Always Be Together (Ziam/Narry Fanfic)

There was only one word to describe Zayn Malik and Niall Horan; popular. The two has the whole school wrapped around their fingers, everyone knows them, and frankly they know everyone back. They couldn't lie, they loved the attention, to death, but there was one little secret that the two boys hide, they were bisexual. But they didn't mind keeping it a secret, they knew what they liked and that's all that mattered, it wasn't like they liked anyone in their school anyways, at least that's what they thought. What happens when Zayn starts falling for his best friend, Liam, and Niall starts falling for the new boy Harry?


2. New Boy Styles

- Niall -

Harry and i roamed the halls in search of my brother and Liam, i knew the five of us - Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, and i - all had the same lunch period; and as a clique, what i like to call us, i think we should all go there together. After all, we do rule the school right?

"Everyone is staring at us..." Harry whispered in my ear, his face flushed. I laughed, patting Harry on the shoulder.

"That's a good thing my British friend!" I told him, my Irish accent rolling off the tip of my tongue, i could tell Harry liked it. Every time i opened my mouth a huge smile would form on his lips, showing off his adorable dimples. 

"Are you popular or something?" Harry asked, seeing as how many girls, and even some guys, would start whispering about us. Shouting hi's and hello's. Of course all this fame would die down during the middle and end's of the school year, but since it was still the first day, everyone seemed to adore us. Even the new boy, Styles. "You are, aren't you?" Harry smirked, turning down the hallway towards the cafe. I could already smell the aroma of sweet, sweet food in the cafe.

"You my friend, may be correct."

"Niall, Niall's friend!" I heard my brother call from behind. I turned my head to see Zayn, Liam, and Louis walking our way. Heading nodding us as we did so.

"Zayn, this is Harry. Harry that's my brother Zayn, and his best friend Liam, and my best friend Louis." I told him, introducing him to everyone.

Harry gave a shy smile, "Hey everyone." He mumbled. I look at him as if he had two heads, Zayn came over and flung his arm around Harry's shoulders, walking into the cafe as if he owned the place.

I mean, he did.

"Harry no need to be shy. You're one of us now, you'll get use to all this soon." Zayn chuckled, going off to our usual table. Straight to the back, just the way we liked it. 

"Can i go eat now?" I whined, looking right at the lunch line in front of my eyes. Zayn and the boys laughed, they always laugh at my food obsession. But it wasn't my fault, i just had a really fast metabolism. 

"Go ahead Niall." Zayn teased, nudging me forward towards the lunch line.

Right away i got up and started walking toward the line, "I'll come with you." I heard Harry say, he got up and jogged after me, catching up to my speed.

"You like my mates so far?" I asked him, swinging my arm around his shoulder like Zayn did a little while back. Harry smiled and shook his head.

"Yeah, they're good lads." He said, shaking the curls out of his eyes. 

I grinned, "Good, cause my lads are your lads. Trust me, don't think about leaving our clique now. Because you're never getting the fuck out." I teased, making my way to the end of the lunch line. A few girls looked over our way and started whispering and chuckling to each other.

This year is starting off amazing.

"Hey um..." One of them said, she smiled in our direction.

Harry and i both looked at each other, "What can i do for you ladies?" I asked them, giving them a smile in return.

"You can go in front of us if you like." The other one said as the line moved forward. I smiled, shrugging.

"Well alright." I replied, going in front of them as planned. I noticed Harry stayed behind.

"Curly! You commin'?" I asked him, motioning for him to come next to me. He shyly made his way over, cutting the two girls in front of us. "How many times do i have to say it? You're one of us now. Enjoy it while you can. Your high school days don't last forever." I sang, as i started off the intro to the song Forever Young.

I grabbed two trays, handing one to Harry as we walked along the line. I picked up basically everything i saw, while Harry only got a burger and fries. "That's all you're eatin' mate?" I asked him shocked, even Zayn and Louis eat more than that.

Harry chuckled, grabbing a water while following me back to the table. "Yeah, i don't eat much." Harry shrugged, sitting down back in his original spot. I sat next to Louis and shrugged once again, taking a huge bite out of my burger and a handful of fries in my mouth.

"Eat like a human Niall!" Louis laughed, fixing his hair into his beanie. His attention turned toward the front of the cafe, and right away i knew he was staring at Eleanor.

Yet again.

"Give it up Tommo!" I whined, adding ketchup to my fries, putting some more in my mouth.

Louis sighed, putting his head in his hands. "I don't think you understand Niall, have you ever been in love before?" He asked, looking at me with his ocean blue eyes. Slightly lighter than my own.

Actually i have, you idiot.

"No, i don't have time for love." I mumbled with a face full of food. I saw Harry get up and throw out his plate, jeez he was already done.

"Exactly, i've been waiting for her for five years, five!" Louis exclaimed, throwing five fingers in my face. I rolled my eyes and smacked Louis' hand away from my face.

"Other fish in the sea Louis, so many other fish." I said for the second time today, i took a huge gulp of my water and threw my trash out, finally done with my lunch.

"Are we hanging out after school?" I heard Zayn say, throwing Liam in an unexpected headlock, i laughed. Maybe a little to hard.

"Jeez Zayn, let me go!" Liam said, trying to ply Zayn's arms off of his neck.

"I can come." Louis said, tapping a random beat on the edge of the table top.

"Same here." Liam said, finally getting loose from Zayn's grip.

