Always Be Together (Ziam/Narry Fanfic)

There was only one word to describe Zayn Malik and Niall Horan; popular. The two has the whole school wrapped around their fingers, everyone knows them, and frankly they know everyone back. They couldn't lie, they loved the attention, to death, but there was one little secret that the two boys hide, they were bisexual. But they didn't mind keeping it a secret, they knew what they liked and that's all that mattered, it wasn't like they liked anyone in their school anyways, at least that's what they thought. What happens when Zayn starts falling for his best friend, Liam, and Niall starts falling for the new boy Harry?


3. "Are you okay mate?"

- Niall -

After our very long game of Guitar Hero we ate our pizza and sat on the couch, completely full and looking for something to do. 

"I think i ate too much." Liam complained, rubbing his tummy while throwing his head back making a un-human sounding noise.

"The noise you just made was not human." Zayn commented, reading my mind. I laughed, making my stomach hurt more than it did. 

"Stop! It hurts!" I laughed, the other boys looked at me like i was mad.

I laugh after everything, i can't help it. 

"So Harry!" Louis suddenly said, startling the poor boy. He has to get use to Louis' ways. 

"Yes?" Harry asked after his mini-heart attack. We all turned our attention to the two boys sitting across from us. Louis thought for a minute before replying.

"Out of the four of us, who is your favorite?" Louis exaggerated, wiggling his eyebrows. I chuckled, rolling my eyes at him. He was so stupid sometimes. Zayn laughed, doing the same.

"Ugh, Niall defiantly." Harry joked, sending a smirk towards me. I smiled, giving him a head-nod. The other boys pretended to look hurt.

"It's okay Harry, I got Liam." Zayn said, wrapping his arm around Liam pulling him in for a hug. Liam laughed, hugging him back.

"I'm all alone!" Louis cried, putting his head in his hands pretending to cry. I grabbed a pillow, chucking it at Louis' head. 

"Suck it up Tomlinson!" I laughed, Louis hated it when we called him by his last name, it always annoyed him. He gave me a glare before getting up running toward me attacking me by throwing me on the ground.

"Jesus Louis!" I cried out, wrestling Louis until i was on top with Louis in a headlock. I smirked down at him until he flipped us now he was on top, his fist in the air jokingly aiming for my face. 

"Any last words?" Louis said, i opened my mouth to say something when my mum walked in with bags and bags of stuff. When my mum goes shopping, she shops. 

"Louis get off my son!" I heard my mum say, dropping her things on the ground. The boys and i laughed and Louis fell off of me, smiling at my mum in front of us. "Oh hello!" My mum said, waving at Harry awkwardly sitting on the couch.

"Hello!" I told her, giving mum a warm smile, "I'm Harry!" He told her, standing up to shake her hand. 

"Nice to meet you Harry! Niall, do you mind helping me with the groceries?" My mum asked, basically giving me no choice. If i said no, i would have to help anyways. I sighed, standing up off the floor next to my mum.

"I don't have a choice." I complained, grabbing a bag.

"Of course you don't!" My mother sang, walking into the kitchen. I gave the boys a look before walking in after my mother dropping things on the counter.

"Why don't you ever make Zayn help you? It's always me!" I told her, taking out the milk and some bread putting them in the appropriate places.

"Because, you're my first born!" My mum joked, she walked next to me tapping me on the shoulder. I turned to face her giving her a toothy smile, showing off my clear braces to her. 

"Yes mum?" I asked, "Want me to make dinner too?" I joked, beginning to get more stuff to put away.

She laughed, "No Niall, I want to ask you something." She said, her voice getting softer. I slowly turned to face her, confusion written all over my face.

"Okay? What's the craic?" I asked her, leaning back on the counter. She sighed, cupping her hands together. 

"Niall, i know about your sexuality, you know that correct?" I mentally rolled my eyes, this is what this is about.

"Of course i do mum." I told her shaking my head. I was always uncomfortable talking about my sexuality with anyone but Zayn, he was the only one who really understood because he was bisexual, like i was. 

"Well i wanted to know, are you dating Harry? Or maybe Louis like you wanted?" She asked, giving me a small smile. I could never stay mad my my mum for long, she was always so sweet and understanding.

"I'm not dating Harry or Louis." I said, my face fell a little. Sometimes i felt as if i would be alone forever. "I don't even know if Harry is... gay." I told her, whispering the last part. My mum walked over placing a hand on my shoulder.

