Deffinetly NOT Ordinary

Courtney has a huge secret,but she only has 75 days before she can be claimed by the light or dark.Only one thing can save her from becoming dark:Love.What happens when she meets some very special boys that can turn her life into light?Will she finially admit her secret or will it be revealed saving Niall Horans life?


7. You Guys Are What!

Courtney's POV


I woke up the next morning with a raging headache,gosh it felt like a boulder has smashed my head,hard.I got out of bed and put a bathing suit on with a tanktop,shorts,and flip-flops,I ran down the hall to the living room.I saw the boys huddled on the couch,clinging onto each other,Niall was wet,Liam was sitting there staring at a spoon sitting on the table."What's wrong" I asked,I walked closer and the boys looked like they seen a ghost,"Don't come any closer,please don't hurt us!"Zayn cried."I didn't do anything!" I said,I was getting ready to cry."All I remember is that it was a full moon and I act crazy during them!" I said."You were crazy all right!"they all cried in unison."You ran to the beach,threw Niall in the water... with water! Liam almost had a heart attack when you chased him with a spoon! Then Harry had to knock you out!"Louis said."Oh god, I'm a monster!"I said,"And tonights another full moon,then one more night!" I cried."Please just stay away from us during a full moon,please!" Harry said."But you said that you would help me through this, you said you would always be there for me!" I cried now tears streaming down my face. I ran out of the house to the cave, I just sat in the pool,crying,I heard somebody come into the cave I looked up and saw my ex-boyfriend, "Please just get this over with, I don't care now they think I'm a monster." I said.I was already dry, and just walked up to him,he just tied me to a chair and left me there.


Niall's POV


I can't believe Harry said that,what if she does something stupid like go to her ex-boyfriend and tell him to do something.Oh my! she could do that! "Harry,why did you say that,she could go to her ex-boyfriend! You know she is one to do that!" I shouted. "I doubt that Niall,she's not that stupid!" Louis said. "Then where is she?"I mumbled. "She probably just went out I bet she'll be here any minute!" Liam said. I waited for hours she still didn't come. That's it I'm going to look for her!"Guys I'm going to look for her!"I yelled."We're coming with you!" the boys yelled.Then we took off towards the cave.


Courtney's POV


I hope the boys don't come looking for me,my ex came in with a blade, "Courtney I'm going to do this fast okay? Before I do what's your secret?" He said."I'm a mermaid." I said. He nodded and took the knife and started to cut across my stomach I screamed in agony.He went to my neck and whispered in my ear "I'm a vampire" Before I could say anything he bit my neck,I screamed I could feel the world starting to fade away,I heard yelling and screaming,mostly mine. Niall came over and leaned in and pecked my lips then whispered"Me and the boys are vamires also" I couldn't believe what people were saying "I'm going to save you but it will hurt okay?" Niall whispered.I nodded and he bit into my neck this pain was more than I've ever felt,I saw Harry,Liam,Zayn,and Louis come over and kneel down next to me "Niall stop she's dying!" Harry said. Niall still didn't stop,so I continued to scream, Zayn and Louis came over to Niall and pull him off of me "Courtney I'm so sorry!" Niall said. Then my necklace lit up and Niall fell to the ground in agony he started to scream.I felt the same pain and screamed, the room was filled with sceams,while Harry and Liam tryed to calm Niall down,while Louis and Zayn tryed to calm me down, it didn't really help.The pain in my neck started to go down until there was no more but the pain in my chest still was stinging then it stopped and the last thing I remember is "Zayn get her to the house and lock her in her room she's going to go through the change." Then I was picked up and I blacked out.

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