"What about you Harry?" Zayn asked, all eyes were on Harry.

"Erm, yeah. I can come." Harry shrugged. I smiled, finally the boys were back.

"It's about time we all had a get together, Harry finally gets to see the real us." I said, jumping up in the air to do a kick that i usually do in football. The other boys laughed, they loved my football moves.

"After school, be there." Zayn pointed at everybody, strutting out of the cafe as if he was a male model. 

That boy can be so full of himself.

"Right whatever." I rolled my eyes. "See you guys there." I waved, going to my locker to get the rest of my stuff.

- after school -

Grabbing my book-bag out of my locker, i met up with Zayn in the schools parking lot. Talking to a group of girls, i bet they were asking for his number.

"Niall! My main man!" Zayn said, holding up his hand for a high five, i went to do so, but he dropped his hand giving me a cheeky smirk. "Too slow." I said, head nodding towards me. The girls laughed, and my cheeks flushed. 

I rolled my eyes, "Piss off." I laughed, leaning on the passengers side of the car. "We goin' or what?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

"One minute, giving gorgeous Perrie over here my number." I sighed and loosely rolled my head back, looking up the sky it was so clear, that was very unusual in London. "See you later." I then heard Zayn say, peeling himself off his car getting into the divers side.

I got inside the car, strapping on my seatbelt. "Perrie?" I asked him, my eyebrows raised. Perrie Edwards, she was one of the hottest girls in school. After, Eleanor, Danielle, and Amy. 

"Isn't she fit?" 

"I thought you liked Liam." I told him, getting straight to the point.

"I do, but he likes Danielle. I know he's not gay or bisexual. So I'm not going to force him to love me." He laughed at the last part, "If he is, then so be it. But as far as i know-"

"He's not, whatever." I said, reaching for the radio. Zayn stopped me, looking at me straight in the eyes, his stupid smirk on his face. 

I couldn't help but chuckle, "What?" I asked him. He gave me the "are you seriously asking?" look. So i asked again, being the annoying brother that i am. "What?" 

"You and Louis." He simply said, releasing my hand. I had a feeling he was going to bring that up.

"I don't like Louis, i just think he's ... attractive." I said, trying to turn the radio on again.

"New boy Styles?" Zayn asked, starting up the car.

I had to think for a moment, Harry was cute. But i just met him, i wasn't going to just play cupid and fall for him. "He's cute." I said, finally getting what i wanted by turning the radio up high. 

Zayn pulled out the schools parking lot, making his way onto the road towards our home. I was excited for our get together in a little while, not only because i get to hang out with my friends again, but to show Harry how i really was. Yeah i might be cool, and popular at school, but that's not how i was at home. I was the kid who walked around in his underwear and drank pints while playing rounds and rounds of Guitar Hero and COD. I honestly had no life outside of school.

Soon enough, our home came into front view, and Zayn and i walked out right away dropping out bags in the front hallway, kicking off our shoes while raiding the fridge.

"This is bloody nonsense, there is nothing to seat." Zayn complained, slamming the door shut.

"Going shopping, money on the counter to order pizza. xx" I read aloud the note mum gave us. Zayn picked up the money and right away began to dial the number for pizza, sitting his fat ass on the counter top. Mum hates that.

"When are the boys gonna be here?" I asked, running a hand through my hair. Zayn waved me off, ordering the pizzas then hanging up the phone. "Rude." I joked, snapping my fingers in z formation.

"Such a diva." Zayn mumbled, he checked the time on the stove and looked back at me, "Should be here in five, why? Are you excited." Zayn teased me, punching my shoulder like he did this morning.

I punched him back, shrugging. "Yeah, why wouldn't i be?" I asked, laughing. 

I laugh at everything.

"You get to see your boyfriend, Harry!" Zayn sang, punching me back. 

"Bloody hell Zayn, he's not my boyfriend! I don't even like him like that! We just met." I said, defending myself.

Zayn and i heard the doorbell rang, and Zayn gave me smirk while walking to the door. "I saw the way you were looking at him. I know you like him." And with that he opened the door, and there stood Louis, Liam, and Harry.

"Zayn! Niall!" Louis screamed, running into our house attacking us with hugs.

This boy could be so dramatic sometimes, "Lou, you just saw us." Zayn said, rolling his eyes pathetically patting Louis on the back.

"So? I can't miss my best friends!" He said, walking past us into the kitchen.  I noticed the boys had changed their clothes. "Where's the food at?" I heard Louis yelled. I chuckled.

"Pizza's coming soon!" I looked at Liam and Harry who were still standing outside. "Are you coming in, or are you two standing outside snoggin' all day?" I teased, Harry's face turned all kinds of red, and Liam just laughed already use to my jokes.

"Shut it Niall!" Liam said, walking in taking off his shoes. Harry did the same, giving me a smile. 

"Curly! Harry! New boy Styles! It's good to see you again!" I said, trying to be just as dramatic as Louis was. I flung my arm around Harry's shoulders. 

"Are you mocking me, Horan?" 

"Oh no! Never!" I sarcastically said.

"Watch your back!" Louis said, we stood there until Louis spoke up again. "Wanna play Guitar Hero?" He whisper-sang, rocking back and forth on his heels. 

"I call lead guitar!" I said, racing downstairs in our basement where our games were hooked up. The boys laughed and followed me downstairs, the party had finally started.

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