Deffinetly NOT Ordinary

Courtney has a huge secret,but she only has 75 days before she can be claimed by the light or dark.Only one thing can save her from becoming dark:Love.What happens when she meets some very special boys that can turn her life into light?Will she finially admit her secret or will it be revealed saving Niall Horans life?


2. What's your secret?

Courtney's POV


I just sat there staring,waiting for somebody to say something."Guys I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner,I just wasn't aloud to, I'm afraid that they would come for me.." I said.As soon as I said that last part,I quickly put my hand over my mouth.I can't believe I just said that,I'm not aloud to talk about "Them". If they found out I said that, my judgment day would come a LOT sooner "Who's "they"?" Zayn asked."I'm not aloud to say,let's just say they aren't the nicest people." I said. "You know you can talk to us about it,I just have one question How?" Niall said."I was born into it,I only have 75 days." I said while running my hand through my hair."Until..?" Liam asked,oops I forgot to tell them.Wait,what am I doing!? I just met them and I'm spilling out my biggest secret."Can you guys go get me my towel over there?I'm kinda getting cold." I asked.My plan was in action as soon as they would walk over there,I would make a run for it into the water and take off before they even had time to process what's happening."Sure, lets go she needs time to pull the words together."Niall said.Niall and the boys stood up and walked to my bag,I stood up and ran towards the water.I was just about to step in when I felt a hand go over my mouth and took my arms.I started to scream,that didn't really help so, I bite the guys hand and yelled "Niall!Help!"I screamed, I saw him turn around with wide eyes.The boys turned around and the guy started to pull me over to a cliff I looked over it it was about a 25 foot drop.The boys started to run to me,I turned to the guy.No way! My ex-boyfriend,I looked at him with pleading eyes,"What's your secret Courtney?Tell me or I push you over the edge!" He said,with anger in his eyes."I-i can't,just don't please!"I said.The boys were just about to reach me when he pushed me over the edge.

Niall's POV


He just pushed Courtney over the edge "Boys take care of him,I'm going after Courtney!" I shouted.I started to pull my shirt off, "Niall I'm coming with you!" Harry said.He pulled his shirt over his head,I nodded my head and we dove over the edge.


Courtney's POV


I saw Niall and Harry jump over the edge,I just hit the water I changed,I saw Niall and Harry hit the water I started to get really dizzy.I was just about to black out,when I felt arms around me and pulled me to the surface.Then I blacked out.


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