My Life Sucks!

This book will reveal the sad story of a teenaged girl that gets bullyied and needs someone to stick up for her. She has fancyed a boy called Will since she moved to secondary school. But will she get the man of her dreams?


1. How it all started...

I'm just a normal girl... Well thats what my mum thinks. I eake up every morning and go to school, get home and do my homework then go to bed. I have no friends, everyone says i smell, they make up horrible things about me, the spread them round school. The teachers all feel sorry for me, but never do anything about it, they feel they're going to make things worse. I didnt know weathe my life was worth livving until i met Will. The only person i can talk to, the only contact on my phone, the only person i can trust with my secrets. I supose i have feelings for him. But i guess it doesnt really matter because i'm not good enough for him. He asked me to the cinema the other day, i had butterfly's in my tummy for agers, it was the first time someone wanted to spend time with me. I wish I felt like that everyday, if I did i would be the happyest girl alive.


The day after I went to the cinema with Will he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend on one condition that i told my mum what was going on at school. It took me a while to pluck up the confidence but eventually I managed to talk to her about it. My mum burst out in tears about it, she was that upset about it she rang school to try and sort it out. I hav'nt told her ye but it's just got worse. Now they call me a snich and a grass'er on top of all the other names they used to call me. It was my birthday tomorrow and this year my mum said she's getting me something really special because of whats been going on, it's the  first year i have got excited about it. I woke up at 8.30am and went into my mums room half expecting her to be asleep but she was awake and waiting for me to come in. After i got dressed my mum put a blindfold on me and walked me outside to the garden. I guessed that this would be my special present and i was right. As she removed the blindfold off me i saw a beautiful black horse standing before me, and from that day forward Misty has been my best friend. My mum also payed for me to have riding lessons until a year later when I had enough confidence to teach myself to ride Misty. From this day on my life changed dramatically.

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