In TIme the Heart will Heal

From love to heart break can form friendshilps, memories and even love once more. Find out what happens when Tia's life is thrown upside down and inside out after events that are sure to change her life forever.


1. Chapter ONE

Six years ago my life changed and I haven't been the same person, both mentally and physically. The only reason I'm writing this bloody thing is because, I was told it would help me to deal with my problems which I really do not believe.

So I guess I should start at the beginning and introduce myself, well my name that's Tia Frances, I'm nineteen years young, I have fire engine red hair(from a dye bottle of course) that is naturally straight and reaches just before my lower back, I have blue green eyes, I'm five foot two inches, I have olive like skin, I wear glasses to read, I love fashion like any normal teenage girl. I live in London with my two AMAZING parents, my sister LIlly, who has just turned seventeen, my two brothers Jason who is fourteen, and my brother tony who is thirteen. We live in a house that is just big enough for us all, but we manage.

Right now I'm not living at home I'm actually at Brighton University studying to be a teacher, and I hope to one day speacialise in teaching children with speacial needs. Why you may ask well soon that will be revelled.

All of my problems started on the fourth of July 2007 that is a day I will NEVER forget no matter how much I try.

*diary entry*

Dear DIary today is the fith of July 2007 it's 2.30 am. And yesterday the fourth I went back to the hell that most people call school. This day had to be the worst yet not only was I called names again like: bitch, slapper, ugly, tramp, you name it I was called them all. But on the way home things got worse, tonight they beat me up. I don't even have any idea why people who were my friends two years ago hate me so much. I just can't understand it.

I ran the rest of the way home, I sprinted up the stairs to my room, slammed the door shut and locked it, I slid my back down the cold wooden door and sat on the floor with my head buried in my hands. I sat there for nearly three hours crying silently to myself.

Trying to figure out why they hate me. It's not like I could ever beat them at anything, I'm not smart in fact I'm stupid, I could never steal one of their boyfriends. To do that I would need to be pretty, funny, skinny and confident all of which I am not so that's never going to happen.

Its been nearly three months since I last spoke. Right now I'm literally a shell of the person I was two years ago, back when everything was great, I had friends and I was happy. I have no idea how I'm going to tell my parents what's really going on, they have no idea.

I made a massive mistake when I eventually stopped crying, I looked at myself in the mirror. The thing that stared back wasn't the me I saw before I left for school that morning. I had a massively split lip, a black eye, bruses covered most of my skin, my usual olive like skin was a deep shade of purple and green.

By this point I began to cry once agian.

In a moment of pure weakness I ripped open my wash bag and dug out my razor, I placed it on the floor and stamped on it sending pieces of plastic all over the room. I bent down and picked up the icy cold blade I between my fingers. I sat on my bed and lifted my school skirt revealing my thigh, I took the blade and dragged it across my thigh applying pressure, untill blood pured out of the wound I had created. The pain afterwards lasted afew seconds, I took in a deep breath and the pain that was there was now replaced with an overwhelming sense of relief.

*end of diary entry*

It was almost as if all the pain I had felt in the past two years was just washed away, all in one slip of a blade, all the pain was gone much like, the way the ocean washes away your footprints in the sand with each incoming wave.

I had no idea what to do next or how on earth I was going to explain my appearance to my family. I was sure that once they find out they're going to hate me too.

And that I just couldn't handle. As if I needed any other reason to hate myself more then I already do I was now a MONSTER!!!!
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