I'm In Love With A Total Stranger (Sequel to IILWMBF)

Jess and Harry have had a steady two year running relationship, but will the bumps in the road ahead be too big to avoid? Does Jess really know Harry, or is she in love with a total stranger?


15. Chapter 13

Walking into the terminal, I saw the boys already waiting there. Obviously their flight was early. I grinned as I saw all of their stupid faces looking extremely bored as they all slouched down on the chairs in the lounge.

"Guys!" I shouted as I walked in their direction. A few heads popped up, Niall's, Louis' and Zayn's to be precise.

"Jess!" Louis shouted as he stood up. And then all heads were looking our way. All of the boys started running our way except for Harry who trudged on behind looking down at the floor. Louis engulfed me in a giant hug, followed by Liam, "Hello love. You're looking very healthy." He said scruffing my hair. I swatted his hand away and hugged Niall. 

"Someone's been eating too much Nandos. I knew I shouldn't have left you alone to eat your own meal." He said. I rolled my eyes and hugged Zayn.

"I've missed you too much, doll." He said squeezing me. 

"Oh Zayn, not too hard." I said placing my hands on my belly.

"Oh right, ooops!" He said chuckling. I turned away from everyone and faced Harry. He looked up at me and smiled weakly. I don't know what over came me. Maybe it was my raging hormones or just the fact that I hadn't seen him for 4 months but I leapt at him and hugged him so tight. Inhaling his boyish aftershave I smiled, and realized I was crying.

Harry hugged me back and set me back down on my feet (he was quite tall). I looked up at him, waiting for him to say something, but he wasn't looking at me. He was staring right at my belly, grinning.

"Harry, look I-I don't know what I should exactly say, but ummm. Well about you and the girl, an-"

"Shush. We'll talk about when we get back to the flat. Do you mind?" He asked placing out a hand for me to take. I shook my head and took his hand in mine. Feeling the electric spark shoot up my tingling fingertips, I smiled, relishing the moment.


Once we got back to our flat and everyone was dropped of at various places, I went into our apartment, unlocked the door and held it open for Harry. He looked around and noticed a few changes.

"Wheres all your stuff?" He asked looking around the flat.

"I moved it out when I came back from tour and took most of it to mums. It's just that paparazzi were hanging around our flat constantly and I couldn't be in the limelight, you know with what-not." I said pointing to my belly. He nodded, sighed and then sat down on the couch and patted the place next to him. I walked over to him and sat down, obediently waiting like dog.

"Jess, I can't begin to tell you how sorr-"

"I forgive you." I simply said. 

"You w-what?" He asked in disbelief.

"I forgive you. I thought about after your phone call, and just listening to your voice made me realize that it was a stupid mistake and that I love you too much to let you go. Harry I love you and I want to start again, as a family." I said placing my hand on my belly.

"And I love you Jess." Harry said cupping my face with his two hands. I leant in and our lips touched and the sparks flew, as we moved in sync. I rested my head on his forehead looking into his emerald eyes. His hot breath tickling my cheek. "I will do whatever it takes to look after you and our baby." He said wrapping his arms around me. 

"I know you will. I know." I said resting my head on his shoulder and closing my eyes.

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