is everyone scaring me!" I yelled 

"Louis thought it would be funny" Lottie said 

"It's Halloween?" Daisy asked 

"No it's not daisy and really Louis planned this?" I walked away to the kitchen. I looked at the fridge and grabbed the note

XX Johanna

"Em" the soft tone voice of Louis said I looked up from the note and quickly glanced at him, turning around ignoring him placing the note back on the fridge

"Oh come on amber it was just a silly joke" 

I know it was just a joke and I'm no longer mad but I just want to see how long it will last 

"I'll do anything" I shivered as Louis whispered in my ear, I backed away towards the counter

"Anything?" I asked 

"Yes" I got a grin from ear to ear at the thought of a plan

"Why are you smiling evilly?" Louis asked 

"Hahahah no reason" I walked to the living area. I looked at the clock it read 12:32

"Girls go get dressed and get your supplies or equipment we are leaving in twenty minutes"
They all ran up stairs to get ready 

"What about me miss" I turned to see Louis

"You said You would do anything right"

"Yeah I was here memba?" 

"Well I want you to let me put make up on you" I smiled, yeah not the most devious  plan but it will embarrass him

"No way" he backed away from me running away

"Louis you said anything!" I ran after him

"Louieee!" I yelled now in then as he was jumping like crazy with me trying to catch him. We were in the living room and I managed to trap him with pillows and the coffee table 

"No where to go" I cached my breath

"Are you ticklish" Louis asked placing his hand on his knees caching his breath too 

"No" my voice became high pitch... I'm terrible at lying 

"Oh amber" he smirked opening his arms 

"Get away from me I jumped on the couch trying to run behind him

"Louis!!" I yelled as he catched me 

"You smell nice" he whispered placing me on the floor

"Weirdo" I pushed him away

"I know" he said tickling my stomach 

"Hahahahahahah stooop" I managed to say "hahahaha"

"Your laugh is contagious" Louis said in between laughs

"Stop! Hahaha stop stop!" 

"Woah woah keep it PG for the sake of the twins" Louis stopped tickling me and got up.he offered me his hand and I took it 

"Ha ha Lottie very funny" I said patting the dust of my jeans "nothing was going on" I walked to the girls 

"Louis when does football start" fizzy asked 

"Ummmmmmm 3:00! Be right back!" Louis yelled running up the stairs. I checked my phone and it said 1:15 'crap' I whispered 

"Fizzy, when Louis gets down tell him I'm at Doncaster park, stay safe" I said carrying daisy and holding phoebe's hand "ready Lottie" 

"Yeah" she said grabbing the car seats.Fizzy closed the door and we walked out the front door. I placed daisy on the floor and let go of phoebe's hand, taking the car seats out of Lottie's arms.I strapped the car seats in the car. Phoebe and daisy hopped in and strapped themselves while Lottie took shotgun I closed their door and got in drivers reaching for the radio and Turing on the car.

"Are you excited" I asked lottie as I drove out the drive way


"I suppose" Lottie looked out the window

"What about you phoebe and daisy?"

"I'm excited" Said Daisy

"I can't wait to use paint" Said Phoebe

"Awesome you guys will start class at 2:00"

"What about me" asked Lottie

"You are at 1:30 It's 1:21"

*Five Minutes later*

"We're here!" Yelled daisy.I turned off the car and everyone got off. 

"The Preforming arts center right?" I asked and Lottie nodded her head, Taking Phoebe and Daisy's hand we crossed the street into a the building. A man in about his 20's held the door for us "Thank You" I said "Wow" the twins said. The building was filled with about one-hundred chairs with a huge stage

"I'm suppose to be dancing on that!" Lottie said amazed 

"Excuse me who are you!" A voice from  the stage said in the mic 

"We are here for the Dance program"

"Ahh come here" we did as told as walked along the path way, as we got closer I noticed the velvet curtains that looked soft and like red velvet cupcakes

"What is the name of your daughter?"The women in glasses and green suit asked "Oh um she is-" "My name is Lottie Tomlinson but I believe It says Charlotte Tommo" Lottie interrupted me

"Charlotte step over there, As for you guardian you may leave" the women practically pushed my of stage

"Wait who are you?" I asked turning around

"Sorry she is Linda the one that collects paper work and information my name is Danielle I'm the dance teacher" Danielle placed her hand out for me to shake it

"Hello Danielle is this where they will always practice?"

"No, this was just a place to gather all the dancers but this will be a place where we will perform, after class i'll give out papers to the practice studio"

"Wonderful Thank you!"

"no problem"  I walked away with Phoebe and Daisy "The lady in the suit was scary" Phoebe said talking to Daisy. I smiled ya there eight but when kids have there own little convo it makes me smile.

"Art class?" I said putting them in their car seats "Yay!" they cheered 

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬Hey There Delilah what's it like in New York City i'm one thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ 

"Hello?" I answered my cell

"Hi amber It's Louis,Fizzy told me you'd be at Doncaster Park....Where are ya?"

"Oh I'm headed there I just dropped of Lottie" I said turning on the car

"Oh okay call me when you get here bye!" I hanged up "Louis likes that song" Daisy said looking at the rear view mirror

"Yeah I Like it too, It's a sweet song" Luckily Doncaster Park was right across the street from The PAC. I parked the car and checked the time 1:50 I quickly took the girls out of the car and took them to the play house center in the park for activities. "Bye I'll be back later" I hugged Phoebe and daisy, I feel secure leaving them there one it's guarded with security and Kristen the neighbor was their.

"Louis?" I said speaking in my phone "Yes babe"

"No don't call me babe where are you?" I said

"Where are you?"

"I asked first"

"I think it's easier if i come to you"

"Fine I'm at the play house"

"Really, I think I see you walk straight ahead" I looked in front and saw a few people in Football/soccer gear

"I think i see you too" I hanged up walking ahead......as I got closer I saw Fizzy on a bench wearing pink cleats with her shorts and jersey

"Hey Girly" 

"Hi Amber" 

"Why aren't you playing" 

"I'm the only girl"

"So who cares if I wasn't wearing these white chucks I would so play!" 

"But I suck" Fizzy looked at me

"That's why you learn" I got up and grabbed Fizzy's hand

"C'mon" I said, Louis kicked a ball towards us and Lottie kicked it back

"See progress!" I smiled

"Summers why aren't you playing?" Louis yelled 

"How did you find out my last name?"

"That's not important" 



"Give me some cleats and you're going down!"

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