"I saw him looking at you when i walked in, you never know." She shrugged, placing a kiss on my cheek. I sighed, Harry wasn't gay. It was pretty obvious.

- Harry -

I laughed when Louis attacked Niall, his facial expressions were pretty adorable. Niall was so shocked and caught off guard. I sat there starring at the two boys wrestling each other. I thought about how lucky Louis was to be friends with Niall for so long. Niall seemed so carefree and funny, i needed someone like him in my life. I was pretty grateful that Niall was friends with all these lads, now i have four best friends. 

I just hope i can keep them this time. 

I started to smile to myself, happy that the move here was so far going great, i haven't embarrassed myself too bad. I need it to stay that way, at least until the school year is over.

Just then Niall and Zayn's mother walked in, and after i introduced myself i watched as Niall left to help his mum. I must admit, he had a pretty good bum. 

"Aw Harry!" I heard Louis squeal, i snapped out of my daze and looked down at the brunette still on the floor.

"What?" I asked, obviously confused. Zayn and Liam began to smirk, knowing what Louis was going to say.

Sometimes it sucks being the new one here.

"We saw you looking at Niall! You like him don't you?" Zayn asked, leaning down on his knees, his head in his hands looking at me. I felt my body heat up, what do they mean i like him? I had just met him, i can't like someone i just met.

Not that i don't believe in love at first sight.

"What are you talking about? I don't... Like Niall." I said, hesitating to let the words slip out of my mouth. I couldn't lie, the Irish lad was cute, adorable even. The eyes, the hair, the laugh, the braces. They were all major turn on's. 

"But you think he's cute, yeah?" Liam asked, joining into the conversation. I shrugged, were they really asking if i was gay or not.

"Wait, do you guys think im gay?" I suddenly asked, sitting up straight. The other boys turned white for a second, then a low shade of red. They're probably embarrassed for assuming that i was gay.

But they're right, i am gay.

"Oh sorry Harry, I- we just thought, you know." Louis mumbled, looking down at his lap. Words were caught in my throat, i wanted to tell them so badly that i was, indeed, gay. But something deep down inside me told me no, so i stayed quiet. 

"Sorry mate." Zayn spoke up, shuffling around his in seat awkwardly. Liam sat there, just as quiet as i was unable to speak. I licked my lips, then began to laugh.

"Don't worry about it guys." I told them, trying to brush off everything that just happened. They all gave me a small smile, then Louis was about to speak when Niall walked in.

"Mum said you guys have to go home. It's almost time for dinner." Niall told us, running a hand through his hair. I frowned, i didn't want to go home. Not right now at least. 

Liam and Louis stood up from their spots, both stretching out their arms. I stood up after them, stuffing my hands into my jean pockets. 

"See you boys tomorrow?" Louis asked, walking over to Niall giving him a man-hug. I shrugged, nodding my head at the other boys.

"I suppose." Zayn said from behind. The three of us walked to the door, putting our shoes on. We waved to Niall and Zayn, and said goodbye to their mum before leaving their house, the three of us walking together in the same direction making small talk on the way home.

"I'm still sorry for what happened back there." Louis spoke up, kicking a rock that was laying by itself on the concrete sidewalk. I shrugged, looking up. The sky had darkened, and the streetlights were slowly turning on one by one. 

"Like i said, don't worry about it." I saw the street sign, it was my street. I looked over at the other boys and began to break away from our trio.

"This is my stop." I joked, pointing down the road. The boys eyes got wide once they saw what street i lived on, i didn't understand why exactly but i decided to brush it off. We already had enough awkward conversations for today.

"Alright, see you tomorrow mate." Liam said waving, Louis waved as well and began to walk away to their homes. 


I walked through the front door, my mind was spinning. So many weird things happened today, i couldn't decide if they were good or bad and it was giving me a headache just thinking about it.

"Harry you're back! How'd it go?" My sister asked, meeting me at the front door. She must've saw me through the window or something.

"It was fun i guess." I replied, shrugging trying to make my way upstairs to my room. 

"You guess? What happened love? Did they find out your... secret?" Gemma asked, meeting at the stairs. It always made me upset that she played football, she so fast and it gets in the way sometimes. 

"No Gemma." I sighed, running up the stairs skipping two steps at a time. I didn't even wait for a reply, I just slammed the door and pulled my shirt off, taking my jeans off as well leaving me in boxers. I slipped into bed. my mind was still full of thoughts. 

I closed my eyes trying to drift off to sleep, because for once in my life i actually wanted to go back to school.

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