How to get Justin Bieber arrested

Ok....Don't really do this! This is just for fun!!! Please!!! You can get arrested! Just read are gonna laugh your lungs out! God forbid....something like that doesn't happen!! Just kidding! Enjoy!


1. Justin Bieber Birthday Mishap!

  OK! First, send him a letter or phone call saying you are his #1 fan....You want him to come over for your birthday......But, when he rejects just get really mad! He will be really threatened and decide to come over! He will bring his guards and tell you "Happy Birthday!" You say...It's not really my birthday! And he freaks out and starts running....Immediately...You need to kick his ass and rag your clothes up right away!! Close hi up by putting a  rope around his hand and call the cops...When they get there...Tell them Justing Bieber tried to rape you to get him arrested!!! BOOM! Your revenge for dating Selena!!

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