I'm In Love With A Total Stranger (Sequel to IILWMBF)

Jess and Harry have had a steady two year running relationship, but will the bumps in the road ahead be too big to avoid? Does Jess really know Harry, or is she in love with a total stranger?


17. Chapter 15

"Keep them closed, no peaking!" El said, her cool hands resting over my blinded eyes as she guided me into her flat. "Okay on the count of three open them. 1....2....3!" She said lifting her hands off my eyes. The light blinded me slightly but I soon adjusted to the light. All my friends were there including Eleanor and Danielle. Most of my girl-friends had now gotten up holding their gifts and were now greeting me with pleasant hugs. 

"Thank you so much guys, I couldn't have organized a better shower than this!" I said giving the girls giant hugs.

"Oh hush, it's the least we can do, besides it was really fun." Dani said grinning. They ushered me over to the sofa while everyone crammed around me. Everyone was holding a champagne flute, filled with the glorious bubbling liquid inside. But I was very contempt with my orange juice. We chatted about me, the baby, Harry etc. until someone shouted,

"Present time!" I rolled my eyes laughing and sat in the middle of everyone.

"Alright I'm first!" A friend of Harry's and I said. She had long auburn hair that sat on her hips, and had tiny freckles dotted over her cute face complimenting her green eyes. Her name was Sarah, yes now I remember. She handed me a little box wrapped up in powder pink wrapping paper. I slid the ribbon of the box and slowly tore away the paper. I opened up the box and pulled out a really sweet blue knitted cap.

"Oh thank you so much Sarah!" I said pulling her in for a hug. 

"It's fine." She said smiling back at me.

The afternoon dragged on slowly opening up various gifts; stuffed toys, baby clothes, toys, stuffed toys....oh and some more stuffed toys. It finally came to Eleanor and Danielle's gift. It was a tiny envelope. I frowned as they handed it to me.

"What's this?" I asked looking down at the envelope in confusion. 

"Open it." El said. I rolled my eyes chuckling and tore open the envelope to find a sweet card inside. I opened up the card and three tickets of some sort fell onto my lap. I frowned as I picked them up. I read one of the tickets carefully. 


                                           TO: IBIZA CENTRAL AIRPORT

                                       DATE: 4TH MAY 2014

                                       SEAT: 4A (FIRST CLASS)

I gasped as I kept re-reading the plane tickets. I looked at the other tickets and they read exactly the same as this except that their seats read 4B and 4C. 

"You're taking me... to Ibiza?" I asked looking up at the grinning Eleanor.

"Yes! Well it's for your Hen party, cause you're getting married in May some time."

I smiled and hugged Danielle and El tightly, "Thank you so much guys, best present ever!" I said laughing. Everyone soon left and it was just Eleanor, Dani and I left in El's flat.

"I should really be going soon, I think Harry wants me home soon." I said slowly getting up. All this rushing around was killing me. I picked up my mobile and called Harry.

"Hello?" His sexy raspy voice echoed through the other side of the phone.

"Hey babe, can you pick me up from Louis' please?" I asked biting my nails. I just get nervous speaking to him on the phone.

"Yeah sure beautiful, i'll see you in minute. I love you." He said.

"Love you too." I said back shutting the phone down. "Alright guys, Haz will be here in a minute." I said getting up.

"Ah okay, well I guess we'll see you at the engagement party." Dani said pulling me for a hug.

"Yeah, god time has flied by so fast, you don't think Harry and I have rushed into things?" I asked feeling this deep feeling in my gut.

"No, of bloody course not. Now get yo ass into his car now." El said lightly pushing me towards the door. "I'll send Lou over later with the presents."

"Thanks guys!" I said and slammed the door shut. Making my way towards Harry's dark Porsche car parked by the pavement. I opened the car door and slammed it behind me. "Hey ba- WHAT THE FUCK?" I suddenly heard screaming, oh wait....that's me.


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