The Clumsy Girl (1D/ Twilight)

Vas' happenin?! This is a One Direction cross Twilight fanfic. DIRECTIONERS AND TWIHARDS UNITE!!! :D


3. History

"Ah, Eleanor I presume!" beams my history teacher. "You can sit over there next to Louis Tomlinson."

Oh God! He hears her and gives me a strange look of anger, confusion and curiosity.

"Hi, I'm Eleanor" I say.

He gives me another strange look.

"It's a bit stuffy in here!" says our history teacher opening a window. A strong breeze hits me. Louis blocks his nose and turns away, now looking as if he is in pain. I can't smell! I had a shower last night! Just to be sure I smell my hair. Nope, smell a bit like coconuts actually.

"Right, in 1916 Ireland..." This class drags on.

Louis stares at me uncomfortably and gags every now and then. He jumps up and grabs his books a split second before the bell rings. Weird!

I walk to the office just to see Louis there.

"Is there another class I could switch to? Geography maybe?" he asks.

"I'm sorry but there's no way..." she tells him.

He turns his head to see me.

"Fine. I'll just have to endure it!" the cheek of him.

I run out of there and suffer the harassment I get at lunch.

When it's finally time to go home I leave as fast as I can!

Mom rings me and asks about my day.

"Well everyone is very welcoming" I tell her.

"Oh no! What's happened?" She asks.

"It doesn't ever matter!" I reply nearly in tears and I hang up the phone.

I can't believe I have to go back there tomorrow!

What's wrong with me? I'm meant to hate Louis but I don't... I can't stop thinking about him! What if this is good for me? What if I feed of Louis' ignorance? What if this is what I've been missing all my life...

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