I'm In Love With A Total Stranger (Sequel to IILWMBF)

Jess and Harry have had a steady two year running relationship, but will the bumps in the road ahead be too big to avoid? Does Jess really know Harry, or is she in love with a total stranger?


18. Chapter 16

The muffled voices began to get clearer as I slowly regained consciousness. Wait, what? Regained consciousness? Since when was I ever unconscious? 

"Are you sure we got the right girl? Macy won't be happy if it's not her." A voice said. My heart lurched and I opened my eyes. Macy? It can't be t-the real one, can it? I looked around the room, it was white, nothing but my bed, a dresser and two men standing next to me in it. It was sort of a clinical room. Like a operation room you see in Casualty or Holby City.

"Shh I think she's awake." One of the men said behind their white mask. I sat up in bed rubbing my forehead. I head a really bad headache. Placing my hands on my belly, I looked at the strange men.

"Where am I? Who are you? Why am I here? Oh god somebody help me. HELP!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I soon heard heals clicking down the hallway towards the room. I heard a sickly familiar voice outside the door before it swung open. 

"I assume she's awake then." Macy said smirking as she strolled over to my bed. I tried getting out of the bed to escape but I couldn't, I was stuck. Something was stopping me and I just couldn't get out of that god damn bed.

"Obviously expecting Harry weren't you dear." She said smiling down at me.

"Get the fuck away from me syco." I spat at her.

"Oh charming as ever, Jessica." She rolled her eyes at me. She walked to the end of the bed smiling down at me. I glared back at her.

"Harry will find me. I know he will. He'll come and get me from this shit-hole." I growled at her.

"Well he would have found you by now. I mean come on, he has had at least a couple of days to come and get you." She scoffed.

"A couple of days?!?! How long have I been asleep? Did you drug me?!?!" I screeched. My heart rate getting higher and higher.

"Yes, you've been unconscious for around 46 hours. We only gave you a little bit of an overdose of sleeping tablets." She said like it was no fucking big deal.

"My baby? Oh god Macy. I'm pregnant you could have killed my baby, is it alright? I'm fucking pregnant for christ sake." I said hopelessly.

"State the obvious. Yes we have established that you were pregnant. In fact, that's why you're here. We of course have kept the baby perfectly safe. We need to keep my baby healthy and stable for when it's born." She said walking over to the door. My throat closed in and my heart felt like it stopped.

"Y-Your baby?" I managed to choke out.

"Oh yes, Jessica love, your going to give birth to mine and Harry's baby. Safe sleep." She said and closed the door behind her.

"MACY COME BACK!" I screamed. I shuffled in the bed trying to get out, but it just wouldn't let me. I was stuck. The tears began to fall and I wanted my Harry back. Where is Harry? She is bloody twisted, this Macy. Who does she think she is, coming in and taking me out of my life, claiming that my baby is now going to be hers and Harry's. No way in hell is she gonna win this fight.


Hey guys sorry this was kind of a filler,

I hoped you like it! What do you think is gonna happen next?

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