Always Be Together (Ziam/Narry Fanfic)

There was only one word to describe Zayn Malik and Niall Horan; popular. The two has the whole school wrapped around their fingers, everyone knows them, and frankly they know everyone back. They couldn't lie, they loved the attention, to death, but there was one little secret that the two boys hide, they were bisexual. But they didn't mind keeping it a secret, they knew what they liked and that's all that mattered, it wasn't like they liked anyone in their school anyways, at least that's what they thought. What happens when Zayn starts falling for his best friend, Liam, and Niall starts falling for the new boy Harry?


1. Welcome Back Mr. and Mr. Popular.


- Niall -

"Niall! Come out the bathroom! You've been in there long enough!" I heard my older step-brother, Zayn, yell from outside the door, I simply laughed looking at myself one last time in the mirror. I looked good, if i say so myself. Finally, i fixed my blonde hair one last time before opening the white door, reveling a bedhead Zayn right in front of my eyes.

"Looking good," I joked, he punched me in the arm and rolled his eyes walking into the bathroom i was just in, i turned to face him and he sent me a smile slamming the door in the face. Oh how i love the relationship Zayn and i have, brotherly love i like to call it. I heard my stomach growl and right away my mind thought about the breakfast food that would be waiting for me downstairs like normal.

Grabbing my book bag from my room, i quickly jumped down the stairs, skipping at least two or three steps on the way.

"Easy down the stairs Niall!" My mum, Maura, said handing me a plate full of eggs and toast. I chuckled, grabbing a piece of toast plopping it in my mouth.

"Sorry mum." I mumbled with a mouth full of toast. My mom rolled her eyes at me, something she always does.

"Where is your brother?" She asked referring to Zayn, my real brother, Greg, moved out about two years ago to go to university leaving me alone in a huge house with my mum and my dad. When my parents realized how lonely i was without a brother, they adopted Zayn and from there we've been stuck together ever since.

Taking  a seat at the table i replied, "He's in the bathroom, looking pretty for the first day." I teased, digging into the eggs my mum had made. I have to admit, my mum was probably the best cook I ever met in my life. Her chicken was simply the best i ever tasted, my stomach growled just thinking about it.

"Still hungry bud? You just had eggs and toast!" My dad said, appearing out of no where. I chuckled, and that's when i realized i really was done with my eggs and toast, just that fast. Well now im sad, my food is gone.

"Oh, i guess so." I shrugged.

Just then i felt a large pair of hands start punching my shoulder.

Zayn of course.

"Hey no fair!" I said, jumping up from my seat to start wrestling Zayn, he then put me in a head lock. "Whoa! The hair bro!" I laughed, struggling to get from Zayn's grip, i must admit, he was pretty strong for a nineteen year old. 

"Boys calm down! You better be getting to school anyways, you don't want to be late yeah?" My mum said, picking up my dirty dishes from the table.

"Right, bye mum, bye dad!" Zayn said, picking up his book-bag from the floor, i did the same and waved goodbye to my parents heading out the front door to Zayn and I's car parked out front.

"I'm drivin'" Zayn yelled, unlocking the door with the button on his key-chain, i love that thing.

I got in the passenger seat, automatically turning up the radio to my favorite station. "One day ill be on the radio." I mumbled, loud enough for Zayn to hear. Zayn smiled, he knew how much i loved music, it was my dream to hopefully join a band one day, to play my guitar and sing for millions of my own fans one day.

That would be absolutely incredible.

"I believe in you mate, I've heard you play guitar you're amazing! Not to mention your singing voice." Zayn said, complementing me. I chuckled a little, i swear i could feel my face heat up. I couldn't help it, i was never good with taking compliments.

"Thanks Zayn, means a lot coming from you." I said, my blue eyes got larger as i saw our good 'ol high school appear in front view, Zayn taking a parking space in our usually spot. Right away eyes were on us.

Oh how it feels to be back in our natural habitat. 

"Ready to do this?" Zayn asked me, smirking.

"Oh you know it, brother Horan." I said, giving a new nickname to Zayn. Zayn just smiled grabbing his book-bag from the backseat. 

You seen Zayn and I were the popular "Horan Brothers." Of course we were popular for different reasons. I was on the football team, and everyone knew my love for music. I usually like to play guitar in between classes for the ladies, and sometimes sing for them during lunch. Zayn simply had the looks, and the mysterious persona. Everyone loved him, shit if he wasn't my brother i would to. 

"Zayn!" I heard a familiar voice say, i looked over in Zayn's direction to see his best friend Liam give him a bro hug.

"Liam! My man!" Zayn said, giving Liam a noogie. 

"Niall! How's it going mate?" Liam asked, giving me a brofist. 

"What's the craic, Liam?" I chuckled, i couldn't get the smile on my face. I actually think its permanent. "Where's Louis?" I asked Liam, Louis was my best friend, he was carefree and funny just like me. We get on really well and i love that about our friendship.

"Last time i saw him he was flirting with Eleanor and a group of other girls." Liam shrugged, rolling his eyes.

Eleanor, of course.

Eleanor was the girl Louis had been crushing on since sixth grade, we were now in eleventh grade an Louis hasn't stopped trying. Personally, i don't think he ever will. I can't say that I'm jealous of Eleanor, i knew Louis wasn't gay, and he was my best friend after all  But there was always something deep inside me that made me a little upset every time i heard Louis and Eleanor in the same sentence. But i certainly wasn't going to let it ruin my first day back. 

"Oh okay, thanks." I said, giving Liam a little head-nod before i set out looking for Louis. A ton of hugs, a lot of hellos, and a few small chats here and there i finally found Louis and Eleanor by her locker. Eleanor paying no attention to the blue eyed brunette. 

"Come on Eleanor, give me a chance please?" Louis whined, clasping his hands together like a little child, begging for Eleanor to give him at least one chance. She hasn't given him one yet.

"No Louis, we've been through this. I like Josh, my boyfriend." She stated, closing her locker. "Hey, you're cute, don't sweat it." Eleanor added, seeing how sad and disappointed Louis looked. She shot me a look before walking away in the direction of her first class.

I patted Louis on the shoulder, slowly sliding my arm around his shoulder, "Don't worry Louis, its grade eleven, year twenty thirteen, you'll find someone new." I told him, trying to give him some hope.

"I don't want someone new Niall," Louis told me, shaking my arm off my shoulder, "I want Eleanor." I rolled my eyes.

"Just trying to help." I told him, shrugging. I went into my book-bag and looked around for the schedule they had sent in the mail. I made a face at the class i had first.

Louis laughed, "What's the class?" He asked, taking the paper from my hands. He burst out into laughter, "Math? You have math first? This will be a long year bud. See you in third." Louis told me, going off to whatever his first class was. I sighed just as the bell rang, i walked off to math, taking a seat towards the back.

"Hey." I heard a deep British voice say next to me, i heard some shuffling sounds then the sound of him sitting in the seat next to me. I looked up and smiled at the boy next to me.

Well he was cute, really cute.

"What's the craic?" I asked him, saying my "world-famous." catch phrase. "I'm Niall, nice to meet ya'" I told him.

"Harry, sucks having math first yeah?" He sighed, facing the front as the teacher walked into the room. I smirked, he was likable, defiantly likable. 

"Yeh' i guess." I replied back, i was determined to make him in our clique, i declared him mine.

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