Deffinetly NOT Ordinary

Courtney has a huge secret,but she only has 75 days before she can be claimed by the light or dark.Only one thing can save her from becoming dark:Love.What happens when she meets some very special boys that can turn her life into light?Will she finially admit her secret or will it be revealed saving Niall Horans life?


4. Finding Courtney

Niall's POV


Harry pulled us towards the water tower,"What are we doing here Harry,we need to find Courtney!"I said.I really need to find her before he kills her,what a psychopath!"She's her Niall,I just know it!"Harry said with a smile.I felt a sharp pain in my chest and feel to the ground."Niall are you okay?"Louis said."I felt what Courtney feels right now and I don't think it's a very good sign."I said.We started to climb the water tower.


Courtney's POV


I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I fell back.I screamed in pain,my necklace light up in blue,then changed to red.I don't really like where this was going,I was still scared know what...just the thoughts of it made me turn pale.I crawled into a corner and pulled my legs to my chest and started rocking back and forth.I hadn't eaten anything,my make up was smeared and my hair was everywhere.I was getting dangerously skinny.I heard shouting and punching,that made me shake even harder I heard someone yell "Where is she?" The voice yelled,I heard walking coming to my door whoever it was,was probably going to hurt me I cried even harder and tried to get even farther into the corner,if it was even possible.The door opened and in walked the stranger.Niall.Louis.Liam.Zayn.Harry,all of course boys that made me scream.


Niall's POV


We finially got into the water tower there was a boy sitting at a table,I walked up to him and punched him and yelled "Where is she?" The boy just looked at me and started chuckling that made me even more made I punched to the ground and he just layed there.I walked to the closest room I walked in and I saw Courtney in the corner crying when she saw me and the boys she screamed.He didn't.Did he? He raped her!How could that little bastard do that?I walked up and she stood up and walked towards me she wrapped her arms around me.I felt another pain in my chest and fell to the floor.This wasn't just little pain,it was hard and painful.I saw Courtney make the same expression and fall to the floor,she landed right beside me. I looked into her eyes and her necklace lit up black.She looked into my eyes and we both blacked out.

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