The Clumsy Girl (1D/ Twilight)

Vas' happenin?! This is a One Direction cross Twilight fanfic. DIRECTIONERS AND TWIHARDS UNITE!!! :D


2. School

I pull up to school in my red pick-up truck. I feel so different and out of place. The shyness and embarrassment build up inside of me. There's so many people here, it's scary.   

"Hi, you're new, right?" Asks a tall girl with red, frizzy, shoulder length, bouncy hair and sparkling brown eyes.

"Yeah. Eleanor" I say.

"My name is Crystal" she replies. "What's your timetable like?"

I hand her over my timetable.

"English, spanish, history... Same as me!" Crystal says really excitedly.

"What number is your locker?" 

"Am... 18H" I say trying to unfold the paper and not drop everything.

"Cool. I'll show you where it is"

 We walk down to my locker. I open it and empty my bag into it only leaving the books I need in my bag. I lock it and Crystal and I walk to class. There isn't many people inside. Crystal introduces me to our english teacher and I take a seat next to her.

When everyone came flooding in they all made eyes at me.

"Who's she?" They all whispered.

One guy whispered to his friend "I don't care who she is, she's hot!"

I didn't find this boy very good looking but he wasn't bad either. He came over to me and knee-led down at my desk.

"I'm Mike" he says.

"Eleanor" I say.

"Mike, don't harass Eleanor on her first day" Crystal jokes. I laugh at her and Mike seems embarrassed.

"I'll just wait until day two then" he says winking at me.

I turn to Crystal. She is laughing her head of so I join her.

At lunch I sit with Crystal and her friends who I later knew as Katie, Emily, Sky, Joey, Luke and Mike sat with us too. I looked out the window and saw these breath-takingly stunning people walk in.

"Who are they" I whisper to Sky.

"They are Dr. and Mrs. Cowells step kids" she says. "The tall guy with the hot body is Liam and the girl with him is Danielle. The tanned guy with the black hair is Zayn and she is Perrie. The curly hair guy is Harry and the guy eating is Niall."

Another guy walks in the door after him.

"Who's he?" I ask.

"Louis Tomlinson. Incredibly good looking, local prankster but none of us are good enough for him, not that I care!" I know she cares.

He sits down with everyone else. He's staring at me. He looks frustrated. A bit angry. Well I couldn't have done anything wrong!

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