Love Waits A Lifetime.

*The Movellas Unity Project* Jason: 17, in love, dead. Talia: 16, single, alive. Jason died years ago but, his soul never left Earth. He wanders the planet, searching for his true love who disappeared shortly before his death. Talia is considered the odd girl in school,. She talks to walls, or that's what everyone thinks. Actually, Talia has the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Talia finds Jason and agrees to help him search for his true love.


4. Chapter 3;

As the rest of the school day drones on, all I think about is Jason and how I can help help him. I mean, I have no clue who 'Gina' is. And if he died ten years ago, Gina might not even remember Jason. Although if she truly loved him, she won't have forgotten. 

As the bell rings, I rush out the school building. I look across the concrete, searching among the pale ghosts for Jason. I look over to the oak tree and spot unnatural movement in the leaves. I move over and stare up into the canopy. There, perched on a branch, halfway up the trunk, sits Jason. He fiddles with the stalk of a leaf as he gazes into space.

"Jason?" I ask as I reach up and climb my way up so that I'm sitting next to him.

"Oh, hey Talia." He says, dropping the leaf. It sways down like a feather, floating in the air as it falls mercy to gravity's pull. 

"Hey, so have you remembered anything?" I inquire, looking at him rather than the green leaf.

"Yeah. I've remembered a couple things. Not much though." He looks down, as if disappointed at his lack of remembering.

"That's better than nothing, right?" I suggest, trying to cheer him up. "Anyway, tell me what you remembered."

He pauses for a minute, picking another leaf from its twig. He fiddles with it for a minute, screwing up his forehead as he thinks. "I think I remember Gina." He looks up at me, uncertain. "Like what she looks like." 

"Great! What did she look like?" I ask, the more I know, the more I can help.

"I think she has golden hair... and green eyes." He says slowly, rethinking his answers. "She doesn't wear much make-up. Only small amounts. She also loves the colour pink." He freezes for a minute before speaking again. "And that's all I remember."

"That's still good. I mean some ghosts never remember anything." I think back to when I met a ghost who had no clue of his past. He still had a good 'afterlife' though, he just made up his life events. "It's rare and really unlikely but you already remember more than some others." 

He just nods at me. He senses that I am just trying to make him feel better, which may be a bit true. I can tell he wants to remember but it's like a barrier, blocking his memories from sight. I really have to help him. If not, he'll be miserable for the rest of his afterlife.

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