Karagen was a normal teenage girl until a fire took out her house and her life. Now, she's different.


1. The beginning

"No, Leo I won't talk to her about it." said Karagen. Her whole life was controlled by her aunt Kandy who didn't understand her at all. She'd only been living with her for two years since her mom died in a fire.   Karagen sat on the floor twisting her dark brown hair while she talked to her bestfriend, Leo Thomas.  Her room was decorated with black and white pictures of her long forgotten family that hadn't been seen since she was two months old.  Since she hadn't seen them in so long she tended to make up stories about why they never had family reunions or why she had such small birthday parties and didn't travel for the holidays.  In reality, the only thing worth telling was that the whole family on her dad's side disapproved of her mom, and he believed them and left his baby and girlfriend behind to fend for themselves. It was just her mom and she for 14 years until they went to sleep that October night not knowing it would be the last time they'd ever say I love you. "Why should I care if she ever talks to me again?" Karagen snapped at Leo. " "Because she's the only family you have ." "I'm going to bed, goodnight." " Ok,Kara, I love you. I didn't mean to upset you." " I love you too" She changed into her pink pajamas and slipped into her bed. Her dreams were full of reruns of the night her mom died. Fire ran across her body and smoke filled her lungs as she leaped from the top step to the bottom. Her mom called her name over and over in terror. And then she realised, the voice wasn't her mother's. It was her aunt's and by the time she came back to her right mind it was too late. Flames rose to the ceiling and scorched the walls. The thick, gray smoke stings her eyes and, and she gasps for air. She crawled to the stairs and looks down at the panicked scene of her aunt attemptin to reach her. Karagen reaches her right hand to her aunt and glances at the gold bracelet on her wrist that was her mothers. She looked into her aunts green eyes, just like her mom's. Blank,Black, Nothing.  Karagen opened her eyes and looked down. Dressed in white she walked beside a golden stream and saw her reflection. She was as perfect as she possibly could be. She looked around at the blue chrystal sky and towering marble buildings. She was captivated by the beautiful scene. She was lost in the scene of the brightest light and before she could reach it she heard a voice say," Kara, baby come here." She turned and saw her mother dressed in the most beautiful white. she was just as lovelt as before. She walked to her and looked into the same green eyes she saw the night before and her mom reached out and put her hand on her cheek. "Not yet. she said. You're new." Karagen closed her eyes and took in the fact that her mom was with her. For that second, she was at peace and everything was right. She opened her eyes an saw a different place. It was cold, and dark. A bright light shined in her eyes and she heard a voice say," We have her!"  She saw the faces of the joyful doctors, and looked down at her scorched hands. She was broken, but never felt stronger. She WAS different. And she would never be the same.

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