Deffinetly NOT Ordinary

Courtney has a huge secret,but she only has 75 days before she can be claimed by the light or dark.Only one thing can save her from becoming dark:Love.What happens when she meets some very special boys that can turn her life into light?Will she finially admit her secret or will it be revealed saving Niall Horans life?


3. Things Get Crazy

Niall's POV


"Liam,Zayn,Louis can you come help us,she's really heavy with this.Whatever you want to call it." I said."Niall,it's called a tail okay,get used to it!"Harry said."I'm sorry it's... just not normal for a girl to have a tail."I said.I saw Liam,Louis,and Zayn jump landing right next to us,"Why did this have to happen?"I asked."I don't know Niall,but let's get her to shore and see what we can do."Louis said. We started to swim to shore,when we got to shore the guys helped me drag her out of the water.Wow she looks beautiful! The boys started to laugh "What?!" I asked."You've been staring at her for about 5 minutes."Liam said.Had it really been that long?I got down on my knees "What do we do now?"I asked.She looked so peaceful laying there,although her face was pale and her body was growing really small and petite. I leaned down and kissed her lips,her eyes shot open she started to kiss back."Uhmm, we're still her guys...once your done making out,gross,we'll talk about what happened."The boys started to laugh like crazy.Courtney turned crimson red,I laughed.


Courtney's POV


That was so romantic,"Do you guys want to go swimming?Then we'll talk after."I asked hopeing they'll say yes."Sure,let's go ya need help there mermaid?" Zayn asked.I shot him a glare and said "Yes." I said looking very annoyed. Zayn and Liam lifted me up and put me in the water the boys jumped in and started to wrestle.I swam around before going under,when I came up Zayn was sitting by the waternot wanting to go in I swam over and put my hand out.He took it and I pulled him in,Zayn and I went under and motioned for him to hold his breath I started to make my way to the cave where I hang out sometimes.The boys were following,I felt a hand grab my tail I looked back there was Niall.I smiled, we just swam up and the boys looked around in awe."What is this place?" Zayn said,"I hang out here sometimes when I get lonley." I said.I looked around,though something caught my eye,a camera."Niall can you come here?" I asked.He came over to me I motioned for him to come closer "There's a camera."I whisperd.He went over to the boys and spoke with them,I decided to swim around the cave I dove to the bottom.I found a really pretty necklace,it had a little gem in the middle that said: Secrets.I put it on I was at the surface I was just about to call Niall over when I got yanked back under and pulled out of the cave.


Niall's POV


I just got done talking to the boys I waited about 30minutes and Courtney still didn't yell for me,I started to get worried I walked to the side of the water,when I saw a note,I read it and dropped it."B-Boys I-I think yo-you need to r-read this!"I yelled.I read it one more time and broke down in tears.


Harry's POV


Niall yelled for us to read something,then I saw Niall fall to the ground in tears I ran over and picked up the note it read:

Dear Boys,

I took Courtney for a little vaction,I wouldn't come looking for her if you don't want anything to happen to her.You have 48 hours to find her before I kill her.I'll make sure I make it painful for Niall to watch.Best Luck!


I couldn't believe somebody took her,"Boys we have 48 hours to get Courtney back!" I yelled.We swam out of the cave,I wonder where she was let's see it has to be somewhere wet,but also soundproof and big.I got it!"Guys I know where he's hidding Courtney!"


Courtney's POV


I woke up in a little room filled with water and a little raft in the pool,I had my legs back.How did I get here? As if on cue my e.x walked in he had a robe on and started walking towards me with lust in his eyes.I started walking backwards I got to the other side of the room pressed up against the wall.





"I've been waiting to do that for a long time,ever since you ran away."


Courtney's POV


I was so scared.I can't believe he did that! H-He raped me.

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