Deffinetly NOT Ordinary

Courtney has a huge secret,but she only has 75 days before she can be claimed by the light or dark.Only one thing can save her from becoming dark:Love.What happens when she meets some very special boys that can turn her life into light?Will she finially admit her secret or will it be revealed saving Niall Horans life?


1. Saving his Life or the Other Way Around

Courtney's POV


Great I have to get up,another day closer to be claimed by the light or dark. I got up and got ready,I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and put on a tanktop with ruffles and jean shorts.Why don't I go for a morning swim?I thought to myself,I grabbed a bag and jumped out the window. My parents would never approve going out this early!I started walking to the beach,I was another day closer to judgement day(not the end of the world!) Everytime another child is born when they have special abilities like me they have to be claimed,so far Im sure im going to the darkside.I was about 2 minutes away from the beach I hope nobodys there so they don't see my secret.

Niall's POV

Me and the boys decided to go for a morning swim as usual,this time we found a nice place to chill.I hope there's nobody there,we were just walking into the waves when I saw the most gorgeous girl!She smiled at me and I smiled back "Guys look over three!" I said to them.I pointed at the direction of the girl she was walking to the edge where there was about a 6 foot drop.The boys and I started to walk over there " Hi im Niall abd you must be beautiful." I said with a wink.She stared to blush like crazy,"Hi im Coutney" She said. I shook her hand " Hey you want to hang out with us for the day?"

Courtney's POV

Of coursw I want to I just don't want to get caught with my tail.Yup that's right a tail,I am a mermaid. Before I could think about it I just blurted out"Sure!" Im such an idiot!I started to walk with them all the boys started to go swimming but I just hung back,not knowing that Niall was behind me he dumped a big bucket of water on me! I started to freak out!" I'll be right back" I said.I jumped up and ran to the water I had just dove in when I changed I started to swim quickly.I thought I was far enough away I popped my head out of the water and I turned around.There stood my worst nightmare.The boys.
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