Love Waits A Lifetime.

*The Movellas Unity Project* Jason: 17, in love, dead. Talia: 16, single, alive. Jason died years ago but, his soul never left Earth. He wanders the planet, searching for his true love who disappeared shortly before his death. Talia is considered the odd girl in school,. She talks to walls, or that's what everyone thinks. Actually, Talia has the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Talia finds Jason and agrees to help him search for his true love.


3. Chapter 2;

As he sits back against the wall, I inquire, "What's your story?"

He looks up, almost stunned. "My story?" he asks, the sobs finally calming.

"Yeah," I smile, "You know, how'd you die? What was your Earth life like? Other stuff about you."

He ponders for a moment before speaking, "My name is Jason. But, that's all I remember about my name." I nod, that's typical for ghosts, it can often be difficult to remember their full names, birth dates, and other minor details like that. "I died in a car accident. But, I wasn't in a car. I was riding my bike." he explains, having a hard time remembering.

"Are you a new ghost?" I ask, due to the fact that it's hardest for new ghosts to remember things, while the older ghosts regain their memory after quite some years. I often sit and listen to older ghosts' stories. It's like speaking with a grandparent or elderly person who tell you about life when they were young; It's interesting but listening for too long can make you go insane.

He shakes his head, "No, no. I've been dead for ten years." My eyes widen at this fact, "What?" he inquires the look on my face.

"Well, you should be able to remember by now." I state. That doesn't make sense, I think to myself. "What else?"

His hazel-coloured eyes are now just a bit glossy, as he speaks. "I was looking for someone. But, I can't remember who." His forehead becomes wrinkled and his eyes are at a squint. He raises his hands to his temples and gently massages them, as if trying to encourage the memories back or as if it's painful to remember. Deep down, I hope it's not the latter. I hate pain. And I hate the thought of anything, or anyone, feeling pain. 

"A parent?" I ask. After a moment, he shakes his head, causing his chocolate hair to swish back and forth. He does so guess after guess until I come across one. "Girlfriend?"

His eyes shoot up as he shouts, "Gina!"

I smile, "So, this Gina. She was your girlfriend." I state.

He nods as the bell rings. I sigh sadly and look around to be met with eyes that say 'Freak', 'Weirdo' and other cruel things. 

"I have to go, Jason." I say sadly, "But, I hope to see you again some other time!"

He looks at the ground as I stand up. I say goodbye and start to walk away. 

"Wait! Talia!" he calls from behind me.


"Would you maybe help me find her?" he asks, looking on the verge of crying once again.

My heart melts at the sight and I have no choice but to say yes. I nod my head to Jason as I say "Sure. I'll meet you after school. Meanwhile, you try and remember what you can." I wave goodbye before turning and jogging into the school building with the other hoards of students. I'm just another fish in the sea of students. Or that's what I wish anyway.

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