The Man

There's a Man that needs to be in all of our lives. That will listen and answer prayers. If we only believe.


1. The Man

There was a Man from Galilee
Who walked the earth
Just like you and I
He was kind and good

For all to see
People came from near and far
To see his beautiful smile
To touch the hem of His garment

Walking along He looked up at the sky
It was so blue and clear
It was beautiful to see
Birds were singing, bees buzzing

All was right
People came by and saw
Miracles all around
The lame was walking

Blind could see
Deaf could hear
Dumb could talk
All the angels had wings so fair

All a miracle from one Man
Dreams came
Like a wind
Blowing along like a breeze

It is wonderful
And good
How dreams come true

Have faith
You will see the Man from Galilee
Who died on the cross
For you and I
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