Love Waits A Lifetime.

*The Movellas Unity Project* Jason: 17, in love, dead. Talia: 16, single, alive. Jason died years ago but, his soul never left Earth. He wanders the planet, searching for his true love who disappeared shortly before his death. Talia is considered the odd girl in school,. She talks to walls, or that's what everyone thinks. Actually, Talia has the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Talia finds Jason and agrees to help him search for his true love.


2. Chapter 1;

I gaze out of the classroom window at the cloudless sky. Clear blue stretching as far as the eye can see. The wind rustles the leaves of the large oak tree outside the building, causing a few to drop off and dance along with the breeze. Small birds flutter past, gliding along with the wind. The sun hides behind the tree, lighting the leaves up with bright greens. Little dots of pure sunlight are dotted among the canopy, reminding me of fairy lights lighting up the tree. 

Outside my little bubble, the teacher drones on and on about something Maths related. I silently sigh and bring my gaze down from the sky to the concrete playground. A few people litter the empty space. But they're not ordinary people. They've passed on. Their bodies beneath the earth we walk on. But their souls are stuck, left to wander. Their skin and clothes are pale, almost see-through. I see them all clearly while the rest of the class are oblivious. Most of the world is oblivious to these people. But not me.

I'm different to my classmates. Not that they know it. They think of me as the odd ball, the weird girl, the nerdy one. If they knew, they wouldn't think of me like that. I try and speak with the strange people outside, and those who venture inside the school building, and that is how I gained my 'reputation' as the weirdo.

They think I don't hear them talking. Hear them giggling as I pass by. But I do. I hear every word they say and if I don't hear it first-hand, I hear it from the pale strangers. I've learnt to ignore the sting their words produce but it doesn't erase the pain forever. Some of those people listen. They ask me my problems and actually listen when I tell them. But I know why. It's because there's nothing else they can do. But it's the thought that counts, right?

"Talia!" My teacher, Miss Cooper, snaps, drawing me away from my daydreams. "Remind us the formula for Pythagoras, please?"

"A squared plus B squared equals C squared, Miss." I report like it's second nature.

"Good, but pay attention. Class is in here, not out there." I nod and rest my head down on my hand. I watch as Miss Cooper goes over everything else that will be in the test coming up in the next couple of weeks. 

As the bell rings, I gather my books up and slide them into my bag. It's lunchtime so I head straight out of the school and towards the oak tree. I slip down into a sitting position by the tree, my back pressed up against the bark. Pulling the zip of my school bag open, I retrieve my packed lunch. I don't dare buy my lunch from the canteen because despite my power to see those no-longer around, I have no ambition to join them anytime soon. 

I scan the people on the concrete, trying to avoid standing in real people. There's a few of the usuals. Betty, a strange old lady who died of a heart attack. George, a businessman who drowned in a hotel pool while on a business trip. Michael, a younger guy who committed suicide after his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. Lucy, a small girl who was in a car accident with her Mum and brother - They both survived but not without the emotional damage of losing Lucy. I pause at the sight of a boy, hunched over with his face in his hands, sitting with his back against a wall of the school. He looks up to the sky for a moment and I see that his face is red with tears. My heart clenches. I hate seeing people, dead or alive, upset. The sight of tears cause me to cry myself. 

With one hand on the tree bark, I push myself up, pulling my bag along with me. I begin to walk over to the boy, hearing the whispers as I pass by the different groups of popular kids. The girls flip their hair at me and giggle in high-pitched squeals. The boys laugh, loud and clear, making me know that it's about me. The others just whisper about how strange I am. About how odd I am. About how peculiar I act. 

As I reach the boy, I cough, gaining his attention. He uncurls from his hunched position and looks at me. I smile kindly and sit next to him. 

"Are you okay?" I ask him, quietly, not really wanting add more evidence to the pile of oddities I have.

He doesn't speak, instead he shakes his head from side to side, indicating 'No'. 

"What's wrong? Why are you so sad?"

"Isn't it obvious?" His voice cracks from the crying. He looks at me with tear-filled eyes. I shake my head at him, wanting an answer. "I'm dead. Isn't that enough reason?"

"Hey," I place my hand gently on his. "Don't cry, it's going to get better. I promise. In a couple of days, you'll forget all about that small aspect of your 'life'." He doesn't look convinced but he nods anyway and tries to calm down. I keep my smile on and decide on introducing myself. "I'm Talia." I hold my hand out to him to shake.

"Jason." The boy introduces, taking my hand in his and shaking it quickly. I smile and lean back against the wall.

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