I'm In Love With A Total Stranger (Sequel to IILWMBF)

Jess and Harry have had a steady two year running relationship, but will the bumps in the road ahead be too big to avoid? Does Jess really know Harry, or is she in love with a total stranger?


28. Chapter 25

I stretched out in bed sticking my arms out of the duvet, the cold air hitting me instantly. I opened my eyes slightly and looked at the clock: 8:13 am. Well that's the best sleep I've had in a while. I turned in bed expecting to see the familiar mop of curls next to me, but he wasn't there. Hmm. That's odd. I got out of bed and padded my way out of the bedroom and down the corridor towards Lulu's room. I opened the door slightly and peeked in. She was still fast asleep. Good. 

Even though Harry wasn't here right now, I invited Eleanor and Danielle round to plan Tallulah's christening. Which we're hoping to be held in a couple of weeks. I silently closed her door and walked down the corridor towards the kitchen. I went straight to the fridge to see if there was any note that Harry may have left. No. Right, well he's probably at rehearsals. I opened the fridge door and pulled out some milk and trudged towards the cupboard to get some cereal out. 

I munched into my crunchy nut, and scrolled through twitter on my phone at the same time. I noticed a tweet about the new tour dates that Niall had shoved up. I clicked on the link and scrolled down until I found the dates. 

May 12th 

What? This is what Niall was talking about. The dates have been moved around and it's on the day of our wedding. That's why Harry was angry. Oh my poor baby, I need to call him. I'm not mad, I'm disappointed. It either means that our wedding will be held up and we'll have to wait more than a year basically until the wedding, or it means that I'm going to have to have my wedding sometime before 2014, and it's November 6th today. 

I decided to get Tallulah up. "Darling? Come on you need to wake up." I leaned over and kissed her head and she gurgled a bit before waking up properly. I smiled down at her and pulled her out of her cot. 

"Let's get you some breakfast." I said as I placed her on my hip and walked towards the kitchen. I placed her in her highchair and walked over to the fridge and grabbed out some baby food. I slid open the drawer and grabbed a spoon and walked back to her.



"Okay, so I was thinking that we should go to the printing shop down the road to get the invites sorted out?" Eleanor said getting up and arching her back, stretching. The girls and I had done a couple of hours of hard core organization and we'd finally sorted out dates and venues. After making a couple of phone calls to Harry, the church etc. we had it all planned.

"Actually, I was wondering if we could do that tomorrow, it's just that I said I would go out for lunch with Harry on his break at lunch from rehearsals. Sorry El." I said getting up.

"No no, it' fine. Don't worry. Anyway, you need to talk to that boy, he sounded...-

"Down? Yeah I know." I said sighing and walking over to the drinks cabinet. "Anyone up for a quick drink?" I asked getting out glasses.

"Sorry hun, I've got to go to my photo shoot down at the studio which is in...." Dani said looking down at her watch, "Shit. 20 minutes. I'll see you guys later." She said kissing us on the cheeks before swinging her bag over her shoulder and dashing out the apartment.

"Drink El?" I said turning to her.

"I can't, I need to get going, but talk to you later? Call me when you've spoken to Harold." She said smiling at me.

"Okay." I said kissing her cheek and closing the door, the apartment eerily silent. "Tallulah?" I said walking into her bedroom. "Hello baby girl, we're going out for lunch with Daddy! Come on, lets get you ready." I said before lifting her out her cot and walking over to her drawers.



"So that's why i'm stressed beautiful. We'll have to start planning straight away." Harry said sipping his water.

"Hmm." I said frowning and pushing a spoon full of mush into Tallulah's mouth.

"Hmm? That's all you have to say?" Harry said raising his voice slightly. I sighed and turned to him.

"Harry, look, I don't exactly know what to say. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but having to plan one that would be in what, the next month? I don't know. It sounds impossible to me." I said turning back to Lulu.

"But we can hire a wedding planner etc. It will be easy, you won't have to do anything." He said lifting his hands in the air.

"But that's the point Harry, it's our wedding. I want to have a part in the planning. I want it to be special. Please listen to what i'm trying to say." I said looking at him dead in the eyes. His hair was disheveled, he looked exasperated, and his green, penetrating eyes, pleading.

"Alright, I hear what you're saying. We'll do this together, and I'll try to make it as least stressful as It would have been, okay beautiful?" He said reaching out and placing his hand on top of mine.

"So, we're really getting married next month?" I asked.

"Yes. We really are." He said giving me his signature grin.

"Wow." I breathed out. Harry just chuckled, and we both tucked into our food.